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For Michael(MJ)…

 “Its been a year since MJ ‘Danced On’ and I felt it was only fitting to post this poem again. Let’s give it up for the Greatest Ever! MJ 4Ever!!! I continue to DANCE for you My Brother…”






For Michael

When I heard that you had Danced On
A part of me…
A part of my becoming me felt a sense of emptiness
…As I listened to the news, I hoped that my ears were hearing wrong
That I would close my eyes and somehow reopen them to different news
But that was not to be…

Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever,’ you had Danced On

In that instant my mind replayed days of my childhood
Watching you on television in amazement
‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’
‘Rock With You’
‘Billie Jean’
‘Beat It’
As you danced, you changed my life
As you sang, you touched my soul
Michael, you were truly something to behold
I would sit there in awe…
Taking in every move
Every step
Every tick
Every pop
Every point
Every adlib
Every clap of your hands, so as to be able to mimic you later
As I became you while lip syncing your words as your LP played in my room
Over and over and over again

As a tear fell I said to myself, “Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever’ has Danced On.”

With thoughts of your smile and the way that your light shone on others
As you sang about changing the world and making it better
By starting with ‘The Man in the Mirror”
Thoughts of your love that you gave to others
The love that you wanted each and every one of us to give
Thoughts of your goodness and how I knew in my heart
That our GOD sent you to Earth to do exactly what you did while here with us
Touching each and every life through your performances, lyrics, moves and the love and care in your heart

I watched your images flash across the screen as they spoke of your passing…

Michael, ‘The Greatest Ever’ you had Danced On

I thought of your family and the pain and hurt that they must be feeling
I thought of your extended family, your fans, around the world and what they must have been feeling
I thought of the tributes and the outpouring of support
The prayers that would be sent out by millions

Most of all I thought of you, Michael
How you touched my life and the lives of so many
How you would be missed but always remembered…

Michael Jackson, you were and ALWAYS will be ‘The Greatest Ever’
DANCE ON, My Brother…
You are in my heart and I will forever dance for you
Rest in Peace

-Patrick M. Bishop

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I Hope You DANCE!

I Hope You DANCE!

-“If you can talk you should sing… If you can walk you should DANCE.”

                                                            -An Old African Proverb(Emphasis Mine)


DANCE… David did it before the Ark of GOD, with all of his might, when the Isrealites brought the Ark into his City, (2nd Samuel 6:12-23). Moses and the Isrealites did it in worship and in praise to GOD in the desert after their escape from Pharoah, (Exodus 15). In Jesus’ parable of the Lost Son, the father and his family danced in celebration when his son returned home, (Luke 15:22-27). Man has been dancing since the beginning of time, for one reason or another and we continue to dance and enjoy the spectacle of it until this day.

Throughout history we’ve witnessed dancers and dancing of every sort being created and performed, from the origins of African, Native American and foreign tribal dance, to tap, jazz, cabaret, ballet, ballroom, swing and Latin dances, to modern, contemporary, freestyle, break dancing, street, Hip Hop and the Krump styles of today. Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fatima, Usher, Beyonce, Omarion, Ciara and Chris Brown have shown us that dance is a universal language and that everyone around the World loves it.

In today’s society dance has been shown to definitely be a benefit to our health, as well as our hearts and souls. We take dance classes and aerobics classes to better our way of life or we set upon missions to learn dance moves that we witness in the privacy of our own home. We tune in religiously, to watch shows on television and attend movies where dance is the star. Either way, this is an indication that dance is good for us and good to us.

Anyone that says that they don’t like to dance, I fail to believe them. We all are moved by the creativity of the medium or moved by some music that we hear, compelling us to ‘get up and get down.’ If you are one of those individuals that proclaims to not enjoy dance, you should get up and do it more often. No matter who you are, your race, your age or your background, you should be dancing. The dance doesn’t care, so you shouldn’t. Dance for your enjoyment, for your best health, for your heart and for an amazing life.

So, the next time that song comes on that you love, when you are in celebration, when you  feel down and want to feel better, are with friends and family or wanting great exercise… I Hope You DANCE!

I will…

“Dancing to me, is expansion. When I dance, I grow. I become bigger, more than I am. I get outside of myself and I watch. I am never routine. I allow the music, my body and my soul to become one and simply flow. I am like Water. I allow the moves to become me. I adlib. I take flight. I am never closer to GOD than when I am dancing. It is the greatest freedom I know…”

                                                                                                            -PM Bishop


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Michael Jackson’s “This Is IT”

ThisIsItThis Is It” is it! I have always been caught up in the spectacle of Michael Jackson since I was a little boy, growing up listening to his music, watching his videos and doing all that I could to mimic his dance moves and I have to say, sitting in the theatre watching Michael and his genius today, was just as awe inspiring. I wasn’t in my seat just watching, I was in my seat taking in his steps, that is when I wasn’t standing up dancing along with him and his background dancers, who had no chance of keeping up with him.

Everyone seems to want to talk about MJ and his life being so turbulent and weird but I feel that we should be focused on his genius and his contributions to music and to the world. I’ll admit that one can not totally erase his ‘mishaps’ from memory but why make his mistakes a focus? (Oh, yeah, almost forgot I am speaking of human beings.) Well others can focus on MJ’s many issues but I am going to focus on his abilities to inspire and delight everyone from age 1 to age 115.

This Is It” is another example of all that MJ encompassed: fun, fantasy, love, excitment, escapism, inspiration and something to hold on to for the remainder of our days. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to see it and if you are one of the millions who have seen it ‘CONGRATULATIONS,’ I know your life was changed for the better. “This Is It” receives 5 out of 5 stars from me and Michael, you have always been 5 star to me and you will live on in our heats, souls, minds and bodies for as long as Man can dance.


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