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Think About It…

‘We need to be like Children and Be HAPPY…Live in the Moment, the BEAUTY of NOW!…Not sit back and worry or stress about what has to be done Tomorrow or in the future because when We do this, We miss the BEAUTY of the Present…We miss Life and true Living…Its hard at times but leave the Future to GOD and ALL will be Fine.’

‘There can be no IGNORANT moment during a time of Peace. I’ve noticed that when there is no competition, no one fighting to be FIRST, no one trying to be first to the finish line, no jealousy, no envy and no one listening to the LIES told to them by their EGO and We are ALL on ONE accord, We are at PEACE. If We can come together during that moment, We should be able to come together at ALL times.’

-PM Bishop

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That Childhood Magic…

That Childhood Magic…

“All My Friends…Are longing for the Warmth of Childhood to bring ‘em Home again…”

                                                                        -Amos Lee  ‘All My Friends’


I have pondered this for quite a while now and during Great conversation with that Special Woman in My Life on yesterday the topic came up once again. We were discussing the ‘heat’ and ‘humidity’ of the Summer and wondering why as Children we were able to play outside ALL day long and never give any thought to how HOT or humid it was. As children, we were ALL too Happy to be outside, able to run free and be with our friends doing what we LOVED most, PLAYING but as we grew older, from children to teens to adults the ‘heat’ and the ‘humidity’ became more apparent to us and we somehow lost that ‘magic’ of being a Child, playing and being totally free and began to realize how HOT it was outside and simply gave up on having Fun and really enjoying life.

I think about the above and I notice that it is not only the ‘Magic of Playing’ that we as adults have lost in our ADULTNESS but a lot of us have lost the ‘Magic of Childhood’ in every area of our lives. We have become adults and we feel that we have had to put ALL child-like things behind, bury them in the ground as if they are deceased but we should hold on to as much of our ‘CHILDLIKENESS’ as we can so as not to forget how to play, how to live free, how to enjoy life with no worries of what others will think of Us, so as not to live in FEAR.

If we sit back and watch children and how they operate we would learn so much from them and also be reminded of what we gave up or left behind to become Adults. I watch how children play and use their imaginations, becoming anything that they want to be in their minds, having FUN the entire time, having no thoughts of what others think about them or how foolish they may look, it’s ALL about the moment and enjoying it to the fullest extent. I watch how children interact with one another when they meet or come into contact with each other. There is no sizing up of the other. There is no wondering of what the other child’s motives are. There is no stand-offish attitude. There is only, ‘Let’s be friends! Let’s play! Let’s have FUN together!’ And after their play is done they continue to be Friends.

I feel that we as adults should re-adopt these ‘CHILD-LIKE’ ways or ideals and allow ourselves to be open enough to enjoy life and be free again. Whether we admit it or not, most of what we do as adults is only a seeking for that ‘Childhood Magic’ that we left behind. All of the ‘things’ that we gather for ourselves to be accepted by others, all of the accolades that we garner to be acknowledged by others, all of the intelligence or ‘smarts’ that we gain, are ALL a seeking for that ‘Childhood Magic.’

If we look back, as children we did not need any of those things to be accepted or feel like we would be accepted or to accept others. All we needed or had to offer was the ability or the freedom to want to ‘play’ and have ‘fun’ with other children and life was GREAT!

GOD is sending messages through the children for us to pick up on so that we as adults will remember the way we are supposed to enjoy and live our lives and remind us of what we were placed here for in the first place, to remind us of how we should not take life so seriously, how we should always take time to PLAY, use our Imaginations, DREAM huge DREAMS, LOVE openly and definitely have ‘CHILD-LIKE FAITH!’

Adults…Let’s be Adults but let’s not lose the ‘Magic of Childhood’ in the process. The Children have the Magic and they know the Secret…Watch them. You will learn…


-PM Bishop

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“She woke in the morning; she knew that her life had passed her by… So, she called out a WARNING, ‘Don’t ever let life pass you by’…”


 Every person created by God has dreams. No matter their age, race, religion, culture, sex or country of origin. We were all born with those dreams and goals that we held dear as children, that still continue to swim around inside of our souls, screaming to us to pursue them. To look past the risks and the sacrifices it may take to bring them to fruition and allow us to finally reach that happiness that we are all in search of. To be bold and courageous enough to silence the outside voices that tell us, the pursuit of our dreams is craziness. To become what it is we, as children, used to imagine we would become in our later years and to return to those original ‘places’ within, that GOD put there when HE fashioned us.

As we become or became adults, and various fears and worldly ideas were or have been pressed upon us, we allowed those dreams that made us who we are, to disappear or to be put on the so-called, ‘back-burner.’ Those dreams tend to sit on the stove top, burning away, while we say to ourselves, “I’ll return to them one day and make them come true.” But, the days continue to pass by us and our dreams simply evaporate into thin air, leaving us to live a life less than we imagined or one that we have settled for and are not happy with. When we allow our dreams to die and not breathe life into them, we in turn allow our ‘true’ lives to pass us by, leaving us to look back over our past and wonder what happened.

Our dreams have the right to be pursued because they are the essence of who we are, who GOD created us to be and the reason that, no matter how old we grow or where we go in life, our dreams will continue to haunt us or scream to us to give them the attention they deserve and to follow them. Our dreams know that the happiness we seek is held within them, that is why they never let go of us. They hold our unique, GOD-given lives within them.

There are some of us who, no matter what others said or what was pressed upon them throughout the years, never allowed death to come to their dreams. They never allowed fear or the risks involved in pursuing their dreams to stop them from pressing forward. These individuals knew that, if they did not give life to their dreams their lives would not be what they knew they should be or they knew that their life would only be passing them by. Even with all of the outside influences, from people saying it was craziness, to the sacrifices of time and money, to the patience it took, to the having to believe in ‘self’ when no one else would, these individuals persevered until their dreams were not only in their minds but in the natural. I truly commend these individuals and I applaud them with a standing ovation because they are the real heroes of today, in a world trying it’s best to make us all the same.

To those that have not yet pursued their dreams, not giving them all of the attention they deserve… It is never too late. Our dreams have no care of our age or our place in life, they only want to be brought to fruition, so as to bring us to our complete happiness.

Whether your dream is to start a business of your own, to obtain a degree, to be an entertainer, to help others in need or to find your Soul mate and get married, it is your obligation to yourself, your dreams, your happiness and most of all to GOD, to pursue them and bring them to fruition. In doing this you truly live YOUR life and you…”Don’t Ever Let LIFE Pass You By!”

Follow your DREAMS…

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