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What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them…

What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them…

-‘Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret.’

                                                                    Jean de La Fontaine


As I ran this Morning, watching the Sun take its position in the Sky, transforming Morning into Afternoon, I
pondered what I would write about today. Idea after idea running through My Mind, mocking Me as I ran around the oval pathway… I thought of topics that I’d written about before, whether I should revisit them and I thought of a multitude of others that have yet to make it to My blog, to be read and contemplated by its readers.

As I came to the finale of My Morning run, thinking back on the past, while at the same time focusing on the Moment I was experiencing, INSPIRATION walked up to Me, tapped Me on the shoulder and whispered in My ear, ‘Why is it that People say, ‘What they don’t know won’t Hurt them…’ when the TRUTH is, it will do Nothing but Hurt them and that is why the One that doesn’t want them to know is trying to keep the Secret from them.’

‘Hmmm…? What they don’t know won’t Hurt them…’

As I thought more about that statement it came to Me that, just like a Secret, most of the time, along with that
statement comes an Action or something that We do that we are Ashamed of, and don’t want anyone else to know about. Like
Infidelity, Cheating, Stealing, a Fabrication, Information, anything that can cause Hurt or Pain to another and We are so Selfish and Hell-Bent on ‘instant-gratification’ and what it is we WANT that We continue on with the Action that We know will cause another consternation and We tell Ourselves…’Well, they won’t know what I did or am doing…So, what they don’t know won’t Hurt them…,’ but ALL the while it’s not only Hurting them, it’s also Hurting the individual doing the Wrong…

‘What they don’t know won’t Hurt them,’ leads to One having to Watch every little thing that they say so as not to ‘slip up,’ Lie about their activities, Hide behind those Lies, Remember the Lies so as to be able to Build upon them, Be Watchful of themselves and make sure they aren’t being ‘found out,’ Be Sly about things that they do and a plethora of other things so as to keep that Secret a Secret, whether it is to be kept from another individual or a group.

This alone, is a Heavy Weight for One to have to carry, doing ALL of these things so as not to be found out, in
addition to ALL of the other things One has to do from Day to Day but Selfishness doesn’t seem to care of those things, that is until the weight becomes too much or One’s ‘Dark Deeds are brought into the Light.’

Secrets that We hold that We don’t want another to know about, which We are actually ashamed of, are truly Heavy Weights to carry because We are Hurting Ourselves, first of ALL by having taken part in the Behavior that caused it to have to become a Secret and having to have to carry it around with Us ALL of the time. Then add to that the fact that We have to keep it from another so that they won’t be Hurt by Our actions, is akin to Atlas Holding the Earth upon His Shoulders…

My Friend…My Reader, if the Action You take or are about to take is Questionable, Wrong, Gut-Wrenching, One that will Hurt another or One that You are or will be ASHAMED of, don’t take part in it because…


‘What They Don’t Know WILL Hurt Them and You!’

-PM Bishop

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-“Whoever LOVED, that didn’t LOVE at first sight?”



During conversation on last evening the topic of one’s ‘knowing from that initial look at another, if the true attraction is there’ came up. The idea of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, that endorses that you will be able to build a friendship, that will grow into a lasting relationship with another from the first time that you gaze upon them. There are many individuals that don’t believe in LOVE at first sight but I feel that, if they are honest with themselves, there exists nothing else.

As human beings our initial attraction is always what we espy in the outward appearance of another. It is what we ‘see’ that activates us to want to pursue someone or to want to learn more about them. Yes, we definitely have to take the time to get to know the other person and learn their heart and what type of person they are under that exterior we are drawn to, but it is the outward that always gets us from the start. When we are in search of someone special to share our LOVE and life with, the process is akin to buying a car. We see an automobile that grabs our attention and it is always the body, the shape, the color or the name of the car, how it rolls by, that gets us initially. Then on our further inspection or upon a closer look, when we study the interior, the mechanics, the features(both standard and optional) and we find out what is under the hood, what makes it ‘run,’ that we like or love the car even more. We just have to be careful not to become so taken by another individual’s outward appearance, that we can’t see the ‘true’ person they are within because that would make them INVISIBLE to us.

I would say that Marlowe was definitely right when he spoke the words, “Whoever LOVED, that didn’t LOVE at first sight,” because we tend to LOVE what we see, even from the very first sight of it.   

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