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During President Obama’s State of the Union Address this Evening, January 25, 2011, he will discuss investing and or spending, and the topic of investing/spending for Education will most likely come up. This topic of discussion seems to have caused some consternation amongst Republicans in past months because they don’t see the need for investing/spending on education. This to Me is ridiculous because it seems that EDUCATION should be at the top of the list of things to invest in for America. Educational Investing/Spending would allow everyone to get an optimal education making America, and Americans, more competitive in a World market and putting individuals in a better position as far as being prepared to handle or live everyday life.

‘Why shouldn’t everyone have the best Education they can get?’

I’ve heard it said that some don’t want the ‘minorities’ in America to have the BEST Education that they can receive because it makes them too competitive in our Society and causes them the chance to advance. Minorities should just continue to be IGNORANT, never have Unity and continue committing GENOCIDE through violence, drugs and sex. ‘Competing with whom? Other Americans…?’  I hear this and Pray that it’s not a TRUTH, that it’s only Blindness in the eyes of a few, but then I’m most likely ‘Hoping Against Hope’ and will be the one that is Blind…

If the statement that I heard is TRUTH its Terrifyingly Sad but what’s more Saddening than that is the fact that Minorities fall for it or play right into it because of their actions and the way that they choose to live. Now I understand that a lot of individuals amongst the number of Minorities believe that they have to choose the way of life they live because ‘someone’ is holding them back from obtaining an Education and allowing them the opportunity to advance in life but this type of thinking or belief has to STOP or CHANGE because as long as Minorities have this mindset, knowing that another person or group doing ALL that they can to hold another back is Wrong and the fact of Minorities BELIEVING it as TRUTH amongst themselves is Wrong, things will never CHANGE or get better.

When we, Minorities or anyone for that matter, sees that they are being WRONGED by another it is not the time to be quiet and just allow it to happen, believing it as TRUTH and playing into it…Its time to stand and do ALL that you can in a Civilized and Peaceful manner to find a resolution that will work for ALL involved.  As long as Minorities continue to do as they have done and continue to do at present, playing into the LIE and making it TRUTH amongst their numbers, not saying to themselves, ‘This is enough! This cannot be the way things are supposed to be! It’s time to take a stand and bring about a CHANGE for the better for ALL,’ things won’t CHANGE, like President Obama hoped and pressed for in his campaign and Education will not be what America chooses to Invest or Spend its money on.

And, anyone that has the belief that ‘You will be better off by holding another back, whether individual or group, by whatever means you try to stop their progression,’ you are Wrong for thinking you should or could do this to another and your ‘COMEUPPANCE’ is around the bend.

People…America…We need to ‘Wake Up,’ come together in Unity and bring about a CHANGE for us ALL or we’ll forever be LOST!

-PM Bishop

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For Michael(MJ)…

 “Its been a year since MJ ‘Danced On’ and I felt it was only fitting to post this poem again. Let’s give it up for the Greatest Ever! MJ 4Ever!!! I continue to DANCE for you My Brother…”






For Michael

When I heard that you had Danced On
A part of me…
A part of my becoming me felt a sense of emptiness
…As I listened to the news, I hoped that my ears were hearing wrong
That I would close my eyes and somehow reopen them to different news
But that was not to be…

Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever,’ you had Danced On

In that instant my mind replayed days of my childhood
Watching you on television in amazement
‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’
‘Rock With You’
‘Billie Jean’
‘Beat It’
As you danced, you changed my life
As you sang, you touched my soul
Michael, you were truly something to behold
I would sit there in awe…
Taking in every move
Every step
Every tick
Every pop
Every point
Every adlib
Every clap of your hands, so as to be able to mimic you later
As I became you while lip syncing your words as your LP played in my room
Over and over and over again

As a tear fell I said to myself, “Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever’ has Danced On.”

With thoughts of your smile and the way that your light shone on others
As you sang about changing the world and making it better
By starting with ‘The Man in the Mirror”
Thoughts of your love that you gave to others
The love that you wanted each and every one of us to give
Thoughts of your goodness and how I knew in my heart
That our GOD sent you to Earth to do exactly what you did while here with us
Touching each and every life through your performances, lyrics, moves and the love and care in your heart

I watched your images flash across the screen as they spoke of your passing…

Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever’ you had Danced On

I thought of your family and the pain and hurt that they must be feeling
I thought of your extended family, your fans, around the world and what they must have been feeling
I thought of the tributes and the outpouring of support
The prayers that would be sent out by millions

Most of all I thought of you, Michael
How you touched my life and the lives of so many
How you would be missed but always remembered…

Michael Jackson, you were and ALWAYS will be ‘The Greatest Ever’
DANCE ON, My Brother…
You are in my heart and I will forever dance for you
Rest in Peace

-Patrick M. Bishop

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‘…Sometimes Life can be an Upstairs Climb but the Sun is always there to meet Us at the TOP. No matter how it looks from the distance, the thing is to Run to the staircase, take the first step with FAITH, the second step with MORE FAITH…And, the third…And, the Fourth…And, with every step in the Climb, no matter if there are 30 steps, 300 steps, 3,000 steps, 300,000 steps…3,000,000 steps… Keep Climbing with FAITH and the closer You get to the TOP the Sun will shine upon You and the Darkness will become History….’  

My Friend…Keep CLIMBING, never stop…GOD and the Sun are with You…

-PM Bishop

(Photos by PM Bishop, captured with Camera Phone)


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Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

“I wanna be Old and Gray when GOD come get Me…”

                                                                -Ceelo ‘GoodieMob’ Green

Growing Old…I’m sorry…Correction. ‘Growing OLDER,’ is something that we should ALL embrace and see as a gift and a Blessing from GOD. It is GOD’s gift to us and HIS telling us that HE has more work for us to do in this World and that HE wants us around to educate and teach those generations following us. Growing OLDER is our mark of Wisdom and our ‘seasoning’ that GOD prints upon us to show that we have been here for awhile and that we are not to be reckoned with. Growing OLDER is a ‘Tattoo of LOVE.’

The lines printed upon our faces like maps drawn by Men, the Graying of our hair like paths through the Forests, the Words of Wisdom that we speak that may be foreign to the Youth, the Ideals that we take on that we never Dreamed we would, the ways that we move as we grow OLDER, are ALL gifts and should be seen as such. I witness a majority of humans not embracing their gift of aging as they color their hair…As they have surgery done to remove the lines in their faces…As they dress in a way that is years younger than they are…As they try their BEST to stay young or to hide their true age. Now, to each his or her own, and there is nothing wrong with doing those things, but I feel that GOD meant for us to appreciate our Growing OLDER, our aging and to feel confident and comfortable with it, not to hide it or be ashamed of it. Some of us sit back and say how much we want to live a long life but as GOD grants us those long years and allows us to age we sort of ‘throw it back in HIS face’ by trying to cover it up, by doing things to keep ourselves looking young.

It’s true that in today’s Society, especially in America, that Growing OLDER is not seen as Glamorous, or Beautiful, or Welcomed, or even as ‘A Good Thing.’ Youth and staying Young are the status quo in our World. How sad, because GOD created us to be Young at the beginning of our lives and to Grow OLDER as our years progressed and with that progression of our years, to embrace it fully.

There are countries and Cultures that see Growing OLDER as a Beautiful thing and that the OLDER individuals are Sacred and due total respect because of their experiences in life and their Seasoning, where Growing OLDER is welcomed and looked forward to. We should ALL see it as such and LOVE not only the idea of it but the image of it as well. We should see our facial lines as gifts, our Gray-Streaked hair as Blessings, our Wisdom as GOD’s mark of Genius.

I LOVE Growing OLDER and I embrace it. I see it as Beautiful, Romantic and Sexy. As we Grow OLDER, let’s do ALL that we can to stay healthy and stay around as long as possible but let’s embrace our years of life with confidence and see them as a Gift from GOD, seeing the True BEAUTY in it.

I hope that You Grow OLDER…Gracefully and with Courage.


“You can tell by the lines under my eyes when I Smile that I have been around for awhile…”

                                                                                                                -Brandon Boyd

                                                                                                                                                                      From the group INCUBUS

                                                                                                                                                                      From the song ‘Smile Lines’


-PM Bishop


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You Have To Have Some Poetry About You…

You Have To Have Some Poetry About Yourself…

 “You have to have some Poetry about yourself before others will be interested in what you are and what you have to offer. You have to be passionate about something in your life, something that you don’t expect to be compensated for and allow others to see this in you. As long as you are simply going through life just existing, just working, just being and not offering a helping hand to another or inspiring someone to be the best they can be, you will not attract others to you. You have to have some Poetry about yourself… Then and only then, will others seek you out to gain a piece of that Poetry you have to be like you…”

                                                                -spoken by Larry Fishburn’s character in the movie ‘Bobby


When I heard these words uttered by the character in the movie I was in awe and it really made me think. The words meant so much. So, profound and true. It caused me to pause, sit back and think about the individuals throughout history and in the present, which have made great sacrifices and accomplished great feats, all the while attracting numbers of people to them and influencing them in ways that only they could have. In that instant it came to me that, those individuals had and have some POETRY about them. The kind of POETRY that inspired and inspires others to want to be near them and read them, get to know them, so as to gain some insight into what was/is so special about them and to acquire some of it for themselves so they could be akin to them.

With this, I began to think of my own experiences and what Poetry there was about me that allowed others to be drawn to me. I thought of my compassion for others, how I get satisfaction from inspiring and assisting others, how I do many things with no idea of ever being compensated for them. I thought of my written poetry, my views on life, LOVE and the world as a whole. I thought of how I am always on a mission to remind others of the Beauty that is before us every day and always giving my LOVE freely, with no apologies. Having this Poetry about me is the only way I’d care to live and I am thankful for.

I encourage others to sit down and think of what it is they are passionate about with no idea of money, or material things, or status or accomplishments, but what it is that they feel strongly about and would do for ‘free’ for the rest of their days. When they can come to this, when they can name that thing and live it from day to day, they will have that Poetry and it will be shown to others in action and through words, allowing others to be drawn to them to obtain a portion of what it is they possess.

Anyone out there with no idea of what they should be doing to make life the BEST it can be for them and to be able to influence others positively, I say…

“You Have To Get Some Poetry About Yourself!”

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