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Human Maps

I was reading over some New Poems and wanted to share this one with You until I put the finishing touches on My next post. Enjoy, My Friends…

Human Maps




Not Drawn upon Paper

But Sketched upon Human Bodies

Tattooed upon Skin

Maps Drawn over the Years

Living Hieroglyphics

Not Painted upon Cave walls

Or Drawn on the angles of Pyramids

By Neanderthals or Egyptians

Painted Naturally through Living

Being Alive

Not by the strokes of a Brush in Hand

After being bathed in Color

War Wounds…

Markings of Life…

Upon Skin

Human Lines

Human Routes

Human Paths

Human Maps

-PM Bishop


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-‘You make Me MELT and I don’t want to be Frozen anymore!’

                                                                                -Brandon Boyd ‘INCUBUS’

While sitting at the Window the other Morning watching the Sunrise and enjoying My cup of Coffee, I witnessed the most Amazing thing, its Awesome what You see if you only look…Where I was seated on the stool near the Window, I was perched over the sink and in the sink were ice cubes that were MELTING away as the seconds ticked away on the clock. As I looked down into the sink at the ice cubes My mind began to ponder the idea of Change, witnessing the transformation of one of the ice cubes as it MELTED and began to metamorphasize into water once again as the heat in the room carressed it’s Cold outer shell.

As I watched the ice cube transform, I could see the water inside of it move around becoming liquid again, as the still frozen, hardened, outer shell retained it’s icy form, as if it was fighting against it’s Own Changing. As the ice cube continued to MELT and transform, the inside of it that had become water again moved from side to side like it was searching for a way out…It’s FREEDOM. This brought to mind how We are to Change from the Inside Out…

Like the ice cube, eventhough We may fight it, if We want Our Outward to Change, We have to Change Our Inward initially. We have to start with the Inside. We have to start with Our Hearts, Our Souls, Our Minds…Our Inner Being has to Change so as to become a Better individual outwardly. Projecting Our Best to the World.

The MELTING of the ice cube continued as I watched and the water moving around inside of the still frozen outer shell seemed to Me to be akin to the ice cube having a Soul that was determined to Change and be Free of it’s hardened shell. A metaphor for Us, Human Beings and how Our Souls long to be Free from the hardened shells that We have encased them in during the days of Our Lives and the things that We have experienced.

My Friends, let’s be like that MELTING ice cube and start to Change from the Inside Out so that We can Change into the BEST Us that We can be and project and present the BEST Us to other’s that not only We want to project and present but that GOD wants Us to project and present.

Are You a MELTING Ice Cube or are You fighting against Change to remain Frozen and Hardened?

-PM Bishop


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‘Just a Crow Left of the Murder…’

‘Just a Crow Left of the Murder…’

‘A ‘MURDER’ is a flock of Crows flying together… A’ Crow Left of the Murder’ is the Crow that separates itself from the flock to find its own Way or to find a better Way of Life than the other crows have settled for. To be a ‘Crow Left of the Murder’ in today’s society is to be Unique and it takes Courage and Heart to be that lone Crow in the face of a Society that is doing its Best to make us all the same or doing all that it can to have us believe that we need to Fly with the rest of the Flock to be accepted. If you are one of the ‘Lone Crows’ that sees or believes there is a better Way and you fail to settle for those ridiculous ideals of Society and its telling you what to Believe or to do to be a part of the Flock, I commend you for your Courage and Heart because it’s not the Crows that Fly along with the rest of the ‘Murder’ that Changes the World, it’s the ‘Lone Crow,’ the ‘Crow Left of the Murder,’ that Changes the World. Be a ‘Crow Left of the Murder’ and Fly with the Eagle to find a better Way of Life…Fly above the Fiction…’

(Inspired by the MLK Holiday on yesterday and the band INCUBUS who have an album and title song from that album with the same name and theme)

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-‘We have reached the Mountaintop?’

-Statement uttered by many African-Americans when Barack Obama won the Presidency


The above statement being proclaimed by many, especially African-Americans, when Barack Obama won the Presidency as our first African-American President was a very positive and courageous proclamation but in the excitement of it all, little did We know that, not only had We not reached the Mountaintop but the Mountaintop was not even in view. Many individuals from across the spectrum of races worked together to put Obama into the White House but record numbers of African-Americans turned out to vote to solidify his winning of the Presidency so as to see history made in this country and to see our first African-American President, but the question is; ‘For what reason did African-Americans do this?’

During the many months of Barack Obama’s campaign and run for office African-Americans jumped onboard the ‘Obama Train’ because his being African-American gave them a sense of, ‘Maybe this is our time and this is the Man who will finally give us our due.’ So, they went out in a plethora of numbers to make sure his winning the Presidency would happen. Not that all African-Americans had this mindset, because some African-Americans were not blinded by race, the need to get their due, the need to get a ‘revenge’ of some sort for past hurts and mistreatments or the need for an ego boost, some African-Americans were truly behind Obama, his views, what he stood for and the CHANGE that he wanted for this country and our World. They knew that his being President would not mean that he would stand up in front of the country, a country of many different races and only make things ‘right’ for African-Americans but that he would work to make things ‘right’ for everyone.

After Obama’s solidification of the office of President and after a few months of his running the country, many of those African-Americans that were so adamant about getting him into office turned their backs on him after they saw that he was not going to give them their ’40 Acres and a Mule,’ or the due that was owed them after all the years of struggle and mistreatment or after finding that he wasn’t ‘BLACK’ enough as an African-American President. These same African-Americans that turned their backs on President Obama were the same ones shouting and proclaiming, with tears of joy, ‘We have reached the Mountaintop…,’ at his winning the Presidency.

A sad case indeed…

 Like I said previously, this was a positive and courageous proclamation on their parts but We had in no way reached the Mountaintop, We had only been given an individual to lead us to the Mountaintop. We were and still continue to be at the foot of the Mountain fighting about how to get to the top. To reach the Mountaintop, We have to want to follow the leader that has been placed there to lead us and not for the wrong reasons. We have to choose to come together in unity and on one accord, not being so divided, jealous, envious and hateful towards one another. We as African-Americans, and any other race, have to work together to reach the pinnacle of the Mountain or We will never get there, no matter who our leader is. Whether African-American President, Caucasian President, Latino President or Indian President, it is up to us to come together first and for the RIGHT reasons to reach our destiny and as long as We are of the mindset We are of at present, which is a ‘SLAVERY MINDSET,’ We will never reach the Mountaintop We seek to reach.

Obama’s being President should open all of our eyes to the ills of our country and World, especially African-Americans and allow it to illustrate to us the fact that our country, our society, our World and definitely not ‘Our People,’ African-Americans have CHANGED or are ready for the CHANGE that Barack Obama spearheaded his campaign and run for President on.  

My Friend…My People…Let’s get it together, by coming together and making things work for Us ALL as a race, as a country, as a society, as a World, supporting one another and our President, our leader by understanding what he is doing as a whole and how he is wanting to and working to bring about a CHANGE for us ALL and not just Us, African-Americans individually.

Until you CHANGE your mind about this and release yourself from your own ‘self-made SLAVERY’ We cannot proclaim…

‘We have reached the Mountaintop!’

What Mountaintop?


-PM Bishop

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Dare To Take Risks

Dare To Take Risks

“A person who makes no mistakes usually makes nothing at all.”

                                                            -William Connor Magee


To be a success in life, one must allow themselves to be vulnerable. They must venture into uncharted territory without a promised or visible result. One must step out of the safe zone and trust that GOD and HIS love will take care of them, even if they cannot see what will happen in the end. The true adventure in life lies in going beyond what we know the seeming security of the familiar and swimming into uncharted Waters. Those familiar things fool us into believing that they protect us or defend us from impending danger but the realization is that they actually keep us from the amazing experiences that await us beyond our Castle wall. Our ‘true’ self is always safe.

Acting, being an actor/actress and having the courage to do something different comes to mind when I think of taking RISK. Actors and actresses take great risks all of the time because they have to have the ability to be comfortable with looking like a fool as they step out of themselves to become the characters they play. Most of the ‘great’ change agents or, those that took risks to do, accomplish or create things that no one else had the courage to throughout history were called fools also. Those naysayers or those around them, titled them as foolish because of their not understanding or their inability to create themselves but unbeknownst to those judgmental individuals, these outstanding individuals were marching to the beat of a different drummer. They were not a part of the mainstream or status quo and blessedly so because if everyone followed the mainstream, the stream would stay exactly as it is and things would never improve. People and situations would never evolve, becoming stagnant in their still stance.

“To be different, you must take risks and be willing to look like a fool.” This principle applies to all areas of life and only those who are willing to make fools of themselves can make heroes of themselves. There is a Tarot card that depicts the ‘fool’ as a Man walking directly over a cliff, whistling all the way. The controversy over this card is whether this card is the lowest in the deck or the highest. I feel that it is both because even though the Man on the card may look foolish to the outside World, he is taking a risks by going beyond what he knows and venturing into uncharted territory to find his greater good, in which his heart and a deeper wisdom may be leading him to.

We should all give thanks that we are different and not like everyone else and that we have the power to decide to explore untrodden paths, even though it may lead others to call us foolish. Our Spirit and GOD need our courage to make the World and our world, a better place. So, take the RISK of climbing your Castle’s wall, following the unbeaten path to the Water’s edge and jumping in to swim with no fear of drowning and your freedom and inner Hero will be found.

Dare To Take Risks…

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I Hope You DANCE!

I Hope You DANCE!

-“If you can talk you should sing… If you can walk you should DANCE.”

                                                            -An Old African Proverb(Emphasis Mine)


DANCE… David did it before the Ark of GOD, with all of his might, when the Isrealites brought the Ark into his City, (2nd Samuel 6:12-23). Moses and the Isrealites did it in worship and in praise to GOD in the desert after their escape from Pharoah, (Exodus 15). In Jesus’ parable of the Lost Son, the father and his family danced in celebration when his son returned home, (Luke 15:22-27). Man has been dancing since the beginning of time, for one reason or another and we continue to dance and enjoy the spectacle of it until this day.

Throughout history we’ve witnessed dancers and dancing of every sort being created and performed, from the origins of African, Native American and foreign tribal dance, to tap, jazz, cabaret, ballet, ballroom, swing and Latin dances, to modern, contemporary, freestyle, break dancing, street, Hip Hop and the Krump styles of today. Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fatima, Usher, Beyonce, Omarion, Ciara and Chris Brown have shown us that dance is a universal language and that everyone around the World loves it.

In today’s society dance has been shown to definitely be a benefit to our health, as well as our hearts and souls. We take dance classes and aerobics classes to better our way of life or we set upon missions to learn dance moves that we witness in the privacy of our own home. We tune in religiously, to watch shows on television and attend movies where dance is the star. Either way, this is an indication that dance is good for us and good to us.

Anyone that says that they don’t like to dance, I fail to believe them. We all are moved by the creativity of the medium or moved by some music that we hear, compelling us to ‘get up and get down.’ If you are one of those individuals that proclaims to not enjoy dance, you should get up and do it more often. No matter who you are, your race, your age or your background, you should be dancing. The dance doesn’t care, so you shouldn’t. Dance for your enjoyment, for your best health, for your heart and for an amazing life.

So, the next time that song comes on that you love, when you are in celebration, when you  feel down and want to feel better, are with friends and family or wanting great exercise… I Hope You DANCE!

I will…

“Dancing to me, is expansion. When I dance, I grow. I become bigger, more than I am. I get outside of myself and I watch. I am never routine. I allow the music, my body and my soul to become one and simply flow. I am like Water. I allow the moves to become me. I adlib. I take flight. I am never closer to GOD than when I am dancing. It is the greatest freedom I know…”

                                                                                                            -PM Bishop


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