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-‘FAILURE does not exist…’


I don’t believe in FAILURE! I don’t believe that it Exist! I can’t even see or Imagine FAILURE. Why? Because, I believe that TRYING alone is Success! We tend to feel that if WE don’t receive Payment, Accolades, Rewards, Notoriety, Status, Stardom or Recognition for Our Endeavors, We haven’t Succeeded but in the TRYING itself We have Succeeded at doing something. TRYING is Doing! TRYING is Succeeding! TRYING is actually the Act of not Believing in FAILURE! That alone is Why One will TRY something… If You TRY at something, no matter what the outcome or what those around You might say about the outcome of Your TRYING, You, My Friend have SUCCEEDED…And, if You did not receive the outcome that You were searching for, by ALL means…Keep TRYING and SUCCEEDING because…

My Friend…My Reader, No matter what You think or have had Pressed upon You to Believe…

‘The Only FAILURE is Believing in FAILURE and not TRYING!’




-PM Bishop

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Eagles Soar…

“GOD is constantly reminding Me that, Crows can not Fly where Eagles Soar…”


-PM Bishop

(I will elaborate on this post tomorrow…)

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Throw Your Heart…

 ‘The Heart is the symbol of Creative activity. Ignite the Heart with where You want to go and what You want to be and with that You will bring to fruition what You are visioning, with Your Heart leading. Throw Your Heart Over the Bar! That means, to throw Your FAITH over Your difficulty, throw Your Affirmation over every barrier, throw Your Visualization over Your obsatcles. Throw Your SPIRITUAL Essence over the bar and Your material self will follow in Victory. Expect the BEST, not the worst and You will attain Your Heart’s Desires. It is what is in the Heart of You, either Good or Bad, Strong or Weak, that finally comes to You…’

-PM Bishop

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Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

-“How can you expect success or victory when you are praying for it but at the same time expecting failure?…”

                                                                                                                                -Joel Osteen

When setting out on any undertaking or endeavor we have to be like a couple when they are expecting the birth of their child, they prepare themselves and everything around them for the arrival of the child, they are optimistic and excited, as they look forward to receiving the child into the World. They are preparing themselves for success and victory upon that child’s arrival. That’s how we should be when we step out on Faith and allow ourselves to become closely involved with another in a relationship. We should be watchful and cautious so that we don’t move too quickly; taking our time to get to know the ‘real’ person behind the façade we are attracted to but as we get to know that individual that we are interested in, we should be OPTIMISTICALLY WATCHFUL, not looking for the worst to come about or waiting to find out something negative about the individual. Our minds should be focused on ALL of the great and awesome things we will come to learn about the person. Especially, if the person is someone that we really like and are looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with. I feel that if we do this or take upon ourselves, this state of mind, our relationships and lives will end up being much more happy, fun, lasting, Successful and Victorious.

Be Watchful, but with OPTIMISM! You’ll LOVE the feeling and the END result!

“My Sunshine, Thank You for coming in closer and allowing yourself to learn more about Me and being Optimistically Watchful. A Victorious relationship is ours…”

-PM Bishop

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“We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living.”

                                                                                -Ben Vareen


Upon my awakening this morning I had quite a few ideas running around in my head that I could write about. As they fought it out to gain a place on the paper, I sat back to decide which one to pen and I overheard Ben Vareen talking on Good Day Atlanta as he spoke about diabetes and how those with diabetes should take care of themselves. When he uttered the words, “We’re not told how to Live. We’re told how to Make a Living,” I instantly stopped what I was doing and knew what I was to write about today…

“How to Live Our Life or the Living we Make?”

When we are young and in our developmental years, our parents or guardians press upon us how important it is for us to choose careers or jobs that will allow us to make a ‘good’ living so that we can have a better life. But not many of us as children ever hear from our parents or guardians how we should choose a way of life that will allow us to actually enjoy our lives. There are many individuals that have jobs or careers that allow them the opportunity to be financially stable or greater but they are in no way happy with their lives. These individuals have led lives that were bent on ‘Making a Living’ but not on ‘Making a Life.’ A lot of those people that are bent on Making a Living and not focused on creating a Life that they will enjoy, at times, sacrifice their health, time, family, friends and GOD to Make that Living and in turn, upon looking back at their lives, wonder what happened and regret not enjoying the time they were given instead of giving all of their time to making it.

I feel that we should be taught both but more how to create a Life that is a happy and enjoyable one. If we as humans put more emphasis on ‘How to Live’ instead of ‘Making a Living,’ we would not only enjoy life more as a whole but we would treat others better and stop placing things and money before them. In treating everyone as we ALL want to be treated, Life becomes so much more enjoyable for each and every one of us.

When we were born, we were born as books that were already written and needing to be read and developed, not as books with empty pages that needed to be written upon or made into what others wanted us to be. Parents, guardians and adults need to take notice of this fact and not be ignorant to it, so as to be able to press upon their children how to Live and enjoy the Life written for them and not just press upon them how to Make a Living, leading them to possibly Live a Life that they don’t enjoy.

I have learned from experience, my own and the experiences of others that living to ‘Make a Living’ is not the way. We should focus more on how to Live an enjoyable, fulfilling Life by following what it is that our Hearts are screaming to us to do to ‘Make that Living.’ I will always press upon my daughters and the youth that I work with and have the opportunity to positively influence, that Life is about being happy and not only about what you have, inspiring them to ‘LIVE’ and not just ‘MAKE a LIVING.’

(I commend and applaud all parents, guardians and adults that have taught their children and the youth how to live and not just how to make a living. You are Heroes and Sheroes.)

I hope that YOU LIVE…


-PM Bishop

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You Have To Have Some Poetry About You…

You Have To Have Some Poetry About Yourself…

 “You have to have some Poetry about yourself before others will be interested in what you are and what you have to offer. You have to be passionate about something in your life, something that you don’t expect to be compensated for and allow others to see this in you. As long as you are simply going through life just existing, just working, just being and not offering a helping hand to another or inspiring someone to be the best they can be, you will not attract others to you. You have to have some Poetry about yourself… Then and only then, will others seek you out to gain a piece of that Poetry you have to be like you…”

                                                                -spoken by Larry Fishburn’s character in the movie ‘Bobby


When I heard these words uttered by the character in the movie I was in awe and it really made me think. The words meant so much. So, profound and true. It caused me to pause, sit back and think about the individuals throughout history and in the present, which have made great sacrifices and accomplished great feats, all the while attracting numbers of people to them and influencing them in ways that only they could have. In that instant it came to me that, those individuals had and have some POETRY about them. The kind of POETRY that inspired and inspires others to want to be near them and read them, get to know them, so as to gain some insight into what was/is so special about them and to acquire some of it for themselves so they could be akin to them.

With this, I began to think of my own experiences and what Poetry there was about me that allowed others to be drawn to me. I thought of my compassion for others, how I get satisfaction from inspiring and assisting others, how I do many things with no idea of ever being compensated for them. I thought of my written poetry, my views on life, LOVE and the world as a whole. I thought of how I am always on a mission to remind others of the Beauty that is before us every day and always giving my LOVE freely, with no apologies. Having this Poetry about me is the only way I’d care to live and I am thankful for.

I encourage others to sit down and think of what it is they are passionate about with no idea of money, or material things, or status or accomplishments, but what it is that they feel strongly about and would do for ‘free’ for the rest of their days. When they can come to this, when they can name that thing and live it from day to day, they will have that Poetry and it will be shown to others in action and through words, allowing others to be drawn to them to obtain a portion of what it is they possess.

Anyone out there with no idea of what they should be doing to make life the BEST it can be for them and to be able to influence others positively, I say…

“You Have To Get Some Poetry About Yourself!”

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