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Just Going Through The Motions

Just Going Through The Motions

As I sat in church service on Sunday, the thought came to Me concerning the issue of people attending church just because it’s Sunday and that’s just what they do on the Sabbath, in other words ‘Just Going through the Motions.’ I said to Myself, ‘I wonder how many of the people in attendance are really here to get a Word from GOD?’ ‘How many of these people are actually hearing the Word and applying it to their lives?’ ‘How many of these people are singing these songs and really meaning the Words that they are singing?’ How many people are truly Praying sincerely from the Heart?’ ‘If I asked a number of the people in church service what they actually heard today in the message, when service was over, how many of them could actually tell Me what they heard?’

As I sat there listening to the message and absorbing ALL that I heard to use later and apply to My life, I said to Myself how sad it was that most of the people, I mean… Christians, in service were doing just that ‘Going Through the Motions,’ with the lifting of their hands, the singing of songs, the shaking of hands, the bowing of their heads, the clapping of their hands, the closing of their eyes, the praying of Prayers and the Amen-ing of Amens. I would say that you could probably count the number of TRUE worshipers, not simply ‘Going Through the Motions’ on one hand.

What have we come to?

It’s a TERRIBLE thing that this is going on in Church but ‘Just Going Through the Motions’ is happening in every area of Our lives, day after day. We go through Life waking up in the Morning ‘Going Through the Motions’ preparing for our day….

‘Going Through the Motions’ on our jobs and in our careers not enjoying one moment of it…

‘Going Through the Motions’ in our marriages and in our relationships with others because we have become
accustomed to the people in our lives ‘just’ being there and taking their presence for granted…

‘Going Through the Motions’ with our families and the ones we LOVE, taking for granted that they know we LOVE them because we are a part of their lives and hardly ‘ever’ saying to them how we Care and that we LOVE them…

‘Going Through the Motions’ speaking to others we meet, asking ‘How are you?’ and not stopping to hear their reply…

‘Going Through the Motions’ saying how we hate Wrong and Sin but not doing anything to CHANGE the Wrongs to Rights and continuing to commit Sins ourselves…

‘Going Through the Motions’ of Praying that GOD will Bless us but not having any intention of doing what we
need to do to become that ‘ONE‘ that GOD will Bless…

‘Just Going Through the Motions’ is just a LIE that we are telling ourselves and everyone around us but we are ALL so engrossed in the LIE, that we are ignorant to the fact that we are even ‘Going Through the Motions’ in most of the things we do. We need to wake up and Enjoy Our Lives, really give of Ourselves to those in Our Lives and show that we are not taking them for granted, stand up for what is Right and hate Sin, so that we can do away with the Wrongs we witness day to day and most of ALL, STOP ‘Just Going Through the Motions’ when it comes to GOD and truly give Ourselves, Our Lives and Hearts to HIM so that Our Lives, the Lives of others and Our World as a whole will be the BEST it can be.

My Friend…Are you ‘Just Going Through the Motions’ in any area of your Life? If you are, I hope that you notice it and Change it soon because…

‘Life is too Important to ‘Just Go Through the Motions!’

-PM Bishop

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Right Or The Light…

Right Or The Light…

Sitting here staring at the screen of my laptop and having the whiteness stare back at me awaiting the words that I will engrave upon it, the topic of ‘Being RIGHT’ comes to mind, how we as human beings, or most of us, always have to be ‘right.’ We pride ourselves on having to be ‘right’ and we will fight until the end to prove our ‘rightness’ to anyone that challenges it. Our egos constantly needing to be fed to feel as if we are as intelligent and ‘all-knowing’ as we think we are.

The individual that feels he/she has to be ‘right’ all of the time, has to live a very defeated life because no one is ‘right’ all of the time. Not even most of the time and each time that their ‘rightness’ is proven wrong, I am sure that their Spirit descends. If we as human beings were to be ‘right’ all of the time, I am sure we wouldn’t be here on Earth in the first place. We would be sitting in GOD’s place manipulating the Sun, Moon, Stars, the Universe, the Seasons and life upon planet Earth.

Having to be ‘right’ is not a good way for any individual to be. Sometimes it is better for us to be wrong. Most of the time we are better off being wrong than right. At those times when we feel angry, upset or we are feeling like a victim, we are better off wrong than right because the things or situations that caused us to feel these emotions, we should pray are totally different than we see them. In our finding out that things are different than we perceive them, that we are not ‘right’ but wrong about them, we can change our outlook and not feel those emotions that cause us consternation and smile again.

Now for those individuals that feel that they have to be ‘right’ all of the time to elevate their self-esteem, to make themselves feel superior to others or to prove their intelligence, they need to fire their EGO, ‘the Harbinger of Having to be RIGHT.’ The EGO is the biggest liar and it thrives on fictions and falsifications of what is going on around us and how others see us. EGO would have us believe that we are ‘more’ than others and proving or projecting our ‘rightness’ upon them will make them see how GREAT we are, but actually all it does is shows how ‘small’ we truly are inside and only persuades others to flee from us instead of being drawn to us to read our Poetry. Upon finding out that our EGO has been lying to us about our having to be ‘right’ and then firing it and sending it upon its way, we will find that being wrong is there to show us that we are human, that we were not meant to be ‘right’ all of the time, that our happiness does not lie in our being right and that there is only one GOD.

So, I challenge you to think about the idea of being ‘right’ all of the time and ask yourself…

“Do I Want To Be RIGHT Or Do I Want The LIGHT!”

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The Cure or the Disease…

The Cure or the Disease

While listening to music today, I was struck by lyrics stating, “I sometimes wonder if I am a part of the cure or if I am a part of the disease in today’s World…” Coldplay melodiously humming in my ears and my head bobbing to the alternative beat. As I looked out of the window into Nature I pondered all of the ills that plague our society today, from hatred, to greed, to the crimes that we witness take place daily. The mistreatment of other human beings and the disrespect shown for others, as if some of us are the only individuals inhabiting the planet. The abuse of drugs and alcohol. The making money and material things more important than people. The tainting of the amazing things that GOD created for our good. With all of these things continuously going on I wondered what category I fell into…

What category do YOU fall into?

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