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Dream BIG!

Dream BIG!

‘Who am I to settle for just reaching the Block when I can Reach the Globe? Be Courageous and Reach BIG!’


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How Much?

How Much?


-‘What People Do For Money?’

                        -Divine Sounds (1984)


As I was riding along the other day this song came on the Radio and I really focused on the Words as the artist sang them, unlike back in 1984 when the song was played I was most likely break dancing or rapping along as the beat flowed from the speakers. Upon hearing the song this time, at the Young age of 40, I really listened to what was being said and the Words spoke to Me like they were saying, ‘Wow, Bishop! It’s interesting and at times Sad what many People will do for Money or things pertaining to Monetary or Material Gain…!’

As the car rolled along and Divine Sounds continued singing, ‘What People Do For Money?!’ and I sang along with the chorus, I began to think of ALL the things that People Do, Have Done or Will Do for Money and it simply caused Me to shake My head from side to side in a ‘NO!’ motion, as if someone had posed a question to Me that I was totally against. I thought of how some People will… ‘Step on others,’ ‘Degrade themselves,’ ‘Become somewhat of a Slave to another,’ ‘Bow down to another,’ ‘Allow themselves to be Abused,’ ‘Sell-Out,’ ‘Commit Murder,’ ‘Take part in Criminal Activity,’ ‘Steal from others,’ ‘Take part in an activity that they are Uncomfortable with’ and ‘Allow their Physical Selves to be taken advantage of,’ ALL to have Money, keep Money or be in the Midst of those with Money or Material.

Sing it with Me…’What People Do For Money?!’

I guess I just don’t understand why some People don’t think more of themselves by knowing their Personal Worth, which would keep them from doing ALL sorts of things for Monetary Gain. Many People simply allow their Morals and Integrity to ‘Fly Out of the Window’ when they feel that they might Lose out on obtaining Money or when they feel that they will Lose the source of their ‘Cash or Material Flow.’ I guess, too, that when so many People allow Things or Individuals outside of them to give them Worth, they have no other way to feel Valuable other than by DOING ANYTHING to feel that Value, even if it is subjecting themselves to Degradation.


My Friend…My Reader, think about it…’What Have You Done or What Would You Do For Money?’ Would You ‘Sell-Out?’ ‘Have You or Would You jeopardize Your Morals and Integrity?’ Or…’Do You know Your Self-Worth from the start?’


‘How Much?’ I hope that You don’t have a PRICE…


-PM Bishop

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-‘FAILURE does not exist…’


I don’t believe in FAILURE! I don’t believe that it Exist! I can’t even see or Imagine FAILURE. Why? Because, I believe that TRYING alone is Success! We tend to feel that if WE don’t receive Payment, Accolades, Rewards, Notoriety, Status, Stardom or Recognition for Our Endeavors, We haven’t Succeeded but in the TRYING itself We have Succeeded at doing something. TRYING is Doing! TRYING is Succeeding! TRYING is actually the Act of not Believing in FAILURE! That alone is Why One will TRY something… If You TRY at something, no matter what the outcome or what those around You might say about the outcome of Your TRYING, You, My Friend have SUCCEEDED…And, if You did not receive the outcome that You were searching for, by ALL means…Keep TRYING and SUCCEEDING because…

My Friend…My Reader, No matter what You think or have had Pressed upon You to Believe…

‘The Only FAILURE is Believing in FAILURE and not TRYING!’




-PM Bishop

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‘Haters help Us to see things about Us we don’t notice, they help Us to see the BEST in Us, they show Us how truly GREAT we are…’

ALIENS! Not the ones we see in the movies. Not the ones we look to the Sky to find out if they exist. Not the ones we think are going to arrive in their Spacecrafts. Not the ones residing at ‘Area 51.’ Not the ones we have this outlandish idea, will come to attack Us, snatch our bodies and experiment on Us. No, not ALIENS! In the sense that we have come to know them in our minds and in our World, but I speak of those ALIENS! that walk among us every day. Those individuals that walk around from day to day ‘Green with Envy’ living with jealousy in their hearts, hating others for their accomplishments or the things that they have been Blessed with, hating the fact that they are not in their shoes or that they don’t have the things that others have, these are the ALIENS! I speak of…

NOTE: “I actually don’t like the title ‘HATERS’ because I feel that it’s just another colloquialism or slang for a jealous individual and because so many people think that its ‘cool’ to say, ‘I have so many HATERS!’ (Honestly, I feel that a lot of those people screaming about having HATERS are haters themselves…) Think about it?”

Now back to ALIENS!, individuals that are so insecure or who don’t know their self-worth or their GOD given talents that they have chosen to be jealous of another or ‘HATERS’ as they are called, should look within and know that the feelings of jealousy that they have toward another are indications that they should look within and reassess their GOD given talents and their self-worth, to know who they truly are, how Beautiful they are. If they did this and knew that their feelings of envy were warning signs from GOD that they need to follow their hearts to reach the place that they want to get to, instead of being jealous of someone else, they would be in a much better place and celebrate the Blessings and accomplishments of others, telling themselves that, ‘If they are Blessed, I can be Blessed as well. I can accomplish my Dreams and goals too! ’

And those of Us that have ‘HATERS,’ individuals that are envious or jealous of Us, let us not look at it like We are bigger or better than they are, let us see it as a Blessing, knowing that we possess traits or gifts that others would like to possess and see that we are Amazingly created by GOD…Knowing that we have some ‘POETRY’ about ourselves that others are drawn to, want to read and learn from.

My Friend, know Your GOD given Beauty, listen to Your Heart and focus on You and in turn, You will never have to be an ALIEN!

-PM Bishop

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Walking The Path…

Walking through the Woods one day with my head down and unsure of things a voice came to me and said, “My Son…Why do you walk with your head down so troubled within your Soul?” I answered, “I just don’t know where to go, where to turn or if I am enough to accomplish the things I seek to accomplish.” The voice then said to me, “Who is it that told you weren’t enough?” My reply was, “So many outside voices, society, the World…” The voice then answered to me, this time with much more Strength and Power in it, “My Son…All that you are, I made you that way. And, all of the things that you seek to accomplish I placed within your Heart and Soul to bring to fruition. I provided you with the tools and the skills needed to make these happen. I am with You always, hold to your FAITH and be courageous as you set out to do your work. Take no notice of the outside voices or the World…I will quiet their voices with the work I will do through You. Hold your head up, do not worry and know that YOU are more than ENOUGH…Be still and watch what I will do in and through You…” GOD told me this as I walked the Path one day.

Always remember…You are ENOUGH because GOD created you that way.

-PM Bishop


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Think That…

I received this in my email and I had to share it… Enjoy!

Think That..

Think that it’s fun, that you’re guided,
  and that all is well.
Think that there’s time, that life is easy,
  and that the best is yet to come.
Think that the reasons that elude you
  will one day catch up,
that the lessons that have stumped you
  will one day bring joy,
and that the sorrows that have crippled you
  will soon give you wings.
Think that you’re important, that you cannot fail,
  and that happiness always returns.
And think that you’re beautiful.
-Mike Dooley
Inspirational Author, Speaker and Friend
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A Faith…

A Faith in ourselves is far more powerful than popular opinion or mass thinking, society’s ideas or status quo. What others say, mean nothing in the face of intuitive guidance, which is GOD’s voice, our hearts, that tells us who we are, what we can do and how we can win.

            The odds of the world are determined by the beliefs of the world, and if you do not subscribe to them, you are not subject to them. A true winner, a person that truly believes GOD’s word creates his own odds by consulting a higher power and trusting his intuition.

            The media, public institutions and popular opinion usually depict the world as filled with fear, sorrow, horror and drama and if we feed into this we will believe the same thing. These ideas/ideals projected upon us by them are not true. We were born to be creative, not reactive. We all have the freedom and responsibility, given to us by GOD, to choose and not panic, to not give in to the world’s ideas of fear and limitations. All to often, in today’s society, fear is the ruler of mass consciousness.

            Our greatest need now, as individuals and as a whole, is to have the faith, courage, wilingness and bravery to turn within for guidance, look to our hearts, the voice of GOD, and act on our inner wisdom with confidence and know that things will turn out right for us. We can not allow anyone or anything outside of ourselves to limit us. This can be a great feat to pull off due to all of the societal pressures we encounter daily , but if we are courageous enough to be ourselves and follow our hearts, we will be happier as individuals and as a whole. Trying on advice to see if it is right for us or our situation, is okay but in the end, being true to ourselves is the ultimate goal. We each have a destiny and it is only when we believe in ourselves that we can reach it.

            The mind of GOD lives in you and I. The heart of GOD expresses through our spirits, our beings, and when we trust the inherent goodness of our dreams, visions and intuitions, placed there by GOD himself, we give GOD an open door to allow happiness and success to come to fruition in our lives. And for those of us who believe, we know that there is GOD who is wise and compassionate beyond our undersatnding and if we have faith and allow HIM the opportunity to move in our lives, HE will deliver us to our destiny.

            GOD is the living, loving and nurturing force in life that takes care of us and also that operates through us. Right now, at this moment GOD is pouring ideas and feelings into our minds and hearts that will bring richer and greater joy into our lives and the lives of others, if we are open and willing to act upon them. To receive our Greatest Good, we must acknowledge that GOD wants the best for us and that HE is leading us in the right direction and that HE is sending the best opportunities our way. GOD can only do for us what HE can do through us! And, this is where our dreams come true, My Friend.

-PM Bishop

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