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-‘You make Me MELT and I don’t want to be Frozen anymore!’

                                                                                -Brandon Boyd ‘INCUBUS’

While sitting at the Window the other Morning watching the Sunrise and enjoying My cup of Coffee, I witnessed the most Amazing thing, its Awesome what You see if you only look…Where I was seated on the stool near the Window, I was perched over the sink and in the sink were ice cubes that were MELTING away as the seconds ticked away on the clock. As I looked down into the sink at the ice cubes My mind began to ponder the idea of Change, witnessing the transformation of one of the ice cubes as it MELTED and began to metamorphasize into water once again as the heat in the room carressed it’s Cold outer shell.

As I watched the ice cube transform, I could see the water inside of it move around becoming liquid again, as the still frozen, hardened, outer shell retained it’s icy form, as if it was fighting against it’s Own Changing. As the ice cube continued to MELT and transform, the inside of it that had become water again moved from side to side like it was searching for a way out…It’s FREEDOM. This brought to mind how We are to Change from the Inside Out…

Like the ice cube, eventhough We may fight it, if We want Our Outward to Change, We have to Change Our Inward initially. We have to start with the Inside. We have to start with Our Hearts, Our Souls, Our Minds…Our Inner Being has to Change so as to become a Better individual outwardly. Projecting Our Best to the World.

The MELTING of the ice cube continued as I watched and the water moving around inside of the still frozen outer shell seemed to Me to be akin to the ice cube having a Soul that was determined to Change and be Free of it’s hardened shell. A metaphor for Us, Human Beings and how Our Souls long to be Free from the hardened shells that We have encased them in during the days of Our Lives and the things that We have experienced.

My Friends, let’s be like that MELTING ice cube and start to Change from the Inside Out so that We can Change into the BEST Us that We can be and project and present the BEST Us to other’s that not only We want to project and present but that GOD wants Us to project and present.

Are You a MELTING Ice Cube or are You fighting against Change to remain Frozen and Hardened?

-PM Bishop


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In The Garden…

In The Garden…

-“So the Lord GOD caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, HE took one of Adam’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord created a Woman with the rib HE had taken from Adam, and HE brought her to him and Adam said… ’This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, for she was taken out of me. She is a part of me’…”

After awakening this morning, praying, having breakfast and engaging in conversation over the phone I began to contemplate what I would write about today. With various ideas running around in my head, trying to be the first idea to the forefront of my mind so as to be put on paper, I began to think about the topic of how a Man should treat a Woman. I thought of how, in today’s society, very few Men actually treat Women with respect and how so many Women today, because they have become so accustomed to that ‘mistreatment’, allow Men to treat them less than they desire to be treated.

I ponder how Men approach Women today with their lines, their so-called ‘game,’ being charming and/ or their ‘being someone that they aren’t’ so as to gain access to the Woman that they are pursuing. As they approach these Women the farthest thing from their minds is treating them like they are Special, like they are Roses or like they are a PART of them. The Men are so focused, most of the time on, how they can impress the Woman with material things, with money, with their status, how long it is going to take for them to get ‘close’ to them or get them in bed and definitely how they can impress their other male friends by conquering another Woman. This in no way is right and definitely not the makings of a GENTLEMAN.

I contemplate how Women allow these Men to entice them or allow them into their lives with these sorry excuses for approaches. Women have become so accustomed to Men not being GENTLEMEN that they do not look for, or wait upon the type of Man that they are really longing to have in their lives, one that will treat them like they are Special, because they do not believe that they exist anymore. With this they tend to settle for the ‘games,’ the ‘lines,’ the ‘mistreatment’ and the unGENTLEMANlike conduct of these Men. The Bad Boy has become the norm in today’s society and Women allow it because they have given up on the hopes of finding their ‘Knight in Shining Armor.’

It may look dismal but there is hope…

In the Garden of Eden when GOD allowed Adam to fall into a deep sleep and created Woman from one of his ribs, I am sure that HE did it with the intention of Adam and every Man to follow, to treat Women or a Woman like she was an extension of himself and definitely to treat her Special and with the respect that she deserves. We as Men need to always remember this act of GOD when we approach or we are involved with a Woman. We should always treat her like we long to be treated and see her as a part of us. Looking upon her Beauty and knowing that she came from us. Our RIB…

Our intentions should be to court HER, get to know HER Heart and the Deepest parts of HER, listen to HER dreams and desires, support HER, walk beside HER, open doors for HER, hold HER hand, embrace HER-allowing HER to feel our LOVE and Care for HER, give HER flowers and always let HER know that SHE is Beautiful to us. We need to be more like Jesus and be GENTLEMEN and give the Women or our Women what they want and long for…To be Special in our eyes.

In doing this we are obeying GOD and HE will bless us Men greatly and our Women will benefit from it as well.

As Ralph Tresvant said, “I’m a STONECOLD GENTLEMAN… I do the BEST I can. Provide what she’s been missing… The Chivalry” and “Girl…You need a Man with SENSITIVITY. A Man like ME…”

Women…Do you have or know a ‘true’ GENTLEMAN?

-PM Bishop

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