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The Cure or the Disease…

The Cure or the Disease

While listening to music today, I was struck by lyrics stating, “I sometimes wonder if I am a part of the cure or if I am a part of the disease in today’s World…” Coldplay melodiously humming in my ears and my head bobbing to the alternative beat. As I looked out of the window into Nature I pondered all of the ills that plague our society today, from hatred, to greed, to the crimes that we witness take place daily. The mistreatment of other human beings and the disrespect shown for others, as if some of us are the only individuals inhabiting the planet. The abuse of drugs and alcohol. The making money and material things more important than people. The tainting of the amazing things that GOD created for our good. With all of these things continuously going on I wondered what category I fell into…

What category do YOU fall into?

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