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It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

It Doesn’t Ask…It Simply Comes…

When Autumn comes…It doesn’t ask, it simply rolls in…”

                                                            -John Mayer


I was sitting thinking last evening before falling off to sleep, that LOVE, like Autumn comes when it wants to, it doesn’t ask if you are ready for it or if the timing is right in your life, it simply comes and over takes you. LOVE, like Autumn, does not apologize for its arrival because it knows that its right on time, whether you agree or not.

I like this about LOVE! We may be going about our lives having no thought of LOVE or Falling in LOVE or not even wanting to have another in our life but LOVE steps in and says differently, causing us to notice and become interested in someone out of the blue and we’re like, ‘WOW! What just happened?’ We can fight it. We can run from it. We can deny it. We can place it in the deepest recesses of our subconscious but no matter what LOVE is still there and in due time we will answer to its call.

LOVE is so Courageous and Bold the way it simply walks up to us and says, ‘HI! I’m here. Get ready My Friend…You can fight me but I am here to stay. So, let’s do this!’ LOVE is like this because it is GOD’s Essence and GOD wants us to do nothing less than LOVE and receive LOVE from another. GOD steps in and says, ‘My Child, it is time to stop running from My LOVE and the LOVE that I am placing in your life through this person that I have brought into your life, come to Me and allow this LOVE I am offering you to bring you the Happiness you long for. No matter how you feel about LOVE or how the LOVE looks to you right now, My Child, I am offering you the BEST through this offering of LOVE from My Heart. Surrender to it…

LOVE, like Autumn and definitely like Our GOD, steps into our lives when IT wants to. Boldly. Courageously. With no apologies to make our lives the BEST they can be. And when LOVE steps in we need to surrender to it and allow it to flood us with its GIFT of happiness. Its such a GREAT thing!

LOVE…I Thank You for your Boldness and GOD, Thank You for LOVE in My Life. I know it’s the ULTIMATE gift from You…

Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS, without Asking, like LOVE and simply…’Let it OVERTAKE You, My Friend!’

-PM Bishop

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