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How Much?

How Much?


-‘What People Do For Money?’

                        -Divine Sounds (1984)


As I was riding along the other day this song came on the Radio and I really focused on the Words as the artist sang them, unlike back in 1984 when the song was played I was most likely break dancing or rapping along as the beat flowed from the speakers. Upon hearing the song this time, at the Young age of 40, I really listened to what was being said and the Words spoke to Me like they were saying, ‘Wow, Bishop! It’s interesting and at times Sad what many People will do for Money or things pertaining to Monetary or Material Gain…!’

As the car rolled along and Divine Sounds continued singing, ‘What People Do For Money?!’ and I sang along with the chorus, I began to think of ALL the things that People Do, Have Done or Will Do for Money and it simply caused Me to shake My head from side to side in a ‘NO!’ motion, as if someone had posed a question to Me that I was totally against. I thought of how some People will… ‘Step on others,’ ‘Degrade themselves,’ ‘Become somewhat of a Slave to another,’ ‘Bow down to another,’ ‘Allow themselves to be Abused,’ ‘Sell-Out,’ ‘Commit Murder,’ ‘Take part in Criminal Activity,’ ‘Steal from others,’ ‘Take part in an activity that they are Uncomfortable with’ and ‘Allow their Physical Selves to be taken advantage of,’ ALL to have Money, keep Money or be in the Midst of those with Money or Material.

Sing it with Me…’What People Do For Money?!’

I guess I just don’t understand why some People don’t think more of themselves by knowing their Personal Worth, which would keep them from doing ALL sorts of things for Monetary Gain. Many People simply allow their Morals and Integrity to ‘Fly Out of the Window’ when they feel that they might Lose out on obtaining Money or when they feel that they will Lose the source of their ‘Cash or Material Flow.’ I guess, too, that when so many People allow Things or Individuals outside of them to give them Worth, they have no other way to feel Valuable other than by DOING ANYTHING to feel that Value, even if it is subjecting themselves to Degradation.


My Friend…My Reader, think about it…’What Have You Done or What Would You Do For Money?’ Would You ‘Sell-Out?’ ‘Have You or Would You jeopardize Your Morals and Integrity?’ Or…’Do You know Your Self-Worth from the start?’


‘How Much?’ I hope that You don’t have a PRICE…


-PM Bishop

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“My Name Radio…”

“My Name Radio…”

“…It’s not us that were teaching Radio. It was Radio that was teaching us.”

                                                                                                -Ed Harris (Coach Jones in ‘Radio’)


As I sit here writing, thinking of Radio and the movie about his life and relationship with Coach Jones, a smile comes across my face and my heart. I recall how gentle, loving, warm-hearted and kind Radio was to everyone, even though he was mentally challenged and not quite the ‘same’ as most of the people in the movie. People who seemed to shun him due to his condition and his uniqueness or who mocked him because they felt that he was too ‘dumb’ to do anything about it. In their ignorance, as they mocked Radio, they had no idea that he was the example for how we should treat everyone that we meet.

As human beings when we see those that are mentally challenged or ‘different’ from us we tend to look down upon them or keep our distance from them, due to the fact that they make us feel uncomfortable or we feel that they will approach us and we won’t know how to interact with them, or simply they may cause us some level of embarrassment. When we do this, we are making ourselves ‘bigger’ than others and most likely missing a chance to show kindness to another person whose entire reason for living is to give and show kindness to others because that is what they’re life entails.

Radio went about his daily life living simple and as a child would, listening to his radio and riding in his shopping cart with the wind against his face. He would have a ‘Hello’ on his lips and a crooked smile to greet everyone as he met them. Even when people were treating him wrong or mocking him, he was slow to anger and continued in his unique ‘Radio Way.’ As coach Jones took him under his wing after his mother’s passing and people began to give him a chance, they noticed that Radio may have been ‘different’ but he was the most Loving individual in the town, bringing people together in love and inspiring smiles and laughter where ever he went.

In my experiences throughout life, I have found that those individuals, who are ‘different,’ like Radio, are the most caring and loving individuals that one can know. They don’t care much about money, or what the status quo is, or what is being worn, or if they impress everyone, they simply want to receive and give Love, as we ALL should be doing because that is why GOD put us here in the first place. Those of us who are not labeled as ‘different’ should show those that are, the same respect and dignity that we seek to be shown. Radio is ‘different’ and his difference changed an entire town and I’m sure many more around the World. He set the example for all of us. If I choose to follow anyone’s example, it will be Radio’s. His is closest to GOD’s.

“My Name Radio… Radio like dem’ Fren’ Freyes!”


What’s your name?


-PM Bishop


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