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‘That Thing That We FEAR But Sets Us FREE…’

‘…We Live in a Time where TRUTH has Stumbled in the Streets and Dishonesty ‘Runs Amok’…Where We accept Lies, KNOWING that they are Lies and Deny the TRUTHS…Where We tend to LOVE what’s Wrong but Hate what’s RIGHT…Where We are Afraid to be labeled ‘Too Christian’ but not Afraid to be labeled ‘Too Worldly’…Where we Throw Our INTEGRITY into the Wind but Holdfast to Our Sinful and Worldly Ways…We Live in a Time where We can’t see Ourselves because We have worked so Diligently to Be Someone or Something Else…We Live in a Time where We are Always COMPARING Ourselves to Others so as to be an -ER or an -EST among them and the TRUTH is, ‘There is No WIN in COMPARISON!’…We Live in a Time where ‘TRUTH has Stumbled in the Streets and it’s Time for it to Rise Again…’

-PM Bishop

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‘Insecurities are about as useful as holding a Grenade after the pin has been pulled!’


Upon viewing the internet this Morning I came across the articles that talked about the teenage girls and boys that have been posting videos and photos of themselves on YouTube and asking the public if they are Pretty or Ugly. My initial thought was, ‘What have We come to in this present day?’ ‘Where are We headed?’ The more I pondered this issue the more it came to Me that this is something that goes on daily with millions and millions of individuals and not only on YouTube with teenagers but with individuals of ALL ages in every area of day-to-day life.

BEAUTY…Or what We are lead to believe is BEAUTY is pushed into Our faces or pressed upon Us continually on television, in magazines, on the internet, on the streets, at work, even at church as We worship and if One is not Secure in who and what they are, they tend to fall for the BEAUTY Lies or they try their best to transform themselves into the Lie…

‘Her body is Nice. She doesn’t have a stomach.’ ‘I Want to be like that?’

‘He is built like a statue of David with those muscles. That’s what the Women like!’ ‘I Want to look like that?’

‘She has a Nice, Round behind.’ ‘I have to get my behind like that?’

‘Her breasts are so perky!’ ‘I have to get some of those so the guys will look at me?’

‘He has a head full of hair.’ ‘I have to get treatments or something to grow my hair back like his?’

“I Want to be Like…’ ‘I Want to be Like…’

I simply don’t understand why We are such an INSECURE species! So many of Us live Our lives uncomfortable in Our OWN skin and in Our OWN bodies because We have this belief or idea that Our skin, and I am not speaking of Race, or that Our body isn’t Good enough or BEAUTIFUL enough. (And, if You are One of those individuals living with this belief, My question is, BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH for who?’)…

We see someone else and We want to be like them. We are told that Our bodies should be shaped a certain way and We do ALL manner of things, even Life threatening things, to acquire that body We are told We should possess. We see another individual that We think or Feel is BEAUTIFUL and We long to look like them. We are told by the opposite sex that We are not attractive enough and We long to be like another. Some of Us are so INSECURE that We seek continued Validation from the opposite sex by flirting or putting Ourselves on display so as to gain that attention or that compliment from them and if We don’t get that compliment or attention We get the idea that We are not BEAUTIFUL enough and it compels Us to do other things to gain their attention that are Destructive and Disrespectful to Ourselves…

It’s past time to accept who and what We are Individually and STOP worrying about if We are BEAUTIFUL Enough or as BEAUTIFUL as the next Person.We were not supposed to be Carbon Copies of each other. We are supposed to be DIFFERENT! We are supposed to be Unique in how We look and how how We are shaped. We should do away with having to be Validated by the opposite sex or by others because that only leads to Wrong actions and behaviors by Us if We are not Validated by them…

VALIDATE YOURSELF! STOP worrying about if You are BEAUTIFUL Enough! STOP worrying about if You are UGLY! STOP comparing Yourself to Others and Be the Unique YOU that GOD created You to be. Don’t fall for the BEAUTY Lie that We have been told we should resemble, whether You’re a Woman or a Man because YOU are BEAUTIFUL just the way YOU are!

Don’t live Your Life INSECURE, My Friend. It’s No GOOD for You.

 ‘Believe that You are BEAUTIFUL and You Are.’


-PM Bishop





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How Much?

How Much?


-‘What People Do For Money?’

                        -Divine Sounds (1984)


As I was riding along the other day this song came on the Radio and I really focused on the Words as the artist sang them, unlike back in 1984 when the song was played I was most likely break dancing or rapping along as the beat flowed from the speakers. Upon hearing the song this time, at the Young age of 40, I really listened to what was being said and the Words spoke to Me like they were saying, ‘Wow, Bishop! It’s interesting and at times Sad what many People will do for Money or things pertaining to Monetary or Material Gain…!’

As the car rolled along and Divine Sounds continued singing, ‘What People Do For Money?!’ and I sang along with the chorus, I began to think of ALL the things that People Do, Have Done or Will Do for Money and it simply caused Me to shake My head from side to side in a ‘NO!’ motion, as if someone had posed a question to Me that I was totally against. I thought of how some People will… ‘Step on others,’ ‘Degrade themselves,’ ‘Become somewhat of a Slave to another,’ ‘Bow down to another,’ ‘Allow themselves to be Abused,’ ‘Sell-Out,’ ‘Commit Murder,’ ‘Take part in Criminal Activity,’ ‘Steal from others,’ ‘Take part in an activity that they are Uncomfortable with’ and ‘Allow their Physical Selves to be taken advantage of,’ ALL to have Money, keep Money or be in the Midst of those with Money or Material.

Sing it with Me…’What People Do For Money?!’

I guess I just don’t understand why some People don’t think more of themselves by knowing their Personal Worth, which would keep them from doing ALL sorts of things for Monetary Gain. Many People simply allow their Morals and Integrity to ‘Fly Out of the Window’ when they feel that they might Lose out on obtaining Money or when they feel that they will Lose the source of their ‘Cash or Material Flow.’ I guess, too, that when so many People allow Things or Individuals outside of them to give them Worth, they have no other way to feel Valuable other than by DOING ANYTHING to feel that Value, even if it is subjecting themselves to Degradation.


My Friend…My Reader, think about it…’What Have You Done or What Would You Do For Money?’ Would You ‘Sell-Out?’ ‘Have You or Would You jeopardize Your Morals and Integrity?’ Or…’Do You know Your Self-Worth from the start?’


‘How Much?’ I hope that You don’t have a PRICE…


-PM Bishop

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‘GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality

GQ Gentleman’s Quality…

There used to be a time, not long ago, when being a Gentleman was looked at as the only way to be. A Man would wear his clothing to project the BEST part of whom he was. He would carry himself in a way that projected confidence, self-respect, intelligence, some sense of pride and some dignity. A Man would speak to a Woman in a way that showed he respected her and saw her as a Rose to be handled delicately, to let her know she was Special. During those days, not long ago, a Man was just that…A Gentle-Man…

I look around today and this Gentleman that used to exist is very hard to find in today’s Society. There are a few of Us ‘GENTLEMEN’ still out there but we are becoming extinct by the day. This is happening because we have adopted this ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ way of life that seems to make us feel as if we are stronger or more powerful than if we were the Gentlemen we should be. Walking around with our pants below our waists, our clothing many sizes larger than we are, speaking incorrect English, having a scowl upon our faces, acknowledging or speaking to Women as if they have been put here by GOD for our pleasure, not trying to educate ourselves or elevate our minds to a higher plane, having mediocre standards and having no sense of GODLY or Manly pride. This is a shame and we should ALL step back, Men and Women alike, and reevaluate where we have come from and where we are headed if we do not change this way of thinking or living.

Men, we need to gain back our ‘GENTLEMANLINESS’ and be the Gentle-Men that GOD created us to be. GOD placed Jesus here on Earth for a short time to not only die for us and save us from our Sins, but to show us an example of how a Man should live and carry himself in his daily walk. Jesus was the ‘consummate’ Gentleman… He was Gentle with everyone that He met as He went from place to place healing, performing Miracles and giving the masses an example of how life should be lived but He was also ‘stern’ when He needed to be, being a Man when He saw or felt things were not right or not in accordance with His Father’s Word. Jesus did ALL of this with His robe around His shoulders, not hanging off, with confidence in who He was, not concerned with what others said about Him, with self-respect and respect for others, with intelligence and dignity. He acknowledged everyone, Women and Men, with respect, nothing less.

As Men, we need to follow Jesus’ example and those before us who carried themselves as Gentlemen and have the Courage to step up and be the ‘GENTLEMEN’ we should be and raising the standards of the World we live in to its highest level and leave ALL of this mediocre thinking behind, putting it to rest. Not only do we Men have to adopt this way of GENTLEMNLINESS but Women, you have to step up and stop falling for anything less than a Gentleman in your life. Women, you have become so accustomed to the ‘LIE’ of a Man being ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ to be seen as though he is a Man, that you see a TRUE Gentleman as ‘soft’ or as ‘less than a Man.’ Women, you have to put a stop to Men approaching you in a disrespectful way and only allow a Gentleman to come into your World. (Anything less is a waste!) Women, make the Men step up and they will make the changes from the ‘LIE’ that you know today to the Gentlemen they should be, giving you what it is you want and have been missing for so long.

I choose to be a ‘GENTLEMAN.’ A ‘GENTLE-MAN’ because that to Me is the only way to walk through life confidently and upstanding, presenting myself in a way that is acceptable and GOOD in ALL ways.

Men let’s step up, be Gentlemen and show the World…Show the Women…Show the Young Men what it means to be a GENTLE-MAN.

I hope you choose the ‘GENTLEMANLY’ way…The ONLY Way…

GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality…

-PM Bishop

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