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The Unicorn

unicornThe Unicorn

Unicorn: A mythical creature resembling a horse with a single horn growing from it’s forehead and with wings that allow it to take flight.

            Sitting on last evening, in oceanic thought, my mind ventured to the image of the Unicorn and the idea of such a creature’s existence. As I thought of it’s single horn, it’s wings, it’s ability to fly, it’s magical, fantastic beauty, in the form of a horse, my mind instantly turned to the idea of ‘Real Love.’ The type of love when one loves you for who ‘YOU’ are, nothing more and nothing less and I pondered if ‘Real Love,’ like the Unicorn, truly exist or if it is just a myth.

Throughout my life of 39 years and my experiences with personal relationships and witnessing the relationships of those around me it seems as if ‘Real Love’ is a mythical creature, conjured up in fantasy, only to be found within the pages of books or upon the big screen in movies. In the natural world today and  in today’s society, this seems to be fact because what we notice through man’s actions would have us believe no differently, but my heart will not succumb to this truth.

From day to day I observe people become involved in relationships, friendships, partnerships and marriages with no thought of ‘Real Love’ being the main ingredient. They enter into these unions for monetary, material, societal, and egotistical gain, for status. They fail to learn the heart, mind, and soul of the person they are merging with and without the element of ‘Real Love’ the relationships become terminal and those reasons that initially motivated them; the money, material, status, society, ego become ‘grey-haired’ and they no longer want the relationship or care to be invloved with the other individual. On the other hand, when ‘Real Love’ is the main ingredient, the motivation for a relationship, it lasts, no matter if all of those other things are there from the beginnning or disappear with time. With ‘Real Love’ the relationship is built on the foundation of who each individual is as a person, a human being, not any outside influences or circumstances, making for a lasting union.

Eventhough what we see today in society, so many not taking ‘Real Love’ into consideration, it is not the truth. ‘Real Love’ is not a fiction, it is not a Unicorn. It exist because I have observed it with my parent’s marriage, the marriages of family members and the relationships of friends and strangers. Yes, it can be akin to locating a ‘needle in a haystack’ at times because it is such a rarity but contrary to belief, its out there and its real. I am sure that GOD meant for marriages, patnerships and any other relationship that we enter into to be built on ‘Real Love’ when HE created the concept,  we only need to follow HIS way and put an end to building relationships on anything less than ‘Real Love.’

…I guess Unicorns do exist.

-PM Bishop


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