YOUTH includes YOU!

18 Nov

(Originally printed in the Athens-Banner Herald, Athens,GA)

As I sit at the desk that has been designated for me or stand before the students in class each day, I am saddened, at times frustrated, even angered as I watch the behavior of the students we ‘try’ our best to educate. I am not shocked, but amazed at the language and actions that our youth take part in and I think to myself as I watch them, “What is going on?” “What happened through the years?” “When did the adults drop the ball that should have been passed on?” “When did the youth begin to feel that it’s okay to behave in ways that used to be warranted as “shameful” or “embarrassing behavior?” “Where is the respect for elders or other individuals?”

    I have pondered the state of our youth for years now having worked with them in various settings and being in the “trenches” with them first hand. After my pondering, I have come to the conclusion that, we as adults and parents have forgotten that it is our responsibility to teach and instill in the youth, the generations after us, the same lessons that our parents and grandparents taught us. Children and teens tend to imitate what they see or the example that is set before them by the adults that they come in contact with most often and if we as adults and parents don’t set the right examples for them, they will follow what they are drawn to. We need to make sure we do our job and step up because if we don’t the state of our youth will only get worse. We need to make sure we “progress” not “regress.” Yes, there are some adults and parents who do the best that they can to raise their children by instilling morals and setting the right examples for them and their children still choose to interface with the wrong crowd, or are encouraged or pressured by the wrong friends. When this happens, it is not the parents fault by any means but it is the parent’s job to have the courage to face their child and lay down the law, and show them that this is not going to happen. This is the time when we as adults or parents have to “take our child or children back” from those negative influences. The drugs, sex, violence, lust for money and material things. The ignorance of not being educated, we have to persuade them through our words, and if not our words, our actions, that there is a better way of life. We have to provide them with the tools, useful tools that they need to be the best individuals they can be, so as to become the best they can be later in life as adults.

   Adults and parents, if we continue to ignore the issues or if we don’t face the facts about the state of our youth we are headed down a dark and dismal path. It does not have to be that way and I fail to believe that we will allow it to be. If we will only step up, pick up the ball again and regain our power as adults and parents we can turn this situation our youth and our society face today. Let’s stop pointing our finger at the youth and do our part and take up the responsibility of getting things back in order. Starting today. Things will only get better for our youth, our communities, our schools, our homes, our cities, our states, our country and most of all our lives will become less stressful as a whole. Let’s come together, regain our parental and adult power and turn our youth around.

The YOUTH includes YOU!

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One response to “YOUTH includes YOU!

  1. Lervernice

    December 13, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    I truley enjoyed this and i wish that many other people would read this.. You have openly said things that other people have felt but didn’t want to say. You are truely and inspiration and continue to do what you do.


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