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Goodbye to an Icon…Whitney Houston

‎’GOD did not plan for any of Us to Live Forever. Death is a part of the process and HE allows Us to see or hear of it Daily. It’s a Sad day and a Shock when anyone passes on. And, One that was an Icon or Celebrity Saddens and Shocks so many because of their influence and reach that was so widespread…

A few hours ago We learned of the passing of a Beloved Celebrity and Talent, Whitney Houston and We ALL shared in a Moment of Pain learning of her Passing. She will be Greatly Missed by many and Always remembered…

Death will come to Us ALL in due time so, Live the BEST Life You can Right Now and do ALL that You can in Your Power to not press upon Your Life anything that could possibly shorten it.

To You, Whitney…We’ll Miss You and like You sang in Your song and like I Always say…’LOVE…It’s the GREATEST of ALL!’

-PM Bishop

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So Easy A Caveman Can Do It…

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It…

 As I sat watching television one evening, the Geico insurance commercial flashed across the screen proclaiming, “So easy a Caveman can do it!,” with this, I began to ponder the topic of love and relationships and how difficult and laborious we as humans, have made them. I and my heart, fail to believe that relationships and love have to be such complex and wearisome undertakings. The two are to be enjoyed and bring joy and delight into one’s life but in today’s society, the two always seem to conjure up ill feelings, misery and the fact that Cupid’s arrow penetrated the wrong organ or went too deep into the heart, causing heart-break.

I feel that we, Women and Men both, tend to make relationships and love, uphill battles because we focus too much on our brain’s so called ‘intelligence,’ not giving our heart the consideration it deserves. Continually analyzing, ‘What can this person do for me?’ or ‘What does this person bring to the table (tangible)?’ or ‘What can I gain from this?’ or ‘What will others think?’ Instead of, listening to our feelings whispering and sometime SCREAMING to us, how we truly feel within our hearts and the innermost depths of our souls. Our looking to outside influences, such as time, other people and material items to tell us or assure us that we have feelings for another, want to be in a relationship with another or even love another, are not precise indicators. Nothing outside of us can communicate this to us. We have to look within ourselves to find what we need to fashion a great relationship with another individual, this and only this will allow us to have the lasting and LOVING relationships that we are searching for and in effect making them less difficult and everything they should be, ‘GREAT.’

And… “So Easy A Caveman Can Do It!”

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