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‘Too Good To Be True…It’s A Fiction’

‘Too Good To Be True…It’s a Fiction’

The phrase ‘Too Good To Be True’ does not exist! That’s right…It does not exist. It is a FICTION! When we are in a situation that is going well or really Good for us, with no signs of being Bad we tend to sit back and wonder why things are so Good and we start to try to find out why things are going so well. This is so Crazy! We are so used to Drama and so-called Bad things happening in our lives that we can’t seem to live without it. Instead of allowing things to be Good for us we say to ourselves, ‘This is just too good to be true.’ And, actually, that is never the case or the truth of the matter. I feel that if things are going well, we should just let them go well and see them as a Blessing. Seeing a situation or a thing as ‘Too Good to Be True’ is not seeing the greatness within it and we are not allowing ourselves to receive the good that GOD is offering to us. We would rather have drama and be weighed down by negative things in today’s society due to the fact, we have become so accustomed to them and being in situations that look good are not Natural or the status quo for today. Just like LOVE…Instead of people welcoming LOVE, they run like Hell from it! When things are Good, people run like Hell from it by feeling that it is ‘too good to be true,’ looking for the wrong or the drama that should be attached to it. We should always be watchful, so as not to get caught in bad situations but not at the expense of our happiness by not welcoming or enjoying the GOOD in our lives.

My Friend, don’t believe in ‘Too Good to Be True…It’s a Fiction.’ And, if a situation is Good, see it for what it is, accept it and run like Hell from Drama.

-PM Bishop


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Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

Be Watchful, But With Optimism…

-“How can you expect success or victory when you are praying for it but at the same time expecting failure?…”

                                                                                                                                -Joel Osteen

When setting out on any undertaking or endeavor we have to be like a couple when they are expecting the birth of their child, they prepare themselves and everything around them for the arrival of the child, they are optimistic and excited, as they look forward to receiving the child into the World. They are preparing themselves for success and victory upon that child’s arrival. That’s how we should be when we step out on Faith and allow ourselves to become closely involved with another in a relationship. We should be watchful and cautious so that we don’t move too quickly; taking our time to get to know the ‘real’ person behind the façade we are attracted to but as we get to know that individual that we are interested in, we should be OPTIMISTICALLY WATCHFUL, not looking for the worst to come about or waiting to find out something negative about the individual. Our minds should be focused on ALL of the great and awesome things we will come to learn about the person. Especially, if the person is someone that we really like and are looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with. I feel that if we do this or take upon ourselves, this state of mind, our relationships and lives will end up being much more happy, fun, lasting, Successful and Victorious.

Be Watchful, but with OPTIMISM! You’ll LOVE the feeling and the END result!

“My Sunshine, Thank You for coming in closer and allowing yourself to learn more about Me and being Optimistically Watchful. A Victorious relationship is ours…”

-PM Bishop

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