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Dream BIG!

Dream BIG!

‘Who am I to settle for just reaching the Block when I can Reach the Globe? Be Courageous and Reach BIG!’


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-‘FAILURE does not exist…’


I don’t believe in FAILURE! I don’t believe that it Exist! I can’t even see or Imagine FAILURE. Why? Because, I believe that TRYING alone is Success! We tend to feel that if WE don’t receive Payment, Accolades, Rewards, Notoriety, Status, Stardom or Recognition for Our Endeavors, We haven’t Succeeded but in the TRYING itself We have Succeeded at doing something. TRYING is Doing! TRYING is Succeeding! TRYING is actually the Act of not Believing in FAILURE! That alone is Why One will TRY something… If You TRY at something, no matter what the outcome or what those around You might say about the outcome of Your TRYING, You, My Friend have SUCCEEDED…And, if You did not receive the outcome that You were searching for, by ALL means…Keep TRYING and SUCCEEDING because…

My Friend…My Reader, No matter what You think or have had Pressed upon You to Believe…

‘The Only FAILURE is Believing in FAILURE and not TRYING!’




-PM Bishop

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Never Allow Your DREAMS To Die For A Reality…

Never Allow Your DREAMS To Die For A Reality…

‘I’m a big fan of Dreams. Unfortunately, Dreams are the first casualty in life–people seem to give them up quicker than anything for a REALITY.’   -Kevin Costner

Allowing our Dreams to die to, as they say, ‘Face reality,’ is a settling for less than we are and a giving up on what we want to become, on what we could become. No matter whom we are or where we are, we ALL have Dreams or have had Dreams of becoming or doing something Great in our lives. We have ALL had or continue to have our Hearts whisper or either scream to us from within, telling us to listen to it and follow its lead to reach our ULTIMATE happiness. Our destiny that GOD has planned for us but we, as humans, give up on our Dreams and settle for a reality that’s beneath us or not a part of our ‘greater-good.’ We tell ourselves that our Dreams are so slow to come to fruition that they must not be meant for us to achieve and we give up on them, throwing in the towel, instead of holding on to our patience and persevering until our Dreams comes to pass. We give in to our ‘so-called’ reality and go about our lives day to day simply existing, stagnant, unhappy and unfulfilled because we have allowed our Dreams, our Hearts, the voice of GOD within us to die or to be taken up by someone else. We have to remember that GOD said in HIS word that, ‘A Man that faints along his road to a goal set before him is not fit for Heaven.’ GOD needs those of us who will listen and take heed to our Hearts, HIS voice within us and persevere, endure, have patience and Active Faith, stepping out there and doing ALL that we can to allow our Dreams to live and see them through to fruition. That is the reason HE provided us the Dreams to start with, to see them be the same outside of us in the Natural just the way we see them on the inside of us in our Hearts.

My Friend, your Dreams are a preview to your Greatness. All Men who have achieved Great things have been dreamers. BIG DREAMERS! And, I feel that those who do most, Dream most. Those that do not allow themselves to Dream, or that allow their Dreams to die may accomplish some things but not the truly BIG and Amazing things. Not the things placed in them by GOD.  Those things are achieved by the Dreamers of Dreams. Those that allow themselves to Dream and follow their Dreams through to fruition are the ones that have VISION. They are the ones who can see the INVISIBLE and have the patience, endurance, perseverance and ACTIVE FAITH to do the IMPOSSIBLE. These are the ones that ‘Change the World!’

I, Myself, am a DREAMER. A BIG DREAMER! And, I pray daily for the strength, the Courage and the Heart to never allow My Dreams to die. I have Dreams of being the COMPOSER and not just a part of the orchestra or the audience. I have Dreams of being the AUTHOR and not just the reader. I have Dreams of being the CHOREOGRAPHER and not just a backup Dancer. I have Dreams of being the VOICE OF CHANGE and not just a voice in the crowd of voices. I have Dreams of being in a GREAT MARRIAGE with a GREAT WOMAN and not just in a marriage and going through the motions. I have Dreams of being a GREAT MAN doing GREAT THINGS and not just a Man among Men. I have Dreams of being a LEADER and SERVANT to the people and not just a follower. I have Dreams of being a CHANGE AGENT and not one that simply speaks of a change. I am a DREAMER of DREAMS and I will continue to be because I know that, where My Dreams are, that is where GOD is. I will never allow them to die. I will see them through to fruition because GOD makes it more evident to Me every day, that My DREAMS are coming true.

No matter what your Dreams are, My Friend, I hope that you will allow your Dreams to live, give them life continually, never allow them to die. No matter how long their coming to fruition seems to take, keep praying, keep the FAITH, have Courage, patience, endurance and persevere until your DREAMS are the TRUTH.

I Will…

-PM Bishop

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Take Care of Your Heart

Take Care of Your Heart…      

-Two young boys were walking home from school one day and one boy turned to the other and said, ‘You know, Chuck, I don’t think that I want to grow up.’

‘Why not?’ Chuck asks.

‘Because when you grow up, your Heart dies.’


When I heard this story it really moved me. As I thought about it more, I realized how true the boy’s words were. I speak and write about this ALL of the time, how as we grow older, become more ‘adult,’ we allow our Hearts to close down. We quiet the voice from within our Heart and we turn to our intelligence or the voice in our head to decide on what we will do or what path we will follow. We don’t do this because we have to or because this is how GOD meant for it to be, we just seem to let it be so.

This doesn’t have to be so and in ALL truth, it shouldn’t be. We should keep our Hearts alive and live fully at any age. We should actually open our Hearts more as we get older or grow more ‘adult.’ Our Hearts should open like ‘the Petals of a Flower’ as our life progresses and not close down and wither from being silenced.

Within our Hearts is the voice of GOD and I know that, just as we listened to our Hearts as children and Dreamed, GOD wants us to continue to do the same as adults.

Once again I say, “Watch the Little Ones…Listen to the Little Ones…They know the Secret that we as adults have allowed to slip away.”

Do ALL that you can to restore that Secret once again My ADULT Friend…And, let your Heart Open, Live and Bloom more every day.


-PM Bishop

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‘Haters help Us to see things about Us we don’t notice, they help Us to see the BEST in Us, they show Us how truly GREAT we are…’

ALIENS! Not the ones we see in the movies. Not the ones we look to the Sky to find out if they exist. Not the ones we think are going to arrive in their Spacecrafts. Not the ones residing at ‘Area 51.’ Not the ones we have this outlandish idea, will come to attack Us, snatch our bodies and experiment on Us. No, not ALIENS! In the sense that we have come to know them in our minds and in our World, but I speak of those ALIENS! that walk among us every day. Those individuals that walk around from day to day ‘Green with Envy’ living with jealousy in their hearts, hating others for their accomplishments or the things that they have been Blessed with, hating the fact that they are not in their shoes or that they don’t have the things that others have, these are the ALIENS! I speak of…

NOTE: “I actually don’t like the title ‘HATERS’ because I feel that it’s just another colloquialism or slang for a jealous individual and because so many people think that its ‘cool’ to say, ‘I have so many HATERS!’ (Honestly, I feel that a lot of those people screaming about having HATERS are haters themselves…) Think about it?”

Now back to ALIENS!, individuals that are so insecure or who don’t know their self-worth or their GOD given talents that they have chosen to be jealous of another or ‘HATERS’ as they are called, should look within and know that the feelings of jealousy that they have toward another are indications that they should look within and reassess their GOD given talents and their self-worth, to know who they truly are, how Beautiful they are. If they did this and knew that their feelings of envy were warning signs from GOD that they need to follow their hearts to reach the place that they want to get to, instead of being jealous of someone else, they would be in a much better place and celebrate the Blessings and accomplishments of others, telling themselves that, ‘If they are Blessed, I can be Blessed as well. I can accomplish my Dreams and goals too! ’

And those of Us that have ‘HATERS,’ individuals that are envious or jealous of Us, let us not look at it like We are bigger or better than they are, let us see it as a Blessing, knowing that we possess traits or gifts that others would like to possess and see that we are Amazingly created by GOD…Knowing that we have some ‘POETRY’ about ourselves that others are drawn to, want to read and learn from.

My Friend, know Your GOD given Beauty, listen to Your Heart and focus on You and in turn, You will never have to be an ALIEN!

-PM Bishop

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Don’t Fear…

-LOVE is risky and the FEAR-FILLED cannot LOVE Deeply or DREAM Wildly!

Don’t FEAR for a better Life!

-PM Bishop

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“We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living.”

                                                                                -Ben Vareen


Upon my awakening this morning I had quite a few ideas running around in my head that I could write about. As they fought it out to gain a place on the paper, I sat back to decide which one to pen and I overheard Ben Vareen talking on Good Day Atlanta as he spoke about diabetes and how those with diabetes should take care of themselves. When he uttered the words, “We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living,” I instantly stopped what I was doing and knew what I was to write about today…

“How to Live Our Life or the Living we Make?”

When we are young and in our developmental years, our parents or guardians press upon us how important it is for us to choose careers or jobs that will allow us to make a ‘good’ living so that we can have a better life. But not many of us as children ever hear from our parents or guardians how we should choose a way of life that will allow us to actually enjoy our lives. There are many individuals that have jobs or careers that allow them the opportunity to be financially stable or greater but they are in no way happy with their lives. These individuals have led lives that were bent on ‘Making a Living’ but not on ‘Making a Life.’ A lot of those people that are bent on Making a Living and not focused on creating a Life that they will enjoy, at times, sacrifice their health, time, family, friends and GOD to Make that Living and in turn, upon looking back at their lives, wonder what happened and regret not enjoying the time they were given instead of giving all of their time to making it.

I feel that we should be taught both but more how to create a Life that is a happy and enjoyable one. If we as humans put more emphasis on ‘How to Live’ instead of ‘Making a Living,’ we would not only enjoy life more as a whole but we would treat others better and stop placing things and money before them. In treating everyone as we ALL want to be treated, Life becomes so much more enjoyable for each and every one of us.

When we were born, we were born as books that were already written and needing to be read and developed, not as books with empty pages that needed to be written upon or made into what others wanted us to be. Parents, guardians and adults need to take notice of this fact and not be ignorant to it, so as to be able to press upon their children how to Live and enjoy the Life written for them and not just press upon them how to Make a Living, leading them to possibly Live a Life that they don’t enjoy.

I have learned from experience, my own and the experiences of others that living to ‘Make a Living’ is not the way. We should focus more on how to Live an enjoyable, fulfilling Life by following what it is that our Hearts are screaming to us to do to ‘Make that Living.’ I will always press upon my daughters and the youth that I work with and have the opportunity to positively influence, that Life is about being happy and not only about what you have, inspiring them to ‘LIVE’ and not just ‘MAKE a LIVING.’

(I commend and applaud all parents, guardians and adults that have taught their children and the youth how to live and not just how to make a living. You are Heroes and Sheroes.)

I hope that YOU LIVE…


-PM Bishop

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