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-‘FAILURE does not exist…’


I don’t believe in FAILURE! I don’t believe that it Exist! I can’t even see or Imagine FAILURE. Why? Because, I believe that TRYING alone is Success! We tend to feel that if WE don’t receive Payment, Accolades, Rewards, Notoriety, Status, Stardom or Recognition for Our Endeavors, We haven’t Succeeded but in the TRYING itself We have Succeeded at doing something. TRYING is Doing! TRYING is Succeeding! TRYING is actually the Act of not Believing in FAILURE! That alone is Why One will TRY something… If You TRY at something, no matter what the outcome or what those around You might say about the outcome of Your TRYING, You, My Friend have SUCCEEDED…And, if You did not receive the outcome that You were searching for, by ALL means…Keep TRYING and SUCCEEDING because…

My Friend…My Reader, No matter what You think or have had Pressed upon You to Believe…

‘The Only FAILURE is Believing in FAILURE and not TRYING!’




-PM Bishop

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Walking The Path…

Walking through the Woods one day with my head down and unsure of things a voice came to me and said, “My Son…Why do you walk with your head down so troubled within your Soul?” I answered, “I just don’t know where to go, where to turn or if I am enough to accomplish the things I seek to accomplish.” The voice then said to me, “Who is it that told you weren’t enough?” My reply was, “So many outside voices, society, the World…” The voice then answered to me, this time with much more Strength and Power in it, “My Son…All that you are, I made you that way. And, all of the things that you seek to accomplish I placed within your Heart and Soul to bring to fruition. I provided you with the tools and the skills needed to make these happen. I am with You always, hold to your FAITH and be courageous as you set out to do your work. Take no notice of the outside voices or the World…I will quiet their voices with the work I will do through You. Hold your head up, do not worry and know that YOU are more than ENOUGH…Be still and watch what I will do in and through You…” GOD told me this as I walked the Path one day.

Always remember…You are ENOUGH because GOD created you that way.

-PM Bishop


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