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Just Let It Happen…

Just Let It Happen…

‘The yielding is more Powerful than the resistant.’

                                    -Lao Tse


When it comes to LOVE, the above quote is the most profound I have ever heard. Resisting LOVE or what You feel for another is not a show of power or a showing of your ability to control things in your life, it is only a showing of Your fear, Your resistance to a better change in your life and your resistance to Your ‘HIGHER’ Happiness. If you feel for someone and it’s GOOD, or You feel yourself falling in LOVE with another individual, let go and Just Let It Happen!

Because, My Friend…’The yielding is more Powerful than the resistant.’


-PM Bishop

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‘Too Good To Be True…It’s A Fiction’

‘Too Good To Be True…It’s a Fiction’

The phrase ‘Too Good To Be True’ does not exist! That’s right…It does not exist. It is a FICTION! When we are in a situation that is going well or really Good for us, with no signs of being Bad we tend to sit back and wonder why things are so Good and we start to try to find out why things are going so well. This is so Crazy! We are so used to Drama and so-called Bad things happening in our lives that we can’t seem to live without it. Instead of allowing things to be Good for us we say to ourselves, ‘This is just too good to be true.’ And, actually, that is never the case or the truth of the matter. I feel that if things are going well, we should just let them go well and see them as a Blessing. Seeing a situation or a thing as ‘Too Good to Be True’ is not seeing the greatness within it and we are not allowing ourselves to receive the good that GOD is offering to us. We would rather have drama and be weighed down by negative things in today’s society due to the fact, we have become so accustomed to them and being in situations that look good are not Natural or the status quo for today. Just like LOVE…Instead of people welcoming LOVE, they run like Hell from it! When things are Good, people run like Hell from it by feeling that it is ‘too good to be true,’ looking for the wrong or the drama that should be attached to it. We should always be watchful, so as not to get caught in bad situations but not at the expense of our happiness by not welcoming or enjoying the GOOD in our lives.

My Friend, don’t believe in ‘Too Good to Be True…It’s a Fiction.’ And, if a situation is Good, see it for what it is, accept it and run like Hell from Drama.

-PM Bishop


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In This Day…

In This Day…


‘In this day and at this time we, too, are called upon to act. We, too, are called to live out Dreams and to follow Visions. Like those saints of old, we are required to make some leaps of Faith, to daringly step out and attempt the Great, and sometimes seemingly terrible, things we believe GOD has called us to do. We cannot wait for certainty and the assurance that everything will work out like we want it to. We must take risks if we are to live out our Dreams. We must be willing to bet our lives on Visions. And even if we appear to look like Don Quixote, we must Dream the impossible Dream. One thing is certain: If we fail to live out our Dreams and Visions, we perish.’

-PM Bishop

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Your Sky…Is It Limited?

Your Sky…Is It Limited?

“Ellie, where do we go Now?”

                                                -Mr. Fredrickson ‘UP’


“The Skkkyyyyyyyyyy is the Limit…”

                                                -Tony, Toni, Tone

If we look up at the Sky we notice that it goes on and on and that it is never-ending. The more Sky you look at, the more Sky you see. Whether we look straight up, whether we look to the Right, whether we look to the Left or whether we look forward or behind us, the Sky goes on and on. The Daytime Sky, with its Azure backdrop, dotted with white clouds. The Nighttime Sky, with its Onyx veil, Stars flung across it like Diamonds. The Sky is never-ending whether it’s Day or Night.

As human beings we know the Sky to be unlimited with its shear expanse and size and we look overhead and marvel at it daily, its Beauty and Majesty but do we really take note of its limits when we utter the words, ‘The Sky is the Limit,’ when we speak of setting out on endeavors or goals that we have set for ourselves. All of us, have at one time or another, spoken these words to ourselves or to others to express that there are no limits to the things we can accomplish in our lives but how many of us truly believe this?

I feel that this statement is made in the present day with little thought of its TRUE power and the strength within it. Many people set out on tasks or endeavors saying that ‘The Sky is the Limit’ but as time goes on and things don’t seem to pan out or happen in the time that they want it to happen, they forget the size of the Sky and the power in the statement.

If we would only remember that the Sky is unlimited and that it never ends, we would remember that when saying that ‘The Sky is the Limit,’ the limits to where we can go and the things we can do…Never End. The statement, ‘The Sky is the Limit’ truly means that there is no limit to where we can go or the things we can do because the Sky has no limits but we tend to get a case of amnesia and forget the fact that the Sky’s end is unreachable and we give up on our being UNLIMITED.

‘The Sky is the Limit’ is a Mantra that everyone should live by and always remember because when it comes to our lives and what we can do, there truly is No Limit. It takes Courage, Confidence, Heart, Bravery, Perseverance, Endurance, Patience, the Ability to ‘Look like a Fool,’ BIG Faith, Prayer and Belief that GOD is at work in our lives but if we can do this and run the race without ‘fainting,’ ‘The Sky…Truly is the Limit!’

My Friend…Look up…’Your Sky…Is It Limited?’


-PM Bishop

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Walking On The Earth

Walking On The Earth

 “The miracle is not to fly in the air,
        or to walk on the water,
                but to walk on the Earth.”

            -Old Chinese Proverb


If there is any day that We do not take time to walk along the Path and truly enjoy the Beauty of this Amazing planet that We live on, We are not truly enjoying the gift of Nature that GOD has given Us.

‘Take the time to enjoy Nature everyday of Your life, My Friend.’

(Photos taken by PM Bishop using Camera Phone)


-PM Bishop

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