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During President Obama’s State of the Union Address this Evening, January 25, 2011, he will discuss investing and or spending, and the topic of investing/spending for Education will most likely come up. This topic of discussion seems to have caused some consternation amongst Republicans in past months because they don’t see the need for investing/spending on education. This to Me is ridiculous because it seems that EDUCATION should be at the top of the list of things to invest in for America. Educational Investing/Spending would allow everyone to get an optimal education making America, and Americans, more competitive in a World market and putting individuals in a better position as far as being prepared to handle or live everyday life.

‘Why shouldn’t everyone have the best Education they can get?’

I’ve heard it said that some don’t want the ‘minorities’ in America to have the BEST Education that they can receive because it makes them too competitive in our Society and causes them the chance to advance. Minorities should just continue to be IGNORANT, never have Unity and continue committing GENOCIDE through violence, drugs and sex. ‘Competing with whom? Other Americans…?’  I hear this and Pray that it’s not a TRUTH, that it’s only Blindness in the eyes of a few, but then I’m most likely ‘Hoping Against Hope’ and will be the one that is Blind…

If the statement that I heard is TRUTH its Terrifyingly Sad but what’s more Saddening than that is the fact that Minorities fall for it or play right into it because of their actions and the way that they choose to live. Now I understand that a lot of individuals amongst the number of Minorities believe that they have to choose the way of life they live because ‘someone’ is holding them back from obtaining an Education and allowing them the opportunity to advance in life but this type of thinking or belief has to STOP or CHANGE because as long as Minorities have this mindset, knowing that another person or group doing ALL that they can to hold another back is Wrong and the fact of Minorities BELIEVING it as TRUTH amongst themselves is Wrong, things will never CHANGE or get better.

When we, Minorities or anyone for that matter, sees that they are being WRONGED by another it is not the time to be quiet and just allow it to happen, believing it as TRUTH and playing into it…Its time to stand and do ALL that you can in a Civilized and Peaceful manner to find a resolution that will work for ALL involved.  As long as Minorities continue to do as they have done and continue to do at present, playing into the LIE and making it TRUTH amongst their numbers, not saying to themselves, ‘This is enough! This cannot be the way things are supposed to be! It’s time to take a stand and bring about a CHANGE for the better for ALL,’ things won’t CHANGE, like President Obama hoped and pressed for in his campaign and Education will not be what America chooses to Invest or Spend its money on.

And, anyone that has the belief that ‘You will be better off by holding another back, whether individual or group, by whatever means you try to stop their progression,’ you are Wrong for thinking you should or could do this to another and your ‘COMEUPPANCE’ is around the bend.

People…America…We need to ‘Wake Up,’ come together in Unity and bring about a CHANGE for us ALL or we’ll forever be LOST!

-PM Bishop

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Right Or The Light…

Right Or The Light…

Sitting here staring at the screen of my laptop and having the whiteness stare back at me awaiting the words that I will engrave upon it, the topic of ‘Being RIGHT’ comes to mind, how we as human beings, or most of us, always have to be ‘right.’ We pride ourselves on having to be ‘right’ and we will fight until the end to prove our ‘rightness’ to anyone that challenges it. Our egos constantly needing to be fed to feel as if we are as intelligent and ‘all-knowing’ as we think we are.

The individual that feels he/she has to be ‘right’ all of the time, has to live a very defeated life because no one is ‘right’ all of the time. Not even most of the time and each time that their ‘rightness’ is proven wrong, I am sure that their Spirit descends. If we as human beings were to be ‘right’ all of the time, I am sure we wouldn’t be here on Earth in the first place. We would be sitting in GOD’s place manipulating the Sun, Moon, Stars, the Universe, the Seasons and life upon planet Earth.

Having to be ‘right’ is not a good way for any individual to be. Sometimes it is better for us to be wrong. Most of the time we are better off being wrong than right. At those times when we feel angry, upset or we are feeling like a victim, we are better off wrong than right because the things or situations that caused us to feel these emotions, we should pray are totally different than we see them. In our finding out that things are different than we perceive them, that we are not ‘right’ but wrong about them, we can change our outlook and not feel those emotions that cause us consternation and smile again.

Now for those individuals that feel that they have to be ‘right’ all of the time to elevate their self-esteem, to make themselves feel superior to others or to prove their intelligence, they need to fire their EGO, ‘the Harbinger of Having to be RIGHT.’ The EGO is the biggest liar and it thrives on fictions and falsifications of what is going on around us and how others see us. EGO would have us believe that we are ‘more’ than others and proving or projecting our ‘rightness’ upon them will make them see how GREAT we are, but actually all it does is shows how ‘small’ we truly are inside and only persuades others to flee from us instead of being drawn to us to read our Poetry. Upon finding out that our EGO has been lying to us about our having to be ‘right’ and then firing it and sending it upon its way, we will find that being wrong is there to show us that we are human, that we were not meant to be ‘right’ all of the time, that our happiness does not lie in our being right and that there is only one GOD.

So, I challenge you to think about the idea of being ‘right’ all of the time and ask yourself…

“Do I Want To Be RIGHT Or Do I Want The LIGHT!”

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So Easy A Caveman Can Do It…

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It…

 As I sat watching television one evening, the Geico insurance commercial flashed across the screen proclaiming, “So easy a Caveman can do it!,” with this, I began to ponder the topic of love and relationships and how difficult and laborious we as humans, have made them. I and my heart, fail to believe that relationships and love have to be such complex and wearisome undertakings. The two are to be enjoyed and bring joy and delight into one’s life but in today’s society, the two always seem to conjure up ill feelings, misery and the fact that Cupid’s arrow penetrated the wrong organ or went too deep into the heart, causing heart-break.

I feel that we, Women and Men both, tend to make relationships and love, uphill battles because we focus too much on our brain’s so called ‘intelligence,’ not giving our heart the consideration it deserves. Continually analyzing, ‘What can this person do for me?’ or ‘What does this person bring to the table (tangible)?’ or ‘What can I gain from this?’ or ‘What will others think?’ Instead of, listening to our feelings whispering and sometime SCREAMING to us, how we truly feel within our hearts and the innermost depths of our souls. Our looking to outside influences, such as time, other people and material items to tell us or assure us that we have feelings for another, want to be in a relationship with another or even love another, are not precise indicators. Nothing outside of us can communicate this to us. We have to look within ourselves to find what we need to fashion a great relationship with another individual, this and only this will allow us to have the lasting and LOVING relationships that we are searching for and in effect making them less difficult and everything they should be, ‘GREAT.’

And… “So Easy A Caveman Can Do It!”

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