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CHEESE…Everything Is Better With CHEESE On Top

CHEESE…Everything Is Better With CHEESE On Top

-‘A SMILE…Is it the Question or the Answer?’

                                    -Lee Smith

CHEESE…Who doesn’t LOVE CHEESE? All over a Pizza, on top of a ‘Mouth-Watering Burger,’ covering Eggs in the Morning, topping Toast, paired with Wine and Crusty Breads, entangled within Macaroni, as a Pool for foods to take a Swim in while Fondue Dipping or as a simple Snack. I don’t know of too many People that don’t LOVE CHEESE. It’s just So Good and in most cases ‘Good for You!’

As I ponder CHEESE and My LOVE for its ‘Pungent, Tart, Creamy, Sweetness’ it brings to Mind the idea of CHEESE in another sense…

You know that Image that We see upon People’s faces when they are Happy, Joyful, Elated, ‘Feeling Good…’ You know? When they are posing for a Picture, they Flash that part of them that Opens up their Hearts…You know, You hear it ALL of the time right before the Camera’s button is pushed or the Flash burst to capture the image, ‘Say…CHEESE!’ Yes…That’s it…The SMILE! Or as We so often refer to it, ‘CHEESING!’

A SMILE…Now, that is the CHEESE that I LOVE to see on Top more than any other type of CHEESE!

Me, Myself… I am a Naturally Smiling Person and I LOVE flashing a Smile at everyone that I meet because it shows that I am open to receiving Smiles and it also shows that I am not an Angry or Unhappy Person. As I go about Life and the Day to Day activities, meeting People in passing along the way, I notice that so many People wear Frowns or Perpetual ‘Mean Mugs’ on their faces instead of SMILES, moving Me to ask the question, ‘Is Life that Bad?’ ‘Is there something that these People know that I don’t that causes them to Frown instead of SMILE?’ ‘Am I Crazy for My LOVE of SMILING and wearing a SMILE?’ ‘Should I wear a Frown too?’ ‘What’s wrong with the World today?’ ‘Why are We so Angry?’ ‘Why won’t You SMILE?’

I guess I just don’t understand why People don’t want to project the BETTER side of themselves by SMILING or wearing a Happy or more Welcoming look upon their faces. We walk around in today’s Society as if We are Angry at everyone and everything, as if someone just told Us that things will never get any BETTER or as if We just Lost Our last Friend. Living this way makes it seem as if We are a Society of Unhappy individuals that are simply passing the Days away and not Enjoying the Moments that GOD gives Us. This alone should be reason to wear a SMILE instead of Frowning…

It used to be Proclaimed that ‘A SMILE is Contagious!’ If only that were TRUE today…


My Friend… My Reader….SMILE! Put some CHEESE on TOP!!! It’s so much BETTER to SMILE and allow Your face to Shine in the presence of others and have it say to them, ‘Hey! Life is Great! Here’s a SMILE for You! Enjoy it!’ and hopefully it will be as Contagious as the Flu, affecting Everyone for the BETTER!

‘I feel that a SMILE is the Answer to the Question…’

-PM Bishop


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Take Care of Your Heart

Take Care of Your Heart…      

-Two young boys were walking home from school one day and one boy turned to the other and said, ‘You know, Chuck, I don’t think that I want to grow up.’

‘Why not?’ Chuck asks.

‘Because when you grow up, your Heart dies.’


When I heard this story it really moved me. As I thought about it more, I realized how true the boy’s words were. I speak and write about this ALL of the time, how as we grow older, become more ‘adult,’ we allow our Hearts to close down. We quiet the voice from within our Heart and we turn to our intelligence or the voice in our head to decide on what we will do or what path we will follow. We don’t do this because we have to or because this is how GOD meant for it to be, we just seem to let it be so.

This doesn’t have to be so and in ALL truth, it shouldn’t be. We should keep our Hearts alive and live fully at any age. We should actually open our Hearts more as we get older or grow more ‘adult.’ Our Hearts should open like ‘the Petals of a Flower’ as our life progresses and not close down and wither from being silenced.

Within our Hearts is the voice of GOD and I know that, just as we listened to our Hearts as children and Dreamed, GOD wants us to continue to do the same as adults.

Once again I say, “Watch the Little Ones…Listen to the Little Ones…They know the Secret that we as adults have allowed to slip away.”

Do ALL that you can to restore that Secret once again My ADULT Friend…And, let your Heart Open, Live and Bloom more every day.


-PM Bishop

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That Childhood Magic…

That Childhood Magic…

“All My Friends…Are longing for the Warmth of Childhood to bring ‘em Home again…”

                                                                        -Amos Lee  ‘All My Friends’


I have pondered this for quite a while now and during Great conversation with that Special Woman in My Life on yesterday the topic came up once again. We were discussing the ‘heat’ and ‘humidity’ of the Summer and wondering why as Children we were able to play outside ALL day long and never give any thought to how HOT or humid it was. As children, we were ALL too Happy to be outside, able to run free and be with our friends doing what we LOVED most, PLAYING but as we grew older, from children to teens to adults the ‘heat’ and the ‘humidity’ became more apparent to us and we somehow lost that ‘magic’ of being a Child, playing and being totally free and began to realize how HOT it was outside and simply gave up on having Fun and really enjoying life.

I think about the above and I notice that it is not only the ‘Magic of Playing’ that we as adults have lost in our ADULTNESS but a lot of us have lost the ‘Magic of Childhood’ in every area of our lives. We have become adults and we feel that we have had to put ALL child-like things behind, bury them in the ground as if they are deceased but we should hold on to as much of our ‘CHILDLIKENESS’ as we can so as not to forget how to play, how to live free, how to enjoy life with no worries of what others will think of Us, so as not to live in FEAR.

If we sit back and watch children and how they operate we would learn so much from them and also be reminded of what we gave up or left behind to become Adults. I watch how children play and use their imaginations, becoming anything that they want to be in their minds, having FUN the entire time, having no thoughts of what others think about them or how foolish they may look, it’s ALL about the moment and enjoying it to the fullest extent. I watch how children interact with one another when they meet or come into contact with each other. There is no sizing up of the other. There is no wondering of what the other child’s motives are. There is no stand-offish attitude. There is only, ‘Let’s be friends! Let’s play! Let’s have FUN together!’ And after their play is done they continue to be Friends.

I feel that we as adults should re-adopt these ‘CHILD-LIKE’ ways or ideals and allow ourselves to be open enough to enjoy life and be free again. Whether we admit it or not, most of what we do as adults is only a seeking for that ‘Childhood Magic’ that we left behind. All of the ‘things’ that we gather for ourselves to be accepted by others, all of the accolades that we garner to be acknowledged by others, all of the intelligence or ‘smarts’ that we gain, are ALL a seeking for that ‘Childhood Magic.’

If we look back, as children we did not need any of those things to be accepted or feel like we would be accepted or to accept others. All we needed or had to offer was the ability or the freedom to want to ‘play’ and have ‘fun’ with other children and life was GREAT!

GOD is sending messages through the children for us to pick up on so that we as adults will remember the way we are supposed to enjoy and live our lives and remind us of what we were placed here for in the first place, to remind us of how we should not take life so seriously, how we should always take time to PLAY, use our Imaginations, DREAM huge DREAMS, LOVE openly and definitely have ‘CHILD-LIKE FAITH!’

Adults…Let’s be Adults but let’s not lose the ‘Magic of Childhood’ in the process. The Children have the Magic and they know the Secret…Watch them. You will learn…


-PM Bishop

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I Hope You DANCE!

I Hope You DANCE!

-“If you can talk you should sing… If you can walk you should DANCE.”

                                                            -An Old African Proverb(Emphasis Mine)


DANCE… David did it before the Ark of GOD, with all of his might, when the Isrealites brought the Ark into his City, (2nd Samuel 6:12-23). Moses and the Isrealites did it in worship and in praise to GOD in the desert after their escape from Pharoah, (Exodus 15). In Jesus’ parable of the Lost Son, the father and his family danced in celebration when his son returned home, (Luke 15:22-27). Man has been dancing since the beginning of time, for one reason or another and we continue to dance and enjoy the spectacle of it until this day.

Throughout history we’ve witnessed dancers and dancing of every sort being created and performed, from the origins of African, Native American and foreign tribal dance, to tap, jazz, cabaret, ballet, ballroom, swing and Latin dances, to modern, contemporary, freestyle, break dancing, street, Hip Hop and the Krump styles of today. Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fatima, Usher, Beyonce, Omarion, Ciara and Chris Brown have shown us that dance is a universal language and that everyone around the World loves it.

In today’s society dance has been shown to definitely be a benefit to our health, as well as our hearts and souls. We take dance classes and aerobics classes to better our way of life or we set upon missions to learn dance moves that we witness in the privacy of our own home. We tune in religiously, to watch shows on television and attend movies where dance is the star. Either way, this is an indication that dance is good for us and good to us.

Anyone that says that they don’t like to dance, I fail to believe them. We all are moved by the creativity of the medium or moved by some music that we hear, compelling us to ‘get up and get down.’ If you are one of those individuals that proclaims to not enjoy dance, you should get up and do it more often. No matter who you are, your race, your age or your background, you should be dancing. The dance doesn’t care, so you shouldn’t. Dance for your enjoyment, for your best health, for your heart and for an amazing life.

So, the next time that song comes on that you love, when you are in celebration, when you  feel down and want to feel better, are with friends and family or wanting great exercise… I Hope You DANCE!

I will…

“Dancing to me, is expansion. When I dance, I grow. I become bigger, more than I am. I get outside of myself and I watch. I am never routine. I allow the music, my body and my soul to become one and simply flow. I am like Water. I allow the moves to become me. I adlib. I take flight. I am never closer to GOD than when I am dancing. It is the greatest freedom I know…”

                                                                                                            -PM Bishop


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