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In My travels I’ve learned that the traits We’d rush to get rid of are the very ones that others desire to have for themselves. People always covet what they don’t have. We should look into the mirror and say, ‘I LOVE who I am and how I am made! GOD doesn’t make mistakes!’ Its ALL LOVE and it starts with LOVING Yourself!

-PM Bishop

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‘GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality

GQ Gentleman’s Quality…

There used to be a time, not long ago, when being a Gentleman was looked at as the only way to be. A Man would wear his clothing to project the BEST part of whom he was. He would carry himself in a way that projected confidence, self-respect, intelligence, some sense of pride and some dignity. A Man would speak to a Woman in a way that showed he respected her and saw her as a Rose to be handled delicately, to let her know she was Special. During those days, not long ago, a Man was just that…A Gentle-Man…

I look around today and this Gentleman that used to exist is very hard to find in today’s Society. There are a few of Us ‘GENTLEMEN’ still out there but we are becoming extinct by the day. This is happening because we have adopted this ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ way of life that seems to make us feel as if we are stronger or more powerful than if we were the Gentlemen we should be. Walking around with our pants below our waists, our clothing many sizes larger than we are, speaking incorrect English, having a scowl upon our faces, acknowledging or speaking to Women as if they have been put here by GOD for our pleasure, not trying to educate ourselves or elevate our minds to a higher plane, having mediocre standards and having no sense of GODLY or Manly pride. This is a shame and we should ALL step back, Men and Women alike, and reevaluate where we have come from and where we are headed if we do not change this way of thinking or living.

Men, we need to gain back our ‘GENTLEMANLINESS’ and be the Gentle-Men that GOD created us to be. GOD placed Jesus here on Earth for a short time to not only die for us and save us from our Sins, but to show us an example of how a Man should live and carry himself in his daily walk. Jesus was the ‘consummate’ Gentleman… He was Gentle with everyone that He met as He went from place to place healing, performing Miracles and giving the masses an example of how life should be lived but He was also ‘stern’ when He needed to be, being a Man when He saw or felt things were not right or not in accordance with His Father’s Word. Jesus did ALL of this with His robe around His shoulders, not hanging off, with confidence in who He was, not concerned with what others said about Him, with self-respect and respect for others, with intelligence and dignity. He acknowledged everyone, Women and Men, with respect, nothing less.

As Men, we need to follow Jesus’ example and those before us who carried themselves as Gentlemen and have the Courage to step up and be the ‘GENTLEMEN’ we should be and raising the standards of the World we live in to its highest level and leave ALL of this mediocre thinking behind, putting it to rest. Not only do we Men have to adopt this way of GENTLEMNLINESS but Women, you have to step up and stop falling for anything less than a Gentleman in your life. Women, you have become so accustomed to the ‘LIE’ of a Man being ‘hard’ or ‘thuggish’ to be seen as though he is a Man, that you see a TRUE Gentleman as ‘soft’ or as ‘less than a Man.’ Women, you have to put a stop to Men approaching you in a disrespectful way and only allow a Gentleman to come into your World. (Anything less is a waste!) Women, make the Men step up and they will make the changes from the ‘LIE’ that you know today to the Gentlemen they should be, giving you what it is you want and have been missing for so long.

I choose to be a ‘GENTLEMAN.’ A ‘GENTLE-MAN’ because that to Me is the only way to walk through life confidently and upstanding, presenting myself in a way that is acceptable and GOOD in ALL ways.

Men let’s step up, be Gentlemen and show the World…Show the Women…Show the Young Men what it means to be a GENTLE-MAN.

I hope you choose the ‘GENTLEMANLY’ way…The ONLY Way…

GQ’ Gentleman’s Quality…

-PM Bishop

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Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

Smile Lines…It’s All Natural Process…

“I wanna be Old and Gray when GOD come get Me…”

                                                                -Ceelo ‘GoodieMob’ Green

Growing Old…I’m sorry…Correction. ‘Growing OLDER,’ is something that we should ALL embrace and see as a gift and a Blessing from GOD. It is GOD’s gift to us and HIS telling us that HE has more work for us to do in this World and that HE wants us around to educate and teach those generations following us. Growing OLDER is our mark of Wisdom and our ‘seasoning’ that GOD prints upon us to show that we have been here for awhile and that we are not to be reckoned with. Growing OLDER is a ‘Tattoo of LOVE.’

The lines printed upon our faces like maps drawn by Men, the Graying of our hair like paths through the Forests, the Words of Wisdom that we speak that may be foreign to the Youth, the Ideals that we take on that we never Dreamed we would, the ways that we move as we grow OLDER, are ALL gifts and should be seen as such. I witness a majority of humans not embracing their gift of aging as they color their hair…As they have surgery done to remove the lines in their faces…As they dress in a way that is years younger than they are…As they try their BEST to stay young or to hide their true age. Now, to each his or her own, and there is nothing wrong with doing those things, but I feel that GOD meant for us to appreciate our Growing OLDER, our aging and to feel confident and comfortable with it, not to hide it or be ashamed of it. Some of us sit back and say how much we want to live a long life but as GOD grants us those long years and allows us to age we sort of ‘throw it back in HIS face’ by trying to cover it up, by doing things to keep ourselves looking young.

It’s true that in today’s Society, especially in America, that Growing OLDER is not seen as Glamorous, or Beautiful, or Welcomed, or even as ‘A Good Thing.’ Youth and staying Young are the status quo in our World. How sad, because GOD created us to be Young at the beginning of our lives and to Grow OLDER as our years progressed and with that progression of our years, to embrace it fully.

There are countries and Cultures that see Growing OLDER as a Beautiful thing and that the OLDER individuals are Sacred and due total respect because of their experiences in life and their Seasoning, where Growing OLDER is welcomed and looked forward to. We should ALL see it as such and LOVE not only the idea of it but the image of it as well. We should see our facial lines as gifts, our Gray-Streaked hair as Blessings, our Wisdom as GOD’s mark of Genius.

I LOVE Growing OLDER and I embrace it. I see it as Beautiful, Romantic and Sexy. As we Grow OLDER, let’s do ALL that we can to stay healthy and stay around as long as possible but let’s embrace our years of life with confidence and see them as a Gift from GOD, seeing the True BEAUTY in it.

I hope that You Grow OLDER…Gracefully and with Courage.


“You can tell by the lines under my eyes when I Smile that I have been around for awhile…”

                                                                                                                -Brandon Boyd

                                                                                                                                                                      From the group INCUBUS

                                                                                                                                                                      From the song ‘Smile Lines’


-PM Bishop


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You Can’t Teach Them, If You Can’t Touch Them

You Can’t Teach Them, If You Can’t Touch Them


While attending a seminar for counseling at-risk youth, I heard one of the speakers say the above. It rang so true then and continues to ring true today. I thought of all of the training and text that I had read prior to hearing this statement and none of it made as much sense as ‘Touching Them to Teach Them.’

Throughout the years being a Youth Counselor, Foster Parent/Teacher and a Teacher, I have learned that you have to ‘touch’ the youth to teach them. You have to be able to approach them like you are one of them and not like you are above them or superior. The youth are so much more receptive to listening to you and learning from you if you are one that shows them respect, shows interests in what they are interested in and if you show that you are respectful of them and their ideals and ‘youth’ issues.

As adults, no matter what role we are playing in the youths lives, whether parent, teacher, mentor, guardian, minister, counselor, we have to approach them with the state of mind that we want them to see us as a caring individual that understands their way of seeing things. We can’t approach them with ‘heady ideas’ of being more intelligent than they are or that we are the ‘know-it-ALL’ that will ‘show them,’ because they will notice your approach and not only turn their ear away but also disrespect you.

The youth want us to be interested in their concerns about life, understand and know what music they listen to, they’re extracurricular activities, have discussions with them about life and all that it entails. And, be ‘REAL’ with them, telling them the truth. They want us to talk to them and not ‘AT’ them. They long for us to have FUN with them! As the adults we should be aware of this because these are all things that we want and need from others that we meet or interact with day to day. We have to show the youth that we are genuinely there for them by being ‘genuinely’ interested in them and what they are interested in.

Some adults have the idea that they cannot stoop to the level of the youth to teach them or to guide them to a higher level of knowing. To those adults I say, “GOD stoops to our level every day. HE reaches from Heaven daily to reach down to us and bring us ‘UP’ to the level HE wants us to reach.” So, are you BIGGER than GOD? Who are you to say you can’t stoop to a lower level for a minute amount of time to lift the youth higher?

Adults, the youth, the generations after us, need our guidance and teaching and we can only teach them and press upon them ‘higher learning’ if we reach out and touch them. So, whatever role you are playing in a youth’s life and I hope that you are playing a role in some youth’s life, somewhere, because the YOUTH includes ‘YOU’ and remember…

“You Can’t Teach Them, If You Can’t Touch Them!”


-PM Bishop

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In The Garden…

In The Garden…

-“So the Lord GOD caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, HE took one of Adam’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord created a Woman with the rib HE had taken from Adam, and HE brought her to him and Adam said… ’This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, for she was taken out of me. She is a part of me’…”

After awakening this morning, praying, having breakfast and engaging in conversation over the phone I began to contemplate what I would write about today. With various ideas running around in my head, trying to be the first idea to the forefront of my mind so as to be put on paper, I began to think about the topic of how a Man should treat a Woman. I thought of how, in today’s society, very few Men actually treat Women with respect and how so many Women today, because they have become so accustomed to that ‘mistreatment’, allow Men to treat them less than they desire to be treated.

I ponder how Men approach Women today with their lines, their so-called ‘game,’ being charming and/ or their ‘being someone that they aren’t’ so as to gain access to the Woman that they are pursuing. As they approach these Women the farthest thing from their minds is treating them like they are Special, like they are Roses or like they are a PART of them. The Men are so focused, most of the time on, how they can impress the Woman with material things, with money, with their status, how long it is going to take for them to get ‘close’ to them or get them in bed and definitely how they can impress their other male friends by conquering another Woman. This in no way is right and definitely not the makings of a GENTLEMAN.

I contemplate how Women allow these Men to entice them or allow them into their lives with these sorry excuses for approaches. Women have become so accustomed to Men not being GENTLEMEN that they do not look for, or wait upon the type of Man that they are really longing to have in their lives, one that will treat them like they are Special, because they do not believe that they exist anymore. With this they tend to settle for the ‘games,’ the ‘lines,’ the ‘mistreatment’ and the unGENTLEMANlike conduct of these Men. The Bad Boy has become the norm in today’s society and Women allow it because they have given up on the hopes of finding their ‘Knight in Shining Armor.’

It may look dismal but there is hope…

In the Garden of Eden when GOD allowed Adam to fall into a deep sleep and created Woman from one of his ribs, I am sure that HE did it with the intention of Adam and every Man to follow, to treat Women or a Woman like she was an extension of himself and definitely to treat her Special and with the respect that she deserves. We as Men need to always remember this act of GOD when we approach or we are involved with a Woman. We should always treat her like we long to be treated and see her as a part of us. Looking upon her Beauty and knowing that she came from us. Our RIB…

Our intentions should be to court HER, get to know HER Heart and the Deepest parts of HER, listen to HER dreams and desires, support HER, walk beside HER, open doors for HER, hold HER hand, embrace HER-allowing HER to feel our LOVE and Care for HER, give HER flowers and always let HER know that SHE is Beautiful to us. We need to be more like Jesus and be GENTLEMEN and give the Women or our Women what they want and long for…To be Special in our eyes.

In doing this we are obeying GOD and HE will bless us Men greatly and our Women will benefit from it as well.

As Ralph Tresvant said, “I’m a STONECOLD GENTLEMAN… I do the BEST I can. Provide what she’s been missing… The Chivalry” and “Girl…You need a Man with SENSITIVITY. A Man like ME…”

Women…Do you have or know a ‘true’ GENTLEMAN?

-PM Bishop

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“My Name Radio…”

“My Name Radio…”

“…It’s not us that were teaching Radio. It was Radio that was teaching us.”

                                                                                                -Ed Harris (Coach Jones in ‘Radio’)


As I sit here writing, thinking of Radio and the movie about his life and relationship with Coach Jones, a smile comes across my face and my heart. I recall how gentle, loving, warm-hearted and kind Radio was to everyone, even though he was mentally challenged and not quite the ‘same’ as most of the people in the movie. People who seemed to shun him due to his condition and his uniqueness or who mocked him because they felt that he was too ‘dumb’ to do anything about it. In their ignorance, as they mocked Radio, they had no idea that he was the example for how we should treat everyone that we meet.

As human beings when we see those that are mentally challenged or ‘different’ from us we tend to look down upon them or keep our distance from them, due to the fact that they make us feel uncomfortable or we feel that they will approach us and we won’t know how to interact with them, or simply they may cause us some level of embarrassment. When we do this, we are making ourselves ‘bigger’ than others and most likely missing a chance to show kindness to another person whose entire reason for living is to give and show kindness to others because that is what they’re life entails.

Radio went about his daily life living simple and as a child would, listening to his radio and riding in his shopping cart with the wind against his face. He would have a ‘Hello’ on his lips and a crooked smile to greet everyone as he met them. Even when people were treating him wrong or mocking him, he was slow to anger and continued in his unique ‘Radio Way.’ As coach Jones took him under his wing after his mother’s passing and people began to give him a chance, they noticed that Radio may have been ‘different’ but he was the most Loving individual in the town, bringing people together in love and inspiring smiles and laughter where ever he went.

In my experiences throughout life, I have found that those individuals, who are ‘different,’ like Radio, are the most caring and loving individuals that one can know. They don’t care much about money, or what the status quo is, or what is being worn, or if they impress everyone, they simply want to receive and give Love, as we ALL should be doing because that is why GOD put us here in the first place. Those of us who are not labeled as ‘different’ should show those that are, the same respect and dignity that we seek to be shown. Radio is ‘different’ and his difference changed an entire town and I’m sure many more around the World. He set the example for all of us. If I choose to follow anyone’s example, it will be Radio’s. His is closest to GOD’s.

“My Name Radio… Radio like dem’ Fren’ Freyes!”


What’s your name?


-PM Bishop


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The Cure or the Disease…

The Cure or the Disease

While listening to music today, I was struck by lyrics stating, “I sometimes wonder if I am a part of the cure or if I am a part of the disease in today’s World…” Coldplay melodiously humming in my ears and my head bobbing to the alternative beat. As I looked out of the window into Nature I pondered all of the ills that plague our society today, from hatred, to greed, to the crimes that we witness take place daily. The mistreatment of other human beings and the disrespect shown for others, as if some of us are the only individuals inhabiting the planet. The abuse of drugs and alcohol. The making money and material things more important than people. The tainting of the amazing things that GOD created for our good. With all of these things continuously going on I wondered what category I fell into…

What category do YOU fall into?

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