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“My Name Radio…”

“My Name Radio…”

“…It’s not us that were teaching Radio. It was Radio that was teaching us.”

                                                                                                -Ed Harris (Coach Jones in ‘Radio’)


As I sit here writing, thinking of Radio and the movie about his life and relationship with Coach Jones, a smile comes across my face and my heart. I recall how gentle, loving, warm-hearted and kind Radio was to everyone, even though he was mentally challenged and not quite the ‘same’ as most of the people in the movie. People who seemed to shun him due to his condition and his uniqueness or who mocked him because they felt that he was too ‘dumb’ to do anything about it. In their ignorance, as they mocked Radio, they had no idea that he was the example for how we should treat everyone that we meet.

As human beings when we see those that are mentally challenged or ‘different’ from us we tend to look down upon them or keep our distance from them, due to the fact that they make us feel uncomfortable or we feel that they will approach us and we won’t know how to interact with them, or simply they may cause us some level of embarrassment. When we do this, we are making ourselves ‘bigger’ than others and most likely missing a chance to show kindness to another person whose entire reason for living is to give and show kindness to others because that is what they’re life entails.

Radio went about his daily life living simple and as a child would, listening to his radio and riding in his shopping cart with the wind against his face. He would have a ‘Hello’ on his lips and a crooked smile to greet everyone as he met them. Even when people were treating him wrong or mocking him, he was slow to anger and continued in his unique ‘Radio Way.’ As coach Jones took him under his wing after his mother’s passing and people began to give him a chance, they noticed that Radio may have been ‘different’ but he was the most Loving individual in the town, bringing people together in love and inspiring smiles and laughter where ever he went.

In my experiences throughout life, I have found that those individuals, who are ‘different,’ like Radio, are the most caring and loving individuals that one can know. They don’t care much about money, or what the status quo is, or what is being worn, or if they impress everyone, they simply want to receive and give Love, as we ALL should be doing because that is why GOD put us here in the first place. Those of us who are not labeled as ‘different’ should show those that are, the same respect and dignity that we seek to be shown. Radio is ‘different’ and his difference changed an entire town and I’m sure many more around the World. He set the example for all of us. If I choose to follow anyone’s example, it will be Radio’s. His is closest to GOD’s.

“My Name Radio… Radio like dem’ Fren’ Freyes!”


What’s your name?


-PM Bishop


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My Soul…


“I put the Pen to the Paper and allow My Soul to Bleed upon it. Inspiration, I wait for you to tap me upon the shoulder…”

                                                                                              -PM Bishop

(I’ll be back with a full post tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.)

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“We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living.”

                                                                                -Ben Vareen


Upon my awakening this morning I had quite a few ideas running around in my head that I could write about. As they fought it out to gain a place on the paper, I sat back to decide which one to pen and I overheard Ben Vareen talking on Good Day Atlanta as he spoke about diabetes and how those with diabetes should take care of themselves. When he uttered the words, “We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living,” I instantly stopped what I was doing and knew what I was to write about today…

“How to Live Our Life or the Living we Make?”

When we are young and in our developmental years, our parents or guardians press upon us how important it is for us to choose careers or jobs that will allow us to make a ‘good’ living so that we can have a better life. But not many of us as children ever hear from our parents or guardians how we should choose a way of life that will allow us to actually enjoy our lives. There are many individuals that have jobs or careers that allow them the opportunity to be financially stable or greater but they are in no way happy with their lives. These individuals have led lives that were bent on ‘Making a Living’ but not on ‘Making a Life.’ A lot of those people that are bent on Making a Living and not focused on creating a Life that they will enjoy, at times, sacrifice their health, time, family, friends and GOD to Make that Living and in turn, upon looking back at their lives, wonder what happened and regret not enjoying the time they were given instead of giving all of their time to making it.

I feel that we should be taught both but more how to create a Life that is a happy and enjoyable one. If we as humans put more emphasis on ‘How to Live’ instead of ‘Making a Living,’ we would not only enjoy life more as a whole but we would treat others better and stop placing things and money before them. In treating everyone as we ALL want to be treated, Life becomes so much more enjoyable for each and every one of us.

When we were born, we were born as books that were already written and needing to be read and developed, not as books with empty pages that needed to be written upon or made into what others wanted us to be. Parents, guardians and adults need to take notice of this fact and not be ignorant to it, so as to be able to press upon their children how to Live and enjoy the Life written for them and not just press upon them how to Make a Living, leading them to possibly Live a Life that they don’t enjoy.

I have learned from experience, my own and the experiences of others that living to ‘Make a Living’ is not the way. We should focus more on how to Live an enjoyable, fulfilling Life by following what it is that our Hearts are screaming to us to do to ‘Make that Living.’ I will always press upon my daughters and the youth that I work with and have the opportunity to positively influence, that Life is about being happy and not only about what you have, inspiring them to ‘LIVE’ and not just ‘MAKE a LIVING.’

(I commend and applaud all parents, guardians and adults that have taught their children and the youth how to live and not just how to make a living. You are Heroes and Sheroes.)

I hope that YOU LIVE…


-PM Bishop

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Why should I do anything else…

Why should I apologize…

I Love Wine

And Women

And Books

And Words

The sound of Music

The art of Dance

The sound, the feel and the smell

Of Love Making

I adore Italian food

And Pizza

And Steaks

And Tequila

It’s smooth burn down the throat.

I love long walks in the Midday Sun.

Sunrises and Sunsets…

With their Joseph’s Technicolors merging together

The scent of a Baby

And the uncontrollable laughter of a child

Why should I do anything else?

I love the Sky

And the falling of Rain

Thunderstorms turn me on.

I love movies and I cry

As I watch Love unfold

I Love the romance of Romance

I believe in Chivalry

And the courting of a Beautiful Woman

Why should I do anything other than…

Write and become Immortalized on leaves of Trees?


-PM Bishop


-“I Write not only because I want to, but because I have to. Writing is a part of me. Its the droplets of Blood from my forehead onto the paper when inspiration comes. Its my freedom and liberation. Its My Love…”


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Be Weary…

“Be weary of those that only come around when you are winning.”


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How Happy Are You?

How Happy Are You?

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”

                                                            -Abraham Lincoln


A group of psychologists was studying the relationship between attitude and happiness in children. The researchers brought two children into their laboratory to be observed. One child was described as a playful, happy and positive little boy. The other boy was described as an unhappy, negative, mean and unadapted child. The scientists started the experiment by placing the unhappy little boy in a room filled with all of the most popular toys and video games. The boy went from toy to toy and game to game, playing with each one for a few minutes and then growing tired of them. After fifteen minutes of play the boy became bored and started to scream and yell, “These toys are terrible! Get me some fun ones.” Then the scientists placed the happy, positive little boy in a room filled with nothing but a pile of horse manure. As the scientists watched from the invisible side of a two-way mirror they were surprised to find the little boy smiling and excited as he exclaimed, “Oh, boy…There must be a pony somewhere!”


The above parable came to mind as I walked around at work on yesterday, noticing so many people walking around with smirks on their faces, or just plain out looking as if they were angry with the World, I wondered to myself, “Where are the smiles? Where are the happy people hiding? Is it really that bad?” As I continued on my trek, passing others, I thought to myself how sad it is that so many people walk around unhappy with life or unhappy with the World, not offering smiles or friendly ‘Hellos’ to those they meet, when what they should be doing is walking with a skip in their step, a SMILE on their face and a ‘How are you?’ on their lips.

In today’s society, with so many ‘unhappy’ people, in a World that thrives on misery, being unhappy seems to be the status quo for living. Happy stories do not sell newspapers, magazines or books and some of the most frequented shows and movies are those that offer ‘much’ drama or are ‘tear jerkers.’  I guess it takes a certain amount of courage and independence to be a happy person. To be happy in a World that worships sorrow is akin to heresy. People who are bent on unhappiness, misery or sorrow are very irritated by those who are happy. There are so many times that I hear individuals say that they hate being around happy people because it bothers them. Now, that to me seems to be backwards. I feel that it should be the other way around, vice-versa. It seems that one would seek to be near someone that is happy and uplifting so as to bring their spirits higher, not to be around someone that is just as miserable as they are. But, hey, misery does LOVE company.

I’ve faced the fact that, happiness is definitely threatening to a World founded on fear. Joy and happiness do not seem to be the norm today-but the norm of today is not natural and it is not how GOD meant for us to live or go about our lives. We seem to have gotten used to drama, pain, separation and unhappiness today but we will never be satisfied with it because it’s not GOD’s way. Our destiny is to live in happiness and contentment, with smiles on our faces and ‘Hellos’ on our lips, and we shouldn’t stop until we reach that place.

Think of the parable above… In it lies the secret of HAPPINESS in life:

*See the GOOD

*Find the GIFT

*Keep your mind on the brightest POSSIBILITIES

And ask yourself… “How HAPPY am I?”


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*I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.

                                                                                                                                                                              -Jack London

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