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A Faith…

A Faith in ourselves is far more powerful than popular opinion or mass thinking, society’s ideas or status quo. What others say, mean nothing in the face of intuitive guidance, which is GOD’s voice, our hearts, that tells us who we are, what we can do and how we can win.

            The odds of the world are determined by the beliefs of the world, and if you do not subscribe to them, you are not subject to them. A true winner, a person that truly believes GOD’s word creates his own odds by consulting a higher power and trusting his intuition.

            The media, public institutions and popular opinion usually depict the world as filled with fear, sorrow, horror and drama and if we feed into this we will believe the same thing. These ideas/ideals projected upon us by them are not true. We were born to be creative, not reactive. We all have the freedom and responsibility, given to us by GOD, to choose and not panic, to not give in to the world’s ideas of fear and limitations. All to often, in today’s society, fear is the ruler of mass consciousness.

            Our greatest need now, as individuals and as a whole, is to have the faith, courage, wilingness and bravery to turn within for guidance, look to our hearts, the voice of GOD, and act on our inner wisdom with confidence and know that things will turn out right for us. We can not allow anyone or anything outside of ourselves to limit us. This can be a great feat to pull off due to all of the societal pressures we encounter daily , but if we are courageous enough to be ourselves and follow our hearts, we will be happier as individuals and as a whole. Trying on advice to see if it is right for us or our situation, is okay but in the end, being true to ourselves is the ultimate goal. We each have a destiny and it is only when we believe in ourselves that we can reach it.

            The mind of GOD lives in you and I. The heart of GOD expresses through our spirits, our beings, and when we trust the inherent goodness of our dreams, visions and intuitions, placed there by GOD himself, we give GOD an open door to allow happiness and success to come to fruition in our lives. And for those of us who believe, we know that there is GOD who is wise and compassionate beyond our undersatnding and if we have faith and allow HIM the opportunity to move in our lives, HE will deliver us to our destiny.

            GOD is the living, loving and nurturing force in life that takes care of us and also that operates through us. Right now, at this moment GOD is pouring ideas and feelings into our minds and hearts that will bring richer and greater joy into our lives and the lives of others, if we are open and willing to act upon them. To receive our Greatest Good, we must acknowledge that GOD wants the best for us and that HE is leading us in the right direction and that HE is sending the best opportunities our way. GOD can only do for us what HE can do through us! And, this is where our dreams come true, My Friend.

-PM Bishop

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Everyone Is Looking For LOVE

LOVE? It seems as though everyone, everywhere is looking for it, in one way or another. Seeking LOVE through money, material things, status, in and through others and in anything that makes them feel good or wanted by another. I have found that most of the time what looks like LOVE  is not LOVE at all, just an appeasement for or a settling for something that resembles what we think LOVE is, until we, ourselves, find it or a hiding of the fact that we do not really possess LOVE at all. I hear friends and strangers, not yet friends, speak of LOVE and how much they want it for themselves but in the same breath saying that they do not truly know what LOVE is or what it looks like. Maybe, that is the problem? We are spending too much time trying to see what LOVE looks like instead of ‘feeling’ it. Most of us tend to think that what LOVE looks like  is when someone is spending money on another or providing them with material things but the truth of the matter is, ‘anyone can spend money,’ and LOVE doesn’t have to have anything to do with it. The spending of money most of the time is selfish and LOVE is not selfish in anyway. I mean, there are a few instances where we actually see LOVE, in a hug, a kiss, a handshake, a tear, the look in someone’s eyes. When we see those acts of LOVE it tends to stir a ‘feeling’ inside of us, in our Hearts, that lets us know that it’s LOVE being shown or shared. I feel that we should spend more time ‘feeling’ for LOVE instead of looking for it. When we feel for it, we’ll know when it comes to us because we’ll feel it in our Hearts and in our Souls, the way GOD intended. If we continue to look for LOVE, we just might be fooled by something that looks like LOVE, fall for it and then it turns out to be only, ‘The Look of LOVE in LOVE’s Clothing…” Open your Heart to ‘feeling’ and trust it, it doesn’t lie, that’s how LOVE will be found and your search will be over.


-PM Bishop

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