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Goodbye to an Icon…Whitney Houston

‎’GOD did not plan for any of Us to Live Forever. Death is a part of the process and HE allows Us to see or hear of it Daily. It’s a Sad day and a Shock when anyone passes on. And, One that was an Icon or Celebrity Saddens and Shocks so many because of their influence and reach that was so widespread…

A few hours ago We learned of the passing of a Beloved Celebrity and Talent, Whitney Houston and We ALL shared in a Moment of Pain learning of her Passing. She will be Greatly Missed by many and Always remembered…

Death will come to Us ALL in due time so, Live the BEST Life You can Right Now and do ALL that You can in Your Power to not press upon Your Life anything that could possibly shorten it.

To You, Whitney…We’ll Miss You and like You sang in Your song and like I Always say…’LOVE…It’s the GREATEST of ALL!’

-PM Bishop

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Write A Letter…

Write A Letter…


-‘There’s something to be said about an individual that takes the time to actually pick up a Writing utensil and a piece of Paper to write another a Letter…Definitely a Heartfelt Gesture.’

                                                                                                -PM Bishop


The next time You want to let someone know how You feel about them or You simply want to touch them in a Special Way…Write them a Personal Letter. Grab a Pen or Pencil, a piece of Paper and Write something from the Heart. The Message will touch them but the fact that You actually took the time to Write the Letter by Hand will not only touch their Heart but their Soul and their Life.


There is a POWER in Hand-Written Words…


Write them a Letter…Today…


-PM Bishop


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My Friend…My Reader…No matter what is going on in Your Life…No matter what things seem to be in the Natural…No matter how You feel about Your situation…No matter how much You don’t have…No matter how Crazy the World and Society tend to get…No matter how lonely You feel…No matter if its Hard to Believe…No matter if Friends are nowhere to be found…No matter if the Money is scarce…No matter if You are Afraid…No matter if You feel that LOVE is non-existent…No matter if You are weak of Body…No matter if circumstances don’t seem to be turning around for the BETTER for You…No matter if You can’t See or Imagine a ‘Way Out’ of Your Darkness…No matter if the Light is Invisible to You at the Present time…No matter how Your Heart aches…


GOD IS ALWAYS THERE…HE never leaves You…HE never forsakes You…HE is Always holding You in HIS Hands…


Keep the FAITH…My, Friend.

-PM Bishop


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Right Or The Light…

Right Or The Light…

Sitting here staring at the screen of my laptop and having the whiteness stare back at me awaiting the words that I will engrave upon it, the topic of ‘Being RIGHT’ comes to mind, how we as human beings, or most of us, always have to be ‘right.’ We pride ourselves on having to be ‘right’ and we will fight until the end to prove our ‘rightness’ to anyone that challenges it. Our egos constantly needing to be fed to feel as if we are as intelligent and ‘all-knowing’ as we think we are.

The individual that feels he/she has to be ‘right’ all of the time, has to live a very defeated life because no one is ‘right’ all of the time. Not even most of the time and each time that their ‘rightness’ is proven wrong, I am sure that their Spirit descends. If we as human beings were to be ‘right’ all of the time, I am sure we wouldn’t be here on Earth in the first place. We would be sitting in GOD’s place manipulating the Sun, Moon, Stars, the Universe, the Seasons and life upon planet Earth.

Having to be ‘right’ is not a good way for any individual to be. Sometimes it is better for us to be wrong. Most of the time we are better off being wrong than right. At those times when we feel angry, upset or we are feeling like a victim, we are better off wrong than right because the things or situations that caused us to feel these emotions, we should pray are totally different than we see them. In our finding out that things are different than we perceive them, that we are not ‘right’ but wrong about them, we can change our outlook and not feel those emotions that cause us consternation and smile again.

Now for those individuals that feel that they have to be ‘right’ all of the time to elevate their self-esteem, to make themselves feel superior to others or to prove their intelligence, they need to fire their EGO, ‘the Harbinger of Having to be RIGHT.’ The EGO is the biggest liar and it thrives on fictions and falsifications of what is going on around us and how others see us. EGO would have us believe that we are ‘more’ than others and proving or projecting our ‘rightness’ upon them will make them see how GREAT we are, but actually all it does is shows how ‘small’ we truly are inside and only persuades others to flee from us instead of being drawn to us to read our Poetry. Upon finding out that our EGO has been lying to us about our having to be ‘right’ and then firing it and sending it upon its way, we will find that being wrong is there to show us that we are human, that we were not meant to be ‘right’ all of the time, that our happiness does not lie in our being right and that there is only one GOD.

So, I challenge you to think about the idea of being ‘right’ all of the time and ask yourself…

“Do I Want To Be RIGHT Or Do I Want The LIGHT!”

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At The Speed Of Sound…

At The Speed Of Sound…

The sound of the ticking of time catches my ear, as I look up at the clock to find that it has already passed me by. There was once a time when time was not akin to an airplane’s passing overhead, hearing the sound, as the airplane passes over and looking up into the Sky, only to find it’s entrails that have been left in its wake, along with the sound of its passing by. Following it’s entrails of smoke, after burn, you come to find that the plane is much farther ahead of the sound that you hear. In the case of the airplane’s passing overhead, you tend to be able to follow the entrails, like a path, that leads you in the direction that the airplane has gone. If only time was that way…

In the present day it seems as though time passes so very quickly. There seems to never be enough time to perform all of the tasks at hand during the day and there seems to never be enough time to get the rest we require during the night. We set out each morning with plans for the day, we get busy with those plans and time escapes us before we see those daily plans come to fruition. At night, we lay our heads down for rest and awaken to the daylight, it seems, as soon as we have settled in to sleep. We go about our lives, day to day, busy with work, family, schooling, friends and making future plans, only to look up and find that time has passed us by all too fast. Our work has become something we simply become accustomed to performing, our children have become teens, our family has grown and moved on, our friends have come and gone, we obtain degrees and diplomas and our future plans come and go as we look up and ask ourselves, “Where has the time gone? Time seems to pass us by so quickly…”

I can remember in days past, as a child, the days seeming to linger on and the nights seeming to stretch for hours. Time seeming to stand still. Now, as I’ve grown older, it seems as though the days and nights fly by like that airplane overhead. Time never standing still, only ticking at a quickened pace, beckoning to us to pause sometime and enjoy it, because if we don’t stop to enjoy the time we are given we will definitely miss it. It will have passed us by and even though we can hear it tick away, with the movement of the hands on the clock, there are no trails left behind by time for us to follow so that we can find where it has gone.

No matter what we may do in our lives, we should take the time to enjoy the moments we are given by GOD before they are gone. I have no idea if time is actually passing by faster or if there are so many things that have our attention in today’s World that we tend to miss time because we are simply too busy, but we all need to slow down and try to witness some of the time we are given. If we don’t, we’ll be looking to the Skies to remind us that time passes at the Speed of Sound.

Take the time to enjoy it before it’s gone…



Quote for the day:

“Nothing is more powerful that Beauty in a wicked World…”

                                                                                                                  -Amos Lee

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Whodini Said It Best…

Whodini Said It Best…


FRIENDS…How many of us have them? You know the ones I speak of, the ones that we can truly depend on. Individuals that are there when we are down, when we are at our lowest point, when we have much to offer, when we have nothing to offer, those that we can call on because we know that they will be there no matter what. Those people that we can be ourselves around and who accept us for our flaws and our strengths, the ones that can handle our truth that we tell them without getting upset and the ones who motivate us to be the BEST version of ourselves. The people that we know will not speak down about us when we are not in their company. Individuals that truly LOVE us unconditionally. How many of us really have those?



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The Scarecrow Syndrome

ScarecrowWoOZThe Scarecrow Syndrome

                Watching the movie “The Wizard of OZ” for the thousandths time it occurred to me that this film is not only about a young lady being caught up in a tornado and being transported to a faraway land where she meets three unlikely friends that set out on a journey to find the Wizard of OZ so that she can return home and her friends can be granted with a brain, heart and courage, but it is actually a story of one’s search to find love not knowing that the love they seek is right there within them.

            We can all learn a valuable lesson from this masterpiece of movie making. Each of us, at one time or another, have looked for love outside of ourselves, whether through another individual, money, material things or whatever there is outside of us that we felt would bring us love. When we found those things, we would love them for awhile but would find that in time those things did not bring us total satisfaction or love, simply a sense of appeasement until they grew old. All the while, we were ignorant of the fact that all we needed to do was look within ourselves.

            The characters in the movie “The Wizard of OZ,” Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion were all guilty of looking outside of themselves, in search of things that they already owned. Dorothy searched for love, when all the while the love she searched for was right there at home with her family. The Scarecrow was in search of a brain, when all that he needed was right there within his heart and that alone made him intelligent. The Tin Man was in search of a heart to fill the void within having no idea that he already had heart due to the care and love he showed Dorothy and his other comrades. The Lion wanted a hefty dose of courage because he felt that he was a coward when all the while he showed courage in everything that he did.

            At the finale of the Yellow Brick Road all of them discovered that the Wizard was only an ‘illusion’ and possessed no power at all, signifying our search to find something outside of ourselves to complete us or make us happy, there in discovering that all they needed was to look within and this is usually what happens with us in our search for love or something to complete us, we set out on journeys, searching for something outside of us only to discover at the end of the journey that it was within us the entire time.


            I named this the Scarecrow Syndrome not only because he is my favorite character from “The Wizard of OZ” but because of his search for a brain and his already having the HEART that allowed him the ability to do and accomplish all of the things that he wanted to do, inspiring me to look within myself to discover all that I need to do is follow my heart to reach my destiny. It’s ALL within us!

            “OZ never gave the Tin Man what he didn’t already have…”

                                                                        -AMERICA/”Tin Man”                       

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