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How Much?

How Much?


-‘What People Do For Money?’

                        -Divine Sounds (1984)


As I was riding along the other day this song came on the Radio and I really focused on the Words as the artist sang them, unlike back in 1984 when the song was played I was most likely break dancing or rapping along as the beat flowed from the speakers. Upon hearing the song this time, at the Young age of 40, I really listened to what was being said and the Words spoke to Me like they were saying, ‘Wow, Bishop! It’s interesting and at times Sad what many People will do for Money or things pertaining to Monetary or Material Gain…!’

As the car rolled along and Divine Sounds continued singing, ‘What People Do For Money?!’ and I sang along with the chorus, I began to think of ALL the things that People Do, Have Done or Will Do for Money and it simply caused Me to shake My head from side to side in a ‘NO!’ motion, as if someone had posed a question to Me that I was totally against. I thought of how some People will… ‘Step on others,’ ‘Degrade themselves,’ ‘Become somewhat of a Slave to another,’ ‘Bow down to another,’ ‘Allow themselves to be Abused,’ ‘Sell-Out,’ ‘Commit Murder,’ ‘Take part in Criminal Activity,’ ‘Steal from others,’ ‘Take part in an activity that they are Uncomfortable with’ and ‘Allow their Physical Selves to be taken advantage of,’ ALL to have Money, keep Money or be in the Midst of those with Money or Material.

Sing it with Me…’What People Do For Money?!’

I guess I just don’t understand why some People don’t think more of themselves by knowing their Personal Worth, which would keep them from doing ALL sorts of things for Monetary Gain. Many People simply allow their Morals and Integrity to ‘Fly Out of the Window’ when they feel that they might Lose out on obtaining Money or when they feel that they will Lose the source of their ‘Cash or Material Flow.’ I guess, too, that when so many People allow Things or Individuals outside of them to give them Worth, they have no other way to feel Valuable other than by DOING ANYTHING to feel that Value, even if it is subjecting themselves to Degradation.


My Friend…My Reader, think about it…’What Have You Done or What Would You Do For Money?’ Would You ‘Sell-Out?’ ‘Have You or Would You jeopardize Your Morals and Integrity?’ Or…’Do You know Your Self-Worth from the start?’


‘How Much?’ I hope that You don’t have a PRICE…


-PM Bishop

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Nothing Outside of Us Makes Us Anything…We Already Are…

Nothing Outside of Us Makes Us Anything…We Already Are…

While watching television a few days ago and in conversation about all of the craziness continually going on in our World, images were projected upon the screen showing people in so-called third World countries that seemed to us that have ‘more,’ those individuals that don’t seem to be in the best positions or the best situations, seem to be so Happy and full of Joy. Always projecting Smiles and in Good-Spirits no matter what chaos was or is going on around them. The question was posed how do they do it? How do they continue to keep a Positive attitude in the face of chaos, disaster and so much destruction?  They simply ‘Choose to!’

Upon thinking about that for a moment it occurred to Me that those of Us with ‘so much,’ with so many things outside of Us defining who we are as individuals and as a people, we would not in any way understand the Joy these people feel or project in their situations. When you are an individual that does not allow your Happiness or Joy to be defined by things or circumstances around you, you are an individual that has the ability to be Happy and Joyous at ALL times. That is the difference between those of us that are Truly Happy and those of us that are only Happy when things seem to be the way that we want them to be. The latter type of Happiness is not Happiness at all. A sorry substitution for it…

We can actually learn a Great lesson from these people that seem to be less fortunate than we are. We can learn the lesson that the Happiness and Joy that we are searching outside of ourselves for is already there within us and that those things outside of us do not define us or bring us Happiness or Joy. We have to be Happy and filled with Joy before those things are given to us or before we attain those things. If we are not Happy or Joyous before we obtain those things we will only be Happy for a short period after getting them and we will find that those ‘THINGS’ outside of us do not bring Happiness and Joy at ALL, just a sorry, short-lived, Fictional substitute for it.

We need to make the decision to be Happy and Joyous right where we are, no matter what the situation looks like because waiting upon situations and circumstances to CHANGE for the better or waiting upon the acquiring of ‘things’ will not bring you Happiness or Joy, only appeasement that has a short Lifespan.

My friend…Are you Happy and Joyous right where you are…in your current situation…or are you waiting on things to materialize in your World before you are Happy and Joy-Filled? Choose to be Happy and Joyous NOW because those ‘things’ outside of you will not bring it to you, no matter what the World tries to get you to believe.

Like the quote says, ‘We are about as Happy as we Choose to be…’ Not, ‘We are as Happy as the things outside of Us choose to make Us…’

GOD Bless…My Friend!

-PM Bishop

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Right Or The Light…

Right Or The Light…

Sitting here staring at the screen of my laptop and having the whiteness stare back at me awaiting the words that I will engrave upon it, the topic of ‘Being RIGHT’ comes to mind, how we as human beings, or most of us, always have to be ‘right.’ We pride ourselves on having to be ‘right’ and we will fight until the end to prove our ‘rightness’ to anyone that challenges it. Our egos constantly needing to be fed to feel as if we are as intelligent and ‘all-knowing’ as we think we are.

The individual that feels he/she has to be ‘right’ all of the time, has to live a very defeated life because no one is ‘right’ all of the time. Not even most of the time and each time that their ‘rightness’ is proven wrong, I am sure that their Spirit descends. If we as human beings were to be ‘right’ all of the time, I am sure we wouldn’t be here on Earth in the first place. We would be sitting in GOD’s place manipulating the Sun, Moon, Stars, the Universe, the Seasons and life upon planet Earth.

Having to be ‘right’ is not a good way for any individual to be. Sometimes it is better for us to be wrong. Most of the time we are better off being wrong than right. At those times when we feel angry, upset or we are feeling like a victim, we are better off wrong than right because the things or situations that caused us to feel these emotions, we should pray are totally different than we see them. In our finding out that things are different than we perceive them, that we are not ‘right’ but wrong about them, we can change our outlook and not feel those emotions that cause us consternation and smile again.

Now for those individuals that feel that they have to be ‘right’ all of the time to elevate their self-esteem, to make themselves feel superior to others or to prove their intelligence, they need to fire their EGO, ‘the Harbinger of Having to be RIGHT.’ The EGO is the biggest liar and it thrives on fictions and falsifications of what is going on around us and how others see us. EGO would have us believe that we are ‘more’ than others and proving or projecting our ‘rightness’ upon them will make them see how GREAT we are, but actually all it does is shows how ‘small’ we truly are inside and only persuades others to flee from us instead of being drawn to us to read our Poetry. Upon finding out that our EGO has been lying to us about our having to be ‘right’ and then firing it and sending it upon its way, we will find that being wrong is there to show us that we are human, that we were not meant to be ‘right’ all of the time, that our happiness does not lie in our being right and that there is only one GOD.

So, I challenge you to think about the idea of being ‘right’ all of the time and ask yourself…

“Do I Want To Be RIGHT Or Do I Want The LIGHT!”

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