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More photos of ‘The Way Of The Scarecrow’ on the shelf…

‘We have to Believe in Our Gifts and Talents and Share them with the World, especially Words and Poetry because if We Feel it, there is Definitely Someone else that does or will Feel Our Expressions the same as us…

…I Believe in My Poetry and I know that You will Enjoy it and that it will Touch You just as it has and continues to Touch Me.’

Beginnings2 003

Beginnings2 004

Beginnings2 002

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The Art Of War (Playing Up Your Strengths…)

The Art of War (Playing Up Your Strengths…)

-‘Everyone knows what they are Good at and we all have the gifts and talents given to us by GOD…Let’s play UP our strengths and stop comparing ourselves to others and trying to be like them…Being OUR Unique Selves!’

                                                                                    -PM Bishop

From time to time most of us find ourselves looking to others to find our Value, comparing our appearance, what we are, what we do, what we have and how we do things to others. When we do this we tend to focus on our weaknesses instead of focusing on our strengths, in turn, causing us to question our worth and if we are GOOD enough, this type of thinking or manner of living is not good for Self-Esteem or Self-Image because in this we all seem to ‘Fall Short’ and never seem GOOD enough. How will comparing oneself to another individual or focusing on our so-called imperfections help one to know that they are GOOD enough? It won’t!

In today’s Society, the Society of ‘You have to be shaped like this to be noticed,’ ‘You have to say this to be heard,’ ‘You have to eat this to be the right shape,’ ‘You have to spend this to look successful,’ ‘You have to look like this to be considered BEAUTIFUL,’ one has to be strategic, playing up their unique strengths and talents to not only feel, but ‘KNOW,’ that they are GOOD enough. This is not about competition with others because the only ONE that you should ever compete with is You. (Competing with another means that one does not feel or know that they are GOOD enough anyway, so do away with that mindset.)

This is the NEW ‘Art of War.’ Instead of comparing yourself to others and trying to ‘battle’ them by mimicking them, know your own strengths and play them up. Don’t try to look like, act like or be like anyone else, now if they are a POSITIVE influence…use some of their POSITIVITY in your life but don’t be like anyone else because you simply cannot be. You may not have the body build of another person, or the voice of another, or the athletic abilities of another, or ANYTHING of another but you do have what was given you by GOD and those traits are definitely Strong. If you have a Great Mind…Think. If you are Good with others…Help. If you create Well…Invent. If you Speak Amazingly…Talk to the Masses…

You get the message…

My Friend, use the ‘Art of War,’ play up your Strengths, stop comparing yourself to others and be You, no one else.

‘What are You GOOD at? What are Your STRENGTHS?’

-PM Bishop

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I’ve learned that, ‘Its hard for a Woman to have a GOOD Man after she’s had a Bad one, but it’s EVEN harder for a GOOD Man to have a GOOD Woman after she’s had a Bad Man because she is not accustomed to having Something GOOD…a GOOD Man, in her life.’

My Female Friends…Do you have a GOD Man in your life? If so, feel His LOVE for you and accept it because it is GOD’s gift to you and ALL for your Greater GOOD.

-PM Bishop

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‘Haters help Us to see things about Us we don’t notice, they help Us to see the BEST in Us, they show Us how truly GREAT we are…’

ALIENS! Not the ones we see in the movies. Not the ones we look to the Sky to find out if they exist. Not the ones we think are going to arrive in their Spacecrafts. Not the ones residing at ‘Area 51.’ Not the ones we have this outlandish idea, will come to attack Us, snatch our bodies and experiment on Us. No, not ALIENS! In the sense that we have come to know them in our minds and in our World, but I speak of those ALIENS! that walk among us every day. Those individuals that walk around from day to day ‘Green with Envy’ living with jealousy in their hearts, hating others for their accomplishments or the things that they have been Blessed with, hating the fact that they are not in their shoes or that they don’t have the things that others have, these are the ALIENS! I speak of…

NOTE: “I actually don’t like the title ‘HATERS’ because I feel that it’s just another colloquialism or slang for a jealous individual and because so many people think that its ‘cool’ to say, ‘I have so many HATERS!’ (Honestly, I feel that a lot of those people screaming about having HATERS are haters themselves…) Think about it?”

Now back to ALIENS!, individuals that are so insecure or who don’t know their self-worth or their GOD given talents that they have chosen to be jealous of another or ‘HATERS’ as they are called, should look within and know that the feelings of jealousy that they have toward another are indications that they should look within and reassess their GOD given talents and their self-worth, to know who they truly are, how Beautiful they are. If they did this and knew that their feelings of envy were warning signs from GOD that they need to follow their hearts to reach the place that they want to get to, instead of being jealous of someone else, they would be in a much better place and celebrate the Blessings and accomplishments of others, telling themselves that, ‘If they are Blessed, I can be Blessed as well. I can accomplish my Dreams and goals too! ’

And those of Us that have ‘HATERS,’ individuals that are envious or jealous of Us, let us not look at it like We are bigger or better than they are, let us see it as a Blessing, knowing that we possess traits or gifts that others would like to possess and see that we are Amazingly created by GOD…Knowing that we have some ‘POETRY’ about ourselves that others are drawn to, want to read and learn from.

My Friend, know Your GOD given Beauty, listen to Your Heart and focus on You and in turn, You will never have to be an ALIEN!

-PM Bishop

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