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GEMS…The Other Precious Stones

GEMS…The Other Precious Stones


“It’s a SAD case that many people choose to pass up the Gems trying to get to the Diamonds…”

                                                                   -Big Gipp


While listening to Big Gipp’s, ‘Mutant Mind Frame’ again, I heard him rap these words and just like the first time I heard them, they penetrated my mind and Soul once again, causing me to pause and really think about the ‘truth’ within them. The truth in this statement stands in so many different situations, from material ‘things’ that we choose for ourselves, to the places we choose to spend our time, to the people we choose to have in our lives. Most of all, I feel that this truth is no stronger than in the area of our intimate relationships, those individuals that we search for to spend our lives with or enter into relationships with.

Now, it’s true and should be practiced, that we settle for nothing ‘less than the best’ for ourselves, especially in our relationships but there are times when individuals come into our lives that GOD meant for us, but due to certain circumstances in their life we tend to overlook them because they do not seem to be that DIAMOND we are searching for. We might be attracted to them, like their conversation, feel great in their company and even share many things in common with them but even with all of this being apparent, we still feel that the one thing that they lack keeps them from being our DIAMOND.

In this case, I feel that these individuals are our GEMS. The DIAMONDS that GOD meant for us to have in our lives, shining just as bright and as brilliant as the DIAMOND we seek, actually, even brighter, because GOD created them for us and our happiness. If we sit back and take into consideration ALL of the traits and characteristics that they possess, that we like or adore, we’d see how Precious of a Stone they truly are and not overlook them.

If you have a GEM in your life but are continuing to search for a DIAMOND, take a second look and consider if this person is the DIAMOND you seek in the form of a GEM that GOD has designated for you, if so, you have found your DIAMOND and you will have to look no further.

GEMS…The Other Precious Stones.

Do you have a GEM in your life?


-PM Bishop

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“The view from an open Window…Is the same as from a closed Door. The view is still there, whether you can see it or not. The key is to…’Step out into the Open.”
-PM Bishop
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Get On The Floor…

Get On the Floor…

“I can offer you my hand to join me in a Dance but if you do not choose to Dance with me…there is no Dance…”

                                                                                                                -PM Bishop

 (My feelings on how a Relationship is akin to a Dance between two…)

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Let’s Make LOVE…

Let’s Make LOVE…

-“You’re being a true Gentleman, the way you’re Making LOVE to me by opening the door for me, bringing me Roses, listening to me and holding my hand…”

                                                                                                -Joan Crawford

Making LOVE comes in many different forms but in today’s Society, when we think of Making LOVE our minds tend to venture to the actual ‘actions’ of LOVE Making. When we enter into a relationship with another or we are courting in the early stages of our relationships, taking the time to get to know one another, showing interest in ALL of the qualities of one another, listening to one another and being respectful and generous towards one another, all are examples of Making LOVE.

The first time I heard these words spoken by Joan Crawford’s character in the Classic movie I was viewing, they stuck with me, making a huge difference in the way I looked forward to Romancing and Courting the Special Woman that would come into my life. The more I thought about the statement and paired it with what was taking place at the time in the scene of the movie, I said to myself, “Not only is that Priceless but it’s Perfect…”

The Gentleman in the movie that was Joan’s LOVE interest, exercised Gentleman-like conduct, being Chivalrous as he brought her Roses, opened doors, held her hand, embraced her TENDERLY, walked beside her, listened to her, provided her his undivided attention and treated her no less than a Special Gift from GOD. As he went about his way, showing his TERRIFIC interest in her she was totally captivated by his way of showing her. In her mind this Man was already in the process of ‘Making LOVE’ to her and I have no doubt that in her characters mind, there was no doubt that when the time came for the actual act of Making LOVE, she knew he would be attentive to her wants and needs and that it would be a Great experience for her.

We need to take on this frame of mind and way of thinking in our relationships today so as to create the type of situation that is nothing less than what we Want and long for. As Men, we need to begin Making LOVE to the Woman we are interested in from moment ONE by exhibiting Chivalrous behavior and Women need to begin Making LOVE to the Man that they are interested in from moment ONE by welcoming him to them through their Admiration for him and allowing themselves to be ‘Wooed!’

I am hoping that you choose to ‘Make LOVE’ in ALL of its Amazing forms.

As I close I quote Aaron Hall…

-“Let’s Make LOVE…Tonight and Forever. Make it feel real Good…”

-PM Bishop


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Every Corner…

 “And the Point of it ALL…Is to keep giving My LOVE freely and to do my BEST, to do MY part in CHANGING the World for the Better…I don’t simply want to reach the Corner…I want to reach the farthest corners of every part of the World…I see it on the Horizon and they’ll know My name and My Mission…”

-PM Bishop

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When Two…

-“When Two decide to jump into the Waters of LOVE, they should be akin to the falling waters that make up a Waterfall, allowing themselves to flow and Rush together into LOVE freely, Naturally and openly. Hand in Hand…Side by Side…”

-PM Bishop

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Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

-“How can you expect success or victory when you are praying for it but at the same time expecting failure?…”

                                                                                                                                -Joel Osteen

When setting out on any undertaking or endeavor we have to be like a couple when they are expecting the birth of their child, they prepare themselves and everything around them for the arrival of the child, they are optimistic and excited, as they look forward to receiving the child into the World. They are preparing themselves for success and victory upon that child’s arrival. That’s how we should be when we step out on Faith and allow ourselves to become closely involved with another in a relationship. We should be watchful and cautious so that we don’t move too quickly; taking our time to get to know the ‘real’ person behind the façade we are attracted to but as we get to know that individual that we are interested in, we should be OPTIMISTICALLY WATCHFUL, not looking for the worst to come about or waiting to find out something negative about the individual. Our minds should be focused on ALL of the great and awesome things we will come to learn about the person. Especially, if the person is someone that we really like and are looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with. I feel that if we do this or take upon ourselves, this state of mind, our relationships and lives will end up being much more happy, fun, lasting, Successful and Victorious.

Be Watchful, but with OPTIMISM! You’ll LOVE the feeling and the END result!

“My Sunshine, Thank You for coming in closer and allowing yourself to learn more about Me and being Optimistically Watchful. A Victorious relationship is ours…”

-PM Bishop

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