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‘Insecurities are about as useful as holding a Grenade after the pin has been pulled!’


Upon viewing the internet this Morning I came across the articles that talked about the teenage girls and boys that have been posting videos and photos of themselves on YouTube and asking the public if they are Pretty or Ugly. My initial thought was, ‘What have We come to in this present day?’ ‘Where are We headed?’ The more I pondered this issue the more it came to Me that this is something that goes on daily with millions and millions of individuals and not only on YouTube with teenagers but with individuals of ALL ages in every area of day-to-day life.

BEAUTY…Or what We are lead to believe is BEAUTY is pushed into Our faces or pressed upon Us continually on television, in magazines, on the internet, on the streets, at work, even at church as We worship and if One is not Secure in who and what they are, they tend to fall for the BEAUTY Lies or they try their best to transform themselves into the Lie…

‘Her body is Nice. She doesn’t have a stomach.’ ‘I Want to be like that?’

‘He is built like a statue of David with those muscles. That’s what the Women like!’ ‘I Want to look like that?’

‘She has a Nice, Round behind.’ ‘I have to get my behind like that?’

‘Her breasts are so perky!’ ‘I have to get some of those so the guys will look at me?’

‘He has a head full of hair.’ ‘I have to get treatments or something to grow my hair back like his?’

“I Want to be Like…’ ‘I Want to be Like…’

I simply don’t understand why We are such an INSECURE species! So many of Us live Our lives uncomfortable in Our OWN skin and in Our OWN bodies because We have this belief or idea that Our skin, and I am not speaking of Race, or that Our body isn’t Good enough or BEAUTIFUL enough. (And, if You are One of those individuals living with this belief, My question is, BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH for who?’)…

We see someone else and We want to be like them. We are told that Our bodies should be shaped a certain way and We do ALL manner of things, even Life threatening things, to acquire that body We are told We should possess. We see another individual that We think or Feel is BEAUTIFUL and We long to look like them. We are told by the opposite sex that We are not attractive enough and We long to be like another. Some of Us are so INSECURE that We seek continued Validation from the opposite sex by flirting or putting Ourselves on display so as to gain that attention or that compliment from them and if We don’t get that compliment or attention We get the idea that We are not BEAUTIFUL enough and it compels Us to do other things to gain their attention that are Destructive and Disrespectful to Ourselves…

It’s past time to accept who and what We are Individually and STOP worrying about if We are BEAUTIFUL Enough or as BEAUTIFUL as the next Person.We were not supposed to be Carbon Copies of each other. We are supposed to be DIFFERENT! We are supposed to be Unique in how We look and how how We are shaped. We should do away with having to be Validated by the opposite sex or by others because that only leads to Wrong actions and behaviors by Us if We are not Validated by them…

VALIDATE YOURSELF! STOP worrying about if You are BEAUTIFUL Enough! STOP worrying about if You are UGLY! STOP comparing Yourself to Others and Be the Unique YOU that GOD created You to be. Don’t fall for the BEAUTY Lie that We have been told we should resemble, whether You’re a Woman or a Man because YOU are BEAUTIFUL just the way YOU are!

Don’t live Your Life INSECURE, My Friend. It’s No GOOD for You.

 ‘Believe that You are BEAUTIFUL and You Are.’


-PM Bishop





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 ‘Inner BEAUTY is important but not nearly as important as outer BEAUTY.’

-Ellen Degeneres ‘Cover Girl Commercial’

 Watching the progression of the initialization of the OWN Network this Morning, the Cover Girl commercial with Ellen Degeneres came on and she proclaimed…’Inner BEAUTY is important but not nearly important as outer BEAUTY.’ When I heard this, I was in SHOCK and said to Myself, ‘What the #@*$! What is Cover Girl thinking? Is this the message they want to send out to Women and Men alike, about what’s important as we interact and engage with each other in society?’ Again…another SAD Case for Society!

As I think about this commercial, I can’t help but to think about ALL of the messages out there today that are being thrown in our faces daily through television, print and radio about surface BEAUTY being the thing that we should be focused on and not our INNER BEAUTY, making us ALL the same to a certain extent and causing us to be Robots or Copies of each other. (Just call it the ‘Kinko’s Syndrome) These ads continue to send out the wrong messages to us ALL, causing insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in most of us that pay attention to them, causing FEAR in us, saying to us that, ‘…if you don’t LOOK this way or if you don’t match Society’s idea of BEAUTY, you are an outcast or you aren’t BEAUTIFUL…’ This is utter BS!

 Not only is this message sent out in commercials like the Cover Girl commercial but it’s sent out in MOST ads we see today. From automobile ads, to chewing gum ads, to soda pop ads, ads selling water, even books. Through these ads it is projected that if you don’t drive this or if you don’t chew this or if you don’t drink this…to if you don’t read this, you are not BEAUTIFUL and if you want to be BEAUTIFUL, you best do like Society says and get with it. I hate this because we are ALL different and we are not supposed to be the same or have the same things and we are definitely not supposed to project our BEAUTY in the same way. People…let’s not fall for this Lie, this FICTION…

No matter what Society proclaims through its ads, don’t allow any of it to tell you and have you believe that you are not BEAUTIFUL because you don’t match its ideal of BEAUTY. You are already BEAUTIFUL, My Friend and Cover Girl nor anyone else has anything to do with it. And to those that fall for the BS…’I hope that you gain some TRUE Confidence and be your TRUE Self not what Society tells you to be.’ Whether it’s Ellen speaking or anyone else…


(Oh…And, Ellen…You’re Cool with Me…)

 -PM Bishop

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I Hope You DANCE!

I Hope You DANCE!

-“If you can talk you should sing… If you can walk you should DANCE.”

                                                            -An Old African Proverb(Emphasis Mine)


DANCE… David did it before the Ark of GOD, with all of his might, when the Isrealites brought the Ark into his City, (2nd Samuel 6:12-23). Moses and the Isrealites did it in worship and in praise to GOD in the desert after their escape from Pharoah, (Exodus 15). In Jesus’ parable of the Lost Son, the father and his family danced in celebration when his son returned home, (Luke 15:22-27). Man has been dancing since the beginning of time, for one reason or another and we continue to dance and enjoy the spectacle of it until this day.

Throughout history we’ve witnessed dancers and dancing of every sort being created and performed, from the origins of African, Native American and foreign tribal dance, to tap, jazz, cabaret, ballet, ballroom, swing and Latin dances, to modern, contemporary, freestyle, break dancing, street, Hip Hop and the Krump styles of today. Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Jackson, James Brown, Fatima, Usher, Beyonce, Omarion, Ciara and Chris Brown have shown us that dance is a universal language and that everyone around the World loves it.

In today’s society dance has been shown to definitely be a benefit to our health, as well as our hearts and souls. We take dance classes and aerobics classes to better our way of life or we set upon missions to learn dance moves that we witness in the privacy of our own home. We tune in religiously, to watch shows on television and attend movies where dance is the star. Either way, this is an indication that dance is good for us and good to us.

Anyone that says that they don’t like to dance, I fail to believe them. We all are moved by the creativity of the medium or moved by some music that we hear, compelling us to ‘get up and get down.’ If you are one of those individuals that proclaims to not enjoy dance, you should get up and do it more often. No matter who you are, your race, your age or your background, you should be dancing. The dance doesn’t care, so you shouldn’t. Dance for your enjoyment, for your best health, for your heart and for an amazing life.

So, the next time that song comes on that you love, when you are in celebration, when you  feel down and want to feel better, are with friends and family or wanting great exercise… I Hope You DANCE!

I will…

“Dancing to me, is expansion. When I dance, I grow. I become bigger, more than I am. I get outside of myself and I watch. I am never routine. I allow the music, my body and my soul to become one and simply flow. I am like Water. I allow the moves to become me. I adlib. I take flight. I am never closer to GOD than when I am dancing. It is the greatest freedom I know…”

                                                                                                            -PM Bishop


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