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Listening to various individuals throughout my life I have noticed a great number of them express how afraid of LOVE they are or how Falling in LOVE is not a good thing. Why do we avoid LOVE so much? Why do we fear it? Isn’t LOVE the ‘Greatest of them ALL?’ Why is LOVE seen as such a THREAT!

I understand that Falling in LOVE or LOVING can be scary because there is the definite risks of getting hurt, acquiring a ‘broken Heart’ or not having the LOVE that you give be returned to you but isn’t that the Beauty of it? Allowing yourself to be totally open to what is going to come as you open your Heart to ALL of the possibilities of LOVE, with no guarantees of things turning out the way you want. It’s the same as FAITH! As humans, we take bigger chances, bigger risks with all manner of other things, from money, to careers, to partnerships. Even risking our lives doing those things that are not seen as safe but when it comes to LOVE…’You Better Watch Out!  We don’t want to get caught up in that…’

Looks like the ‘Greatest of them ALL’ is also seen as the ‘Most Unsafe of them ALL.’ I imagine that opening one’s Heart or simply, being open to LOVE is just too much of a risk for most people. The thoughts of Vulnerability…Letting another in…Sharing one’s weaknesses as well as strengths…Allowing oneself to share their total ‘SELF’ is too much. It’s just not the ‘norm’ in today’s Society.

Man…Woman…We need to change our perspectives and not see LOVE as a THREAT but as Beautiful and as Great. See it as something we want and not something we have to avoid. We have been so tainted by Man’s way of LOVE and his way of how LOVE should be that we have contracted amnesia and forgotten that LOVE is from GOD and LOVE is HIS Essence. LOVE is GOD! We need it. And, if we face our Hearts, we truly ‘WANT’ it and we know that LOVE is what will fill the voids in our lives.

LOVE is not THREATENING…Its Amazing and ‘The GREATEST of them ALL’ and we should ALL see it as such.

My Friend, accept LOVE and Open up to it because with LOVE…’The Sky Is Truly the Limit!’

-PM Bishop


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‘…Sometimes Life can be an Upstairs Climb but the Sun is always there to meet Us at the TOP. No matter how it looks from the distance, the thing is to Run to the staircase, take the first step with FAITH, the second step with MORE FAITH…And, the third…And, the Fourth…And, with every step in the Climb, no matter if there are 30 steps, 300 steps, 3,000 steps, 300,000 steps…3,000,000 steps… Keep Climbing with FAITH and the closer You get to the TOP the Sun will shine upon You and the Darkness will become History….’  

My Friend…Keep CLIMBING, never stop…GOD and the Sun are with You…

-PM Bishop

(Photos by PM Bishop, captured with Camera Phone)


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Don’t Fear…

-LOVE is risky and the FEAR-FILLED cannot LOVE Deeply or DREAM Wildly!

Don’t FEAR for a better Life!

-PM Bishop

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Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

“I wanna be Old and Gray when GOD come get Me…”

                                                                -Ceelo ‘GoodieMob’ Green

Growing Old…I’m sorry…Correction. ‘Growing OLDER,’ is something that we should ALL embrace and see as a gift and a Blessing from GOD. It is GOD’s gift to us and HIS telling us that HE has more work for us to do in this World and that HE wants us around to educate and teach those generations following us. Growing OLDER is our mark of Wisdom and our ‘seasoning’ that GOD prints upon us to show that we have been here for awhile and that we are not to be reckoned with. Growing OLDER is a ‘Tattoo of LOVE.’

The lines printed upon our faces like maps drawn by Men, the Graying of our hair like paths through the Forests, the Words of Wisdom that we speak that may be foreign to the Youth, the Ideals that we take on that we never Dreamed we would, the ways that we move as we grow OLDER, are ALL gifts and should be seen as such. I witness a majority of humans not embracing their gift of aging as they color their hair…As they have surgery done to remove the lines in their faces…As they dress in a way that is years younger than they are…As they try their BEST to stay young or to hide their true age. Now, to each his or her own, and there is nothing wrong with doing those things, but I feel that GOD meant for us to appreciate our Growing OLDER, our aging and to feel confident and comfortable with it, not to hide it or be ashamed of it. Some of us sit back and say how much we want to live a long life but as GOD grants us those long years and allows us to age we sort of ‘throw it back in HIS face’ by trying to cover it up, by doing things to keep ourselves looking young.

It’s true that in today’s Society, especially in America, that Growing OLDER is not seen as Glamorous, or Beautiful, or Welcomed, or even as ‘A Good Thing.’ Youth and staying Young are the status quo in our World. How sad, because GOD created us to be Young at the beginning of our lives and to Grow OLDER as our years progressed and with that progression of our years, to embrace it fully.

There are countries and Cultures that see Growing OLDER as a Beautiful thing and that the OLDER individuals are Sacred and due total respect because of their experiences in life and their Seasoning, where Growing OLDER is welcomed and looked forward to. We should ALL see it as such and LOVE not only the idea of it but the image of it as well. We should see our facial lines as gifts, our Gray-Streaked hair as Blessings, our Wisdom as GOD’s mark of Genius.

I LOVE Growing OLDER and I embrace it. I see it as Beautiful, Romantic and Sexy. As we Grow OLDER, let’s do ALL that we can to stay healthy and stay around as long as possible but let’s embrace our years of life with confidence and see them as a Gift from GOD, seeing the True BEAUTY in it.

I hope that You Grow OLDER…Gracefully and with Courage.


“You can tell by the lines under my eyes when I Smile that I have been around for awhile…”

                                                                                                                -Brandon Boyd

                                                                                                                                                                      From the group INCUBUS

                                                                                                                                                                      From the song ‘Smile Lines’


-PM Bishop


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It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

When Autumn comes…It doesn’t ask, it simply rolls in…”

                                                            -John Mayer


I was sitting thinking last evening before falling off to sleep, that LOVE, like Autumn comes when it wants to, it doesn’t ask if you are ready for it or if the timing is right in your life, it simply comes and over takes you. LOVE, like Autumn, does not apologize for its arrival because it knows that its right on time, whether you agree or not.

I like this about LOVE! We may be going about our lives having no thought of LOVE or Falling in LOVE or not even wanting to have another in our life but LOVE steps in and says differently, causing us to notice and become interested in someone out of the blue and we’re like, ‘WOW! What just happened?’ We can fight it. We can run from it. We can deny it. We can place it in the deepest recesses of our subconscious but no matter what LOVE is still there and in due time we will answer to its call.

LOVE is so Courageous and Bold the way it simply walks up to us and says, ‘HI! I’m here. Get ready My Friend…You can fight me but I am here to stay. So, let’s do this!’ LOVE is like this because it is GOD’s Essence and GOD wants us to do nothing less than LOVE and receive LOVE from another. GOD steps in and says, ‘My Child, it is time to stop running from My LOVE and the LOVE that I am placing in your life through this person that I have brought into your life, come to Me and allow this LOVE I am offering you to bring you the Happiness you long for. No matter how you feel about LOVE or how the LOVE looks to you right now, My Child, I am offering you the BEST through this offering of LOVE from My Heart. Surrender to it…

LOVE, like Autumn and definitely like Our GOD, steps into our lives when IT wants to. Boldly. Courageously. With no apologies to make our lives the BEST they can be. And when LOVE steps in we need to surrender to it and allow it to flood us with its GIFT of happiness. Its such a GREAT thing!

LOVE…I Thank You for your Boldness and GOD, Thank You for LOVE in My Life. I know it’s the ULTIMATE gift from You…

Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS, without Asking, like LOVE and simply…’Let it OVERTAKE You, My Friend!’

-PM Bishop

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Be Willing…

Be Willing…

This posting Inspired by the last few days of My Life, that Special Woman and My Friend, Terence Trent D’arby…


Be Willing…

 Be willing to achieve what suits your heart • Be willing to begin leaving your mark • Dig out your buried treasure • Your work of art • And nothing will ever stand between • Heaven and Your Heart • Be willing to attain your freedom from • Hatred and bitterness then carry on • A Masterpiece of promise is what you are • And never let nothing stand between • Heaven and Your Heart • Be willing to forgive an oversight! • Be willing to explore what doesn’t bite • Fearlessness is a fountain • That redecorates the Dark • And nothing will ever stand between • Heaven and Your Heart…


When Your Heart whispers to You, I hope and pray that You will…


Be Willing..



-PM Bishop


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All Of My Heroes…

All of My Heroes…Had the Courage to listen to the Voice from within and had the Heart to step out on FAITH to do the job that was instilled in them. All of My Heroes…Had the Courage to look like fools in the eyes of others, by stepping out there and trying the impossible because the ‘possible’ was not working. All of My Heroes…Went against the status quo and society’s ways to change the World, to make it a better place. All of My Heroes…Were Visionaries and Thinkers, seeing things that others utterly missed. All of My Heroes…Spread LOVE and Peace, Preached/Taught Unity and Equality. All of My Heroes…Wrote and Spoke words of opposition against the lies and wrongs of Man, causing the UPRISINGS of MULTITUDES of People that believed there was more to Life and Living. All of My Heroes…Have been Silenced, Disrespected and Looked upon as ‘Too Different’ or ‘Too Unique.’ All of My Heroes…No matter what, knew that…”There was No Spoon!”

I Want to be like All of My Heroes…

To All of My Heroes…”Thanks for the INSPIRATION.”

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