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‘That Thing That We FEAR But Sets Us FREE…’

‘…We Live in a Time where TRUTH has Stumbled in the Streets and Dishonesty ‘Runs Amok’…Where We accept Lies, KNOWING that they are Lies and Deny the TRUTHS…Where We tend to LOVE what’s Wrong but Hate what’s RIGHT…Where We are Afraid to be labeled ‘Too Christian’ but not Afraid to be labeled ‘Too Worldly’…Where we Throw Our INTEGRITY into the Wind but Holdfast to Our Sinful and Worldly Ways…We Live in a Time where We can’t see Ourselves because We have worked so Diligently to Be Someone or Something Else…We Live in a Time where We are Always COMPARING Ourselves to Others so as to be an -ER or an -EST among them and the TRUTH is, ‘There is No WIN in COMPARISON!’…We Live in a Time where ‘TRUTH has Stumbled in the Streets and it’s Time for it to Rise Again…’

-PM Bishop

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Faux Confidence

‘The River does not constantly scream about its power and ability, it simply flows by silently and calmly, knowing what it’s capable of. We should be more like the River…’

                                                                                                –Friedrich Nietzsche

                                                                                                (Emphasis Mine)


Confidence… What is Confidence? How do we project the fact that we possess Confidence? Is Confidence something we learn to project or is it something we simply project naturally? Does Confidence have anything to do with the things outside of us or our acquired intelligence? Are Confident individuals the ones who ‘scream’ about their Confidence, seeming as if they have no insecurities? Or, are Confident individuals the ones who have the courage to admit their insecurities and fears but still stand Confident in the face of them? Is Confidence the material things we purchase for ourselves? Confidence… What is Confidence?

In today’s society, I feel that most forms of Confidence projected by individuals is ‘Faux Confidence,’ Confidence which has nothing to do with who the individual truly is within but that type of Confidence that is a façade or a show performed for those outside of them to make it seem as if they are Confident. Most times I’ve noticed that ‘Faux Confidence’ is projected through BIG talk, material things, name calling, trying to ‘One Up’ everyone else and always having to have the last Word or the need to be right. Those individuals projecting ‘Faux Confidence’ over compensate for the Confidence that they really do not possess by performing an act while interfacing with the public, friends or family to cover up their real insecure self.

Individuals in possession of ‘Faux Confidence’ are usually oblivious to the fact that they possess this type of confidence. They go throughout their lives, day to day, performing for those outside of them and then withdrawing when they are alone, possibly facing their fears and insecurities but simultaneously denying the fact that they are not as Confident as they project to others. In their OBLIVION, they have no idea that the Confidence that they project to others contradicts most, if not ALL of the things that they say. These individuals will speak of their strength, security, Courage, FAITH and Heart but in the same breath they’ll speak of how much they worry, what they can’t do, how they can’t vision a bright future, how their relationships don’t work and ‘When will things get better?’ (If you listen closely you can hear it. Shhh…)

That is not Confidence! That is ‘Faux Confidence!’ I feel that true Confidence does not have to be spoken. It does not have to be heard. It does not feel as if it has to be projected for all to see. True Confidence is projected NATURALLY, with no assistance from the individual possessing it. Those with True Confidence, not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. It is shown in whatever they do. Those with True Confidence are not afraid to allow the real individual that they are within to shine through. They allow their insecurities to be known, they face their Fears instead of running from them, they know their worth without things outside of them being added to the equation and they not only have FAITH, they have and ‘practice’ Active FAITH. All of the above takes True Courage, Heart and Bravery and all these equal True Confidence.

Confidence is not just who you are or what you are with and around others. It’s who and what you are when you are alone. Confidence allows you to be the same at all times, whether you are alone, in the company of friends, family or strangers. Confidence does not LIE about who you are, it allows you to be TRUE to You in all scenarios and provides you the ability to never have to put on a façade or wear a mask. You have the ability to show up NAKED and be Confident in your NAKEDNESS when you possess True Confidence.

My Friend…Think about it?

Do you possess ‘Faux Confidence’ or are you akin to the River?

-PM Bishop

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It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

When Autumn comes…It doesn’t ask, it simply rolls in…”

                                                            -John Mayer


I was sitting thinking last evening before falling off to sleep, that LOVE, like Autumn comes when it wants to, it doesn’t ask if you are ready for it or if the timing is right in your life, it simply comes and over takes you. LOVE, like Autumn, does not apologize for its arrival because it knows that its right on time, whether you agree or not.

I like this about LOVE! We may be going about our lives having no thought of LOVE or Falling in LOVE or not even wanting to have another in our life but LOVE steps in and says differently, causing us to notice and become interested in someone out of the blue and we’re like, ‘WOW! What just happened?’ We can fight it. We can run from it. We can deny it. We can place it in the deepest recesses of our subconscious but no matter what LOVE is still there and in due time we will answer to its call.

LOVE is so Courageous and Bold the way it simply walks up to us and says, ‘HI! I’m here. Get ready My Friend…You can fight me but I am here to stay. So, let’s do this!’ LOVE is like this because it is GOD’s Essence and GOD wants us to do nothing less than LOVE and receive LOVE from another. GOD steps in and says, ‘My Child, it is time to stop running from My LOVE and the LOVE that I am placing in your life through this person that I have brought into your life, come to Me and allow this LOVE I am offering you to bring you the Happiness you long for. No matter how you feel about LOVE or how the LOVE looks to you right now, My Child, I am offering you the BEST through this offering of LOVE from My Heart. Surrender to it…

LOVE, like Autumn and definitely like Our GOD, steps into our lives when IT wants to. Boldly. Courageously. With no apologies to make our lives the BEST they can be. And when LOVE steps in we need to surrender to it and allow it to flood us with its GIFT of happiness. Its such a GREAT thing!

LOVE…I Thank You for your Boldness and GOD, Thank You for LOVE in My Life. I know it’s the ULTIMATE gift from You…

Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS, without Asking, like LOVE and simply…’Let it OVERTAKE You, My Friend!’

-PM Bishop

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Is There A Time?

Is There A Time?


“…Shall I tell Her…That She’s the Spring arriving on Wings. Shall I tell Her… I hear our Hearts are whispering and the Words I hear as She draws near. Shall I tell Her?…”

                                                                                    -Terence Trent D’Arby

                                                                                    ‘What Shall I Do’ (Emphasis Mine)

During AMAZING conversation this past weekend the topic of, ‘Is there a certain time that you gain feelings for another’ came up.’ Whether there is a time limit or set time that you begin to allow those feelings of ‘like’ or ‘love’ to be ushered to the forefront in a relationship. If there is a set time that you allow yourself to share or act on those feelings you have. This is a topic of conversation that I have shared with friends, other people in previous talks and there seemed to be various feelings or ideas about the topic. Here’s my take on it…

Yes, of course, we hear others say that they feel that you don’t allow certain feelings to come about too early or ‘prematurely’ in a relationship but how can this be a TRUTH? I agree that one may choose to not share what they are feeling or that they may choose to not act on the feelings that they have for another but I simply do not believe that one can control what they ‘feel.’ Feelings come in their own time. Infatuation comes in its own time. Like comes in its time. And, LOVE definitely comes when it wants to. We cannot control these, just like we cannot control the rotation of the Earth on its axis or the changing of the Seasons. It’s impossible no matter how hard we try.

We can sit back and say to ourselves or to others that we will not allow feelings to rear their head but all the while, as we are uttering these words the feelings are already there or they are rising up within. At this point we are only fooling ourselves if we are not facing these feelings. Lying to ourselves, not being ‘true’ to what would lead us to that HAPPINESS we seek.  

That thing called ‘FEAR’ plays a huge part in our not being true to what we feel. We allow ourselves to be ruled by fear whispering to us, ‘You know what happened in your past relationship(s)?’ ‘Don’t allow yourself to get hurt again.’ ‘Keep your wall and your guard up.’ ‘Don’t make the mistake of opening your Heart up to another.’ All of these can be warranted if you are only being watchful and cautious to make sure ALL is well with the person you feel for but allowing fear to keep you from what you want or allowing it to keep you from your Happiness is not right for us or the other person involved. We have to let go of those fears of hurt, pain and disappointment and simply face and follow our feelings, no matter how soon they take a place of residence within us. Allowing ourselves to be kept from what we feel for another will only cause us further pain and regret in the future due to our not acting on it. There is always a risks when we have feelings for another, want to start a relationship or we open our Hearts but that is how we find what we ALL want…LOVE.

When those feelings arise, whether it be a couple weeks, a month, some months or a year, face those feelings you have, take time for some careful consideration and then throw fear in to the Wind and jump into the Waters of the Ocean of Relationships and DROWN with the other person. Your feelings will lead you to your Happiness.

Don’t stop or hide what it is you feel for another, no matter how soon you feel it because…

“There Is No Specific Time to face or share your feelings… The time is ALWAYS NOW!

What do you feel?



-PM Bishop

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