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I’ve learned that, ‘Its hard for a Woman to have a GOOD Man after she’s had a Bad one, but it’s EVEN harder for a GOOD Man to have a GOOD Woman after she’s had a Bad Man because she is not accustomed to having Something GOOD…a GOOD Man, in her life.’

My Female Friends…Do you have a GOD Man in your life? If so, feel His LOVE for you and accept it because it is GOD’s gift to you and ALL for your Greater GOOD.

-PM Bishop

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‘…You’re Different?!’

One of the Best compliments I’ve received in life is someone coming up to Me and saying, ‘Patrick…You’re different?!’ I LOVE that! It lets Me know that I am being Me and not trying to imitate anyone else. It lets Me know that I am an ORIGINAL. UNIQUE… Especially, in this World where every ideal in Society is trying its best to make Us ALL the same. ‘Man is the only creation AFRAID of being who he is.’

-PM Bishop

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I was sitting and reading, as I usually do and it occurred to Me how those that call themselves PERFECTIONISTS are always finding the flaws and wrongs in things, people and the World as a whole. This does not define a PERFECTIONIST, this defines an IMPERFECTIONIST. If they were truly PERFECTIONISTS they would find the ‘wholeness’ of things and not the shortcomings.

Being a PERFECTIONIST can not be FUN because we ALL have flaws and aren’t PERFECT, and if flaws and wrong are ALL that you see in the World, you will never Enjoy life.

My Friend, are you an IMPERFECTIONIST?

-PM Bishop

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‘…People, will always make a LOVER feel a Fool…’

-George Michael ‘Kissing a Fool’

I declare My LOVE ‘boldly’ and I stand behind it, no matter what others might say or think. I offer it freely because I have to because with that, I am being TRUE to Myself, to You and My Heart. I only hope that it will be received as freely as it is offered. If it makes Me a Fool to LOVE that way, so be it. I am a Fool. Your Fool… It’s ALL for You…Until…

Don’t be afraid of the Deep Waters…I won’t let Your Hand go…

My Friends, LOVE Freely!

-PM Bishop

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In My travels I’ve learned that the traits We’d rush to get rid of are the very ones that others desire to have for themselves. People always covet what they don’t have. We should look into the mirror and say, ‘I LOVE who I am and how I am made! GOD doesn’t make mistakes!’ Its ALL LOVE and it starts with LOVING Yourself!

-PM Bishop

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