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MLK for Today?

Listening to the radio the other day on the way to work there was a discussion about who was, would be or is the MLK for today in the Light of the unvailing of the MLK Memorial in Washington, DC. The words spoken were mixed and definitely opinionated. As I listened I wondered Myself if there was anyone alive today that was that Courageous and Strong enough to endure the type of opposition that King endured while he was alive and persevered to get his message of Equality and LOVE out to the people. It will take an Individual that is LOVING, Kind, GODLY, Strong, Courageous, Willing,’For ALL People,’ Compassionate, Not Afraid to speak the TRUTH to the Masses eventhough it might bring them Opposition and Being talked about…’ One that is not about THEMSELF or Selfish and more about the Well-Being and Betterment of others.

Martin Luthr King, Jr. was this type of individual that possessed the Heart,Soul and Soft-Spirit that was needed to bring about the Change that was needed to better the lives of ALL individuals. In today’s Society and World, I just don’t know if there is one that exist that is Selfless enough, Courageous enough, Strong enough, LOVING enough to step up and do what MLK did in his time. Yes, there are many that walk around from day to day preaching a Good game but they don’t TRULY exhibit the character to be able to endure and persevere in the face of Opposition and Hatred from the people.

Has GOD Created an MLK for Our present day? If HE has is it just not time for He/She to be revealed? Is that individual afraid to step up and speak up because of the opposition they will be met with? Is that individual already in Our midst, doing their job but We just are too Ignorant to WANT hear them?…

We definitely need an MLK for today because We may be somewhat better off but We as Human Beings have a long way to go before We can say any of Us have ‘Reached the Mountaintop’ as Individuals, Groups, a People, a Race/Races or a Society or World with ALL of the ILLS that We face and witness in Our present day.

My Friends, let’s Pray for an MLK to speak to Us and Enlighten Us to the TRUTH of where We should be and what GOD wants for Us as a Whole.


-PM Bishop

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For Fathers…

For Fathers…

Thinking about many of the issues that Women have in relationships, issues they have with Men and many times with themselves, I came to the conclusion that much of it has to do with the relationship that they had or have with their Fathers. A lot of the issues stem from the fact of if their Father showed them LOVE, said he LOVED them or if he was actually in their lives. During My 40+ years of life and having been in a number of relationships with Women from ALL walks of life one thing stands TRUE for ALL of them, if they had a Good relationship with their Father and he displayed to them what a LOVING, Caring Man should be to them, they possessed the ability to receive LOVE openly but on the other side of the coin, if their Father was not there for them or was there but did not display to them what a LOVING/Caring Man should be, they had issues with receiving LOVE openly, being vulnerable, knowing their roles as Women in a relationship and they carried years of unreleased anger with them.

Women, this is not your fault by any means, the blame falls upon the shoulders of the Fathers that did not or do not step up to the plate and be Fathers to their Daughters. Fathers, We have to stand up and take our places as the Fathers that GOD has blessed us to be to our Daughters and LOVE them like we are supposed to. We have to LOVE them, show them LOVE, tell them we LOVE them, live the example of a LOVING and Caring Man so that our Daughters will know what to look for in a Gentle-Man and not fall for every man that shows them attention, the wrong type of Man, know their TRUE worth as a Woman and know what LOVE really is.

I have made a pledge to GOD and Myself to be the Best Father I can be to My Daughters so that they won’t have
to have the issues that plague so many Women and causes their relationships to falter, not possessing the ability to openly receive LOVE. Fathers, we have to LOVE our Daughters because they will only LOVE how We LOVE them. Let’s prepare them for success in their relationships.

-PM Bishop


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‘GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality

GQ Gentleman’s Quality…

There used to be a time, not long ago, when being a Gentleman was looked at as the only way to be. A Man would wear his clothing to project the BEST part of whom he was. He would carry himself in a way that projected confidence, self-respect, intelligence, some sense of pride and some dignity. A Man would speak to a Woman in a way that showed he respected her and saw her as a Rose to be handled delicately, to let her know she was Special. During those days, not long ago, a Man was just that…A Gentle-Man…

I look around today and this Gentleman that used to exist is very hard to find in today’s Society. There are a few of Us ‘GENTLEMEN’ still out there but we are becoming extinct by the day. This is happening because we have adopted this ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ way of life that seems to make us feel as if we are stronger or more powerful than if we were the Gentlemen we should be. Walking around with our pants below our waists, our clothing many sizes larger than we are, speaking incorrect English, having a scowl upon our faces, acknowledging or speaking to Women as if they have been put here by GOD for our pleasure, not trying to educate ourselves or elevate our minds to a higher plane, having mediocre standards and having no sense of GODLY or Manly pride. This is a shame and we should ALL step back, Men and Women alike, and reevaluate where we have come from and where we are headed if we do not change this way of thinking or living.

Men, we need to gain back our ‘GENTLEMANLINESS’ and be the Gentle-Men that GOD created us to be. GOD placed Jesus here on Earth for a short time to not only die for us and save us from our Sins, but to show us an example of how a Man should live and carry himself in his daily walk. Jesus was the ‘consummate’ Gentleman… He was Gentle with everyone that He met as He went from place to place healing, performing Miracles and giving the masses an example of how life should be lived but He was also ‘stern’ when He needed to be, being a Man when He saw or felt things were not right or not in accordance with His Father’s Word. Jesus did ALL of this with His robe around His shoulders, not hanging off, with confidence in who He was, not concerned with what others said about Him, with self-respect and respect for others, with intelligence and dignity. He acknowledged everyone, Women and Men, with respect, nothing less.

As Men, we need to follow Jesus’ example and those before us who carried themselves as Gentlemen and have the Courage to step up and be the ‘GENTLEMEN’ we should be and raising the standards of the World we live in to its highest level and leave ALL of this mediocre thinking behind, putting it to rest. Not only do we Men have to adopt this way of GENTLEMNLINESS but Women, you have to step up and stop falling for anything less than a Gentleman in your life. Women, you have become so accustomed to the ‘LIE’ of a Man being ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ to be seen as though he is a Man, that you see a TRUE Gentleman as ‘soft’ or as ‘less than a Man.’ Women, you have to put a stop to Men approaching you in a disrespectful way and only allow a Gentleman to come into your World. (Anything less is a waste!) Women, make the Men step up and they will make the changes from the ‘LIE’ that you know today to the Gentlemen they should be, giving you what it is you want and have been missing for so long.

I choose to be a ‘GENTLEMAN.’ A ‘GENTLE-MAN’ because that to Me is the only way to walk through life confidently and upstanding, presenting myself in a way that is acceptable and GOOD in ALL ways.

Men let’s step up, be Gentlemen and show the World…Show the Women…Show the Young Men what it means to be a GENTLE-MAN.

I hope you choose the ‘GENTLEMANLY’ way…The ONLY Way…

GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality…

-PM Bishop

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“My Name Radio…”

“My Name Radio…”

“…It’s not us that were teaching Radio. It was Radio that was teaching us.”

                                                                                                -Ed Harris (Coach Jones in ‘Radio’)


As I sit here writing, thinking of Radio and the movie about his life and relationship with Coach Jones, a smile comes across my face and my heart. I recall how gentle, loving, warm-hearted and kind Radio was to everyone, even though he was mentally challenged and not quite the ‘same’ as most of the people in the movie. People who seemed to shun him due to his condition and his uniqueness or who mocked him because they felt that he was too ‘dumb’ to do anything about it. In their ignorance, as they mocked Radio, they had no idea that he was the example for how we should treat everyone that we meet.

As human beings when we see those that are mentally challenged or ‘different’ from us we tend to look down upon them or keep our distance from them, due to the fact that they make us feel uncomfortable or we feel that they will approach us and we won’t know how to interact with them, or simply they may cause us some level of embarrassment. When we do this, we are making ourselves ‘bigger’ than others and most likely missing a chance to show kindness to another person whose entire reason for living is to give and show kindness to others because that is what they’re life entails.

Radio went about his daily life living simple and as a child would, listening to his radio and riding in his shopping cart with the wind against his face. He would have a ‘Hello’ on his lips and a crooked smile to greet everyone as he met them. Even when people were treating him wrong or mocking him, he was slow to anger and continued in his unique ‘Radio Way.’ As coach Jones took him under his wing after his mother’s passing and people began to give him a chance, they noticed that Radio may have been ‘different’ but he was the most Loving individual in the town, bringing people together in love and inspiring smiles and laughter where ever he went.

In my experiences throughout life, I have found that those individuals, who are ‘different,’ like Radio, are the most caring and loving individuals that one can know. They don’t care much about money, or what the status quo is, or what is being worn, or if they impress everyone, they simply want to receive and give Love, as we ALL should be doing because that is why GOD put us here in the first place. Those of us who are not labeled as ‘different’ should show those that are, the same respect and dignity that we seek to be shown. Radio is ‘different’ and his difference changed an entire town and I’m sure many more around the World. He set the example for all of us. If I choose to follow anyone’s example, it will be Radio’s. His is closest to GOD’s.

“My Name Radio… Radio like dem’ Fren’ Freyes!”


What’s your name?


-PM Bishop


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SUCCESS: Is It Really Green?


                Why is this image the badge of success? Is this everyone’s idea of success? Success, is it really Green? I fail to believe it is or has to be…

            Money, in today’s World, if you have it you are labeled as ‘SUCCESSFUL’ because with that money you have the ability to buy cars, elaborate homes, name brand clothing, take trips to exotic locales, be in VIP, do many things that you could not do without it. Is this actually the sign of success? All this shows me is that you are successful at spending the money you have obtained and this clouds people’s vision about what success is and what it is they should be in pursuit of to gain success.

            Success doesn’t have to be in the form of money or in the form of spending it on material things. One can be successful or find success in many ways, such as; one can be successful at being a great parent, as a team player, as a graduate from an addiction program, as a gardener, as an individual that goes through therapy and comes out on the other side a better person or simply going through their life and not succumbing to becoming a statistic or through status quo. None of the above has monetary value attached to them; simply a feeling of accomplishment and that to me is success.

            The pursuit of success in the form of money in today’s society, I feel, is the root of so many of the ills we face in our society. The chasing of the ‘ALL MIGHTY DEAD PRESIDENTS’ causes so many people to turn to whatever means possible to gain that level or badge of success, in the form of crime, dishonesty, the abuse of other people and the selling out of self. We have instilled in the youth, as well as adults, that if you do not have money you are not successful or that you won’t be a success until you have money. This example leads to greed and selfishness, tainting our humanness and our equal treatment of others.

            It should be pressed upon all of us that success comes in various forms, not just money. Success is a ‘feeling’ that one has about his or her accomplishments in life. If money is your idea of success, then that is your prerogative but don’t be fooled or frightened into thinking that is the only form of SUCCESS.

            …I pray you all success in whatever form you find it. Remember, it’s your success and no one else’s.

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